• B.I.G. Forever

    Bad tilt last night. Winnipeg at home with the size they have was too much for the Hawks. Tyler Myers and Blake Wheeler are special players. Not as much fun to watch without Evander Kane on the team but still a very solid squad. I always smile when I see Andrew Ladd with the captaincy. He was just a role player for the Hawks in 2010, gone but not forgotten.

  • jordyhawk

    Hartman recalled so I’m wondering what the lines look like. Taking a wild guess maybe Garbutt gets another crack at the top line and Hartman goes to third line as RW.

    Rozy can’t get back fast enough in time for the Runblad era to end. Not Stan’s best move.

    This was always going to be a reload year with fewer options and spotty lineups at least until the second half. As long as we play hard I have no complaints.

    Kero with his first hatty tonight for sure. Okay, maybe first point. My Kero.