Morning Links 10/12

Nothing to report:(TSN)

No Movement:(SN)

According to everyone in Canada, the new home of the Coyotes, just ask them:(GnM)

This is the most effort ESPN has put into hockey since 2004:(ESPN)

Local leagues welcome all:(CSN)

Because apparently reportering both sides of the news can get you fired…Its nice to see such practices are now crossing over into sports. God Forbid there are news outlets that are honest:(PD) (DS)

Go Bears…Oh Crap its a bye week…

  • StealingHappyHour

    Couple of goal scorers in that simulation aren’t even with those clubs anymore. The EA rosters this year were terrible.

  • Accipiter

    I’d love to see the Coyotes become the new Nordiques.

    • andidee15

      I’d love to see anyone become the new Nordiques. Don’t get me wrong, I love my team’s history and am not too keen on sharing it, but Quebec deserves a new team.

  • DaveM36

    This was posted by @AwfulAnnouncing on Twitter last night. It’s a link to a recap from the “Blogs with Balls,” where a bunch of media and bloggers get together to talk about media stuff. The 2nd forum recapped features many hockey media/blogger names that you’ll all know:

  • 334Rules

    Trib just posted a report that “No New NHL Talks Scheduled.”

    Love this quote in response to the NHLPA request to meet today: “Until we’re tackling the major issues, I’m not sure what the urgency is
    to meet on a 24/7 basis,” NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly told Right, Bill, except of course for all the fans that have money sitting in the hands of the owners, and the vendors and other stadium workers who depend upon this sport to support their families. Fucking tool.