Morning Links 10/17

Wysh breaks down the latest offer: (PD)

Some reaction: (TSN) (ESPN) (SI)

They’ll meet again Thursday: (PHT)

Montador tells Myers ein minuten bitte: (CSNChi)

You must be Jokerit, Teuvo is out a month: (CSNChi)

Speaking of prospects Hockey’s Future ranks the top 50: (HF)

Not so fast Nords fans (PHT)

Car!…. Game On! (PD)

Members of the 2010 team back together; I assume Jesse will need new pants (TRIB)

It doesn’t matter what the sport, watching a Green Bay team get scored on is fun: (BTN)

  • 2009-2010 Blackhawks.


  • Joe DeTolve

    The best part about the whole thing with this charity game was that the three beats I hate the most were tweeting about that instead of the actual real CBA news that was breaking at the time.

  • AirTrafficAJ

    God I love that picture.

    • koda

      The picture was supposed to be my commentary on the latest NHL offer, you know turning a $100 bill into 100 pennies being like turning 57% of HRR to 50% of a newly defined smaller HRR. Then I forgot to type something clever before getting to the links. “I’ve made a huge mistake.”