• Bannerman

    You know what? Garbutt!
    I think you could make the case that it’s opponents like the Ducks that are the reason the Hawks got Garbutt.

  • Bannerman

    So far, no one wants Bickell. The Flyers don’t want Lecavalier. They make similar money for the same term. Could a deal be possible where the Hawks trade for Lecavalier then flip him somewhere else for cap relief? Or is there zero interest anywhere for Lecavalier too?

  • jordyhawk

    Tanner Kero player of the week in the A. Time for a look?

    • Black JEM

      Shooting around 33%? I’m more concerned about Dano shooting under 6%. All very early of course. Kero is not a big guy.

  • Andrew Heitman

    Anyone else get the feeling that once this mish-mash comes together that it could be more lethal than last year?

    • HawkIPA

      It’s certainly possible with this forward group. I think the D will need to be shored up at the deadline. That said, I don’t see anyone looking too scary in the West so far.

      • Andrew Heitman

        I think the Defense has to be “just good enough” and with Crawford, it might not have to be as deep as last year….well, thats the hope anyways.