• cliffkoroll

    re TSN: your word of the day is ‘exude’, brought to you by the big brain of Chris Pronger.

    • Accipiter

      Isn’t that in The Globe & Mail ?

      • cliffkoroll

        Oops. Several possible responses:

        1. Take it up with Joe DeTolve.
        2. Meh- hair-splitting. It’s all the same vast tundra.
        3. Looking out my window, the tundra is encroaching.


        4. I see what’s really going on. Your penchant for sharing supplementary links tells me you’re trying to bring DeTolve down and grab his gig.

        • Accipiter

          Watch out for the tundra.

    • Hawkeytalk

      It could have been “extrude”, so consider yourself lucky.

  • Accipiter
    • ballyb11

      A wounded animal. Beware.

  • Bannerman

    So, according to Keenan, if Torts had started the Sedins the fight could have been avoided. Or they might have taken the opportunity to punish them for every dive and cheap shot that they’ve taken over the past 3-5 years. Either way that would have been better for hockey.

    • Fleshrifle

      Think I have an idea for a new tattoo on my neck…

      A picture of Mike Keenan with the following words:
      “We dance in our own building. We decide who we’re gonna dance with and what time and who the partner’s gonna be.’”

      • Fleshrifle

        And isn’t that just a fine foreign policy philosophy as well (thinking of last night’s thread).

        • bannerman

          What if my friends don’t dance? I don’t see how looking at my hands will help in any way.

          • Fleshrifle

            If you’re Mike Keenan, you can dictate all of it.

  • mazer_rackham
    • birdhead

      Probably worth mentioning that Extra Skater does their bubble size by time on ice and bubble colour by Corsi For %, just cos that’s different to how other people have tended to do it.

      • ballyb11

        Thanks, who knows the aggregate # of o/d zone starts for the Hawks?

        • birdhead

          I’m not sure if there’s an easy place to get this but Corey Crawford’s is 54.2% and Antti Raanta’s is 57.1%.(Not that it really matters but Simpson’s single period is 70% (!) and Khabi’s is 55.8%). I’m too lazy to calculate a weighted average but given Crow’s played about twice the games Raanta has I’m guessing it’s around 55%?

          • I was looking at these numbers a couple days ago. I tried to pull more out of them with others numbers, but really did not get anything. Corsi though not directly responsible of the goalie, but perhaps who the goalie is changes how a team plays in front of them. But I could not pull any numbers that really supported or disproved this, but the sample was not overly large either.

          • birdhead

            I suppose I can see how a goalie might affect zone starts but I’m guessing probably not very much if at all? (But anyway, a starting goalie still gives you a pretty good approximation of team average zone starts. Here are the numbers for all goalies who’ve played at least 26 games: http://www.extraskater.com/players/deployment?min_gp=50&pos=G Crow’s right up near the top, just behind … Brodeur and the Devils. Make it 13 games and you get Quick, Raanta, Brodeur, Ward, Crawford: http://www.extraskater.com/players/deployment?min_gp=25&pos=G)

          • Crap, my mistake. I was thinking you were looking at CF%. I know the HAwks are higher with Raanta in places, that is why I thought these were Corsi. as for Zone Starts, I have no idea, never really thought about it much or looked to see how they might effect them outside the D-Zone.

          • birdhead

            I imagine there’s at least some correlation between CF% and OZone/DZone starts but yeah, I think the question of whether and how much a goalie can affect a team’s CF% is an interesting and tricky one. You can easily imagine a good puckhandling goaltender improving it, hey?

          • I think you meant “eh?” there at the end.

          • birdhead

            either ‘ay

          • Z-man19

            I’d be careful Chico, she’ll go ninja on your butt and we’ll all laugh, at least I will

          • I think it is more how defensive does a team have to play, how confident are they in their goalie. The more confident they are in him the more “chances” they may take. I do not think stickhandling will effect CF% it is more how good they are and the team thinks he is.

          • birdhead

            I feel a lot more sceptical about that, but I’m generally pretty sceptical about the idea that a team can play differently, but consistently, for a whole game at a time on a regular basis. I can see it in bursts, or for a game here and there, but to regularly play differently in front of your starter vs your backup, IDK. And I would think that would be very difficult to sort out from, say, the fact that backup goalies probably get mostly weaker opposition …

          • Do you not think the Hawks played different at all with Khabby in net, especially after 2-3 games? They were certainly more passive overall, much quicker to get back and not really chance it. and try to push a puck deep at times.

          • LEt me amplify by saying the D-Men not pinching in to try to push the puck back deep, rather they seemed to retreat far more often on those plays.

          • birdhead

            I think they did but a) I think Khabibulin is a special case for just how astronomically bad he really was and b) could they have kept it up for 20% of the schedule?

          • I used Khabby for a reason to show it does in fact happen. Now does it happen at varying degrees for other goalies? This is my question. If it happens at all like it does for Khabby, does it happen for others as well and how does it effect numbers?

          • birdhead

            Well, like I said, I can see it for bursts or a game here and there. But I think this is probably an effect that you need HUGE numbers of games to look at, like maybe a goalie’s entire career. Brodeur vs. his backups?

          • Z-man19

            Would you really get great numbers doing that? You’d have quite a bit of data for Brodeur, but a huge difference in games for his backups.

          • birdhead

            Hmm yeah. Brodeur vs NHL average for his career is probably smarter.

    • ballyb11

      Shouldn’t the distribution of zone starts be more spread out. More circles. How can almost everyone have 55%+ starts in the same zone. I Gotta be looking at wrong or just don’t understand. Bollig: what a stud,

      • ballyb11


      • ballyb11

        Sorry, more circles to the left?

      • Oregon_hawk

        There aren’t necessarily an equal number of zone starts to begin with. If the ‘hawks drive play strongly, there could be a 60/40 split in O/D faceoffs. If everyone started a perfectly equal ratio of all faceoffs in that case, everyone would be @ 66% ZSR.

    • Oregon_hawk

      I get the TOS’ general thing about bollig… but isn’t the fact those three are so underwater in ZSR, but only marginally under-water in CF% kind of impressive? Yes, they’re not controlling the majority of chances, but they’re hardly getting outright murdered.

      Near as I can tell from the ES data, they’re good for – as a line, a total of ~4.3 shots against a night (~13 total SA events for the three of them).

  • Paul the Fossil

    The Blues coughed up another of their games-in-hand last night, and did it ugly (the Devils entered the night ranked 27th in the league in goals per game):

    • DET is also not terribly good at home
      2.04 GF/G
      2.88 GA/G
      They have won by >1 goal only twice (3=1, 5=1)
      They have lost by >2 goals 7 times (3=6, 5=1)
      Home PK = 81% (Still better then the Hawks)

      • Accipiter

        Which teams are terribly good at home ?

        • For starters, these teams have 4 or fewer regulation losses at home

          For the EC
          For the WC

          I would say these teams are good. And yes I get it and bite me!!!

          • Accipiter


  • Accipiter
    • Michael Scott

      >Steve Silverman

      I guess Bollig is Core now?

      • Black JEM


  • VerStig

    Today’s Toewsface is more subtle than usual but for some reason I really like it.

  • Hawkeytalk

    I am so ready for game day it’s ridiculous.

  • steeg of their own

    The ‘too many captains’ thing is a non-starter. The answer is that they put their egos away for a week and a half and play for their country, not actually a story. The real news from that piece is that they apparently interviewed Pronger. If he’s feeling better (and if contract considerations will let him), I’d love to see him settle into a commentary role for NBC.

  • 2883

    MDZ for Klein. Discuss.

  • With the renewing of the rivalry with SCUM tonight and the fact we only get to see them two times a year I propose the following realignment for the NHL
    Conference 1 (Campbell/National)
    Div 1 (Smythe/East)
    Div 2 (Norris/Central)
    Div 3 (Gretzky/West)

    Conference 2 (Wales/American)
    Div 1 (Adams/East)
    Div 2 (Patrick/Central)
    Div 3 (Lemieux/West)
    Obviously it can be tweeked, but the object is to move away from the East-West and to a Conference/League style of the NFL/MLB. It rekindles old rivalries, helps keep some and allows for the possibility of geographically close Stanley Cup Finals.

    • Face of Boe

      I like the thinking here. The way you have it, travel would be brutal for VAN and ANH.
      I would like a set up where travel was a little more even. It can’t ever be perfect as there are so many teams in such a small part of the country but as it has been, it is rough on western conference teams. (although they seem to be handling it fairly well based on their record)

  • Inneresting, and cool on all accounts:


    Also: what a fucking whiner, eh?

    • birdhead

      lol, those comments. “Imagine the Pens with Crosby, Malkin and Toews!” If you couldn’t keep JStaal because he wanted more ice time, do you really think you keep Toews? It is to laugh.

      • Heh. Toews would arguably be the best 3rd-line centre in the league.

        (I don’t think I’ve ever read more than 3 or 4 tsn comments without being prodded to close the tab.)

        • Face of Boe

          well after those 3 or 4 everyone in the article has already been suggested for a trade to the leafs so why would you have to keep reading? You already “know” who’s moving.

        • birdhead

          The assessment of JStaal was that he was the best 3C in the league, right? And then he went to Carolina and hasn’t been that impressive.

          • Ya, no, I was just being “funny” with the “arguably”. And absolutely, that was Staal’s corner of notoriety. The season before his trade his Sh% was .168 … great year to come on. One of the best 3rd line centres in the NHL … just, not one of the best 2nd line centres.

      • lizmcneill

        They’d probably have put him on Crosby’s LW. He’d be Kunitz.

        • birdhead

          this is just a horrifying idea.

  • Accipiter
    • Huh. Will have to check that site out sometime.

      • Accipiter

        It was meant to be a link to the pregame thread.
        You prolly found it by now.