• Bmichaelc

    I def don’t see how suggesting Darling is a better play than crow is stupid at all. I don’t nec support benching crow, don’t think they will, don’t think they should. With that being said, Darling may be special, his numbers certainly suggest it. Sample size is ever growing into the land of relevant.

    • meme gene okerlund

      Keep in mind that Ray Emery won a Jennings in front of this defense

      • Disagree, this is not the same defense. That defense was much better.

      • Bmichaelc

        Too true. Still hard to not look at what Darlings been doing for a pretty fair amount of games. He’s leading the league in gaa and save %, if not for Carey Price, would be leading both by a lot. 15 games in is enough to base a strong opinion IMO. First shutout in MSG a game they needed, first playoff game ever a 42 save shutout(not a real shut out of course, but it was 4 periods and 42 saves, c’mon)
        I don’t suggest benching Crow, but shit, if we’ve got Hasek on the bench again, let’s not blow it.

  • TheRealBBOX

    If dumb people keep beating the cliche “DERP RIDE THE HOT HAND DERP” to death regarding starting Darling while ignoring the fact that Crow has been the “hot hand” for a couple of months now save for the occasional bad period, I cannot be held responsible for my actions.

    • Chill

      If you’d like to dispute or debate with people, better to not call them retarded. As for the riding the hot hand..he did play the game of his life…and sure Crow is your starter….But hockey is as much about momentum as anything. I see no harm is riding Darling through Nashville, and assuming he doesn’t have another breakout performance, you put Crow back in the UC this Sunday…Darling got us a win that, lets face it, we probably didn’t deserve, so if we run him tomorrow and we lose, it’s really a wash….either way I don’t think Q has a wrong decision here. You go with tried and true…great, you try to catch lightning in a bottle a second time… great as well.

      • TheRealBBOX

        When you find where I called someone “retarded” you go ahead and let me know, I’ll be waiting sweetie. There’s no such thing as game to game momentum, but you go on ahead and believe that if you want.

  • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

    There is no goalie controversy. Darling may be the starter one day, but today is not that day. He played the game of his life, and I applaud him, but Crow is the starter until he proves he isn’t.

    Aside from the Keep The Red Out nonsense, I have a lot of respect for Nashville.

  • Just the Facts

    Gotta love Q. Rozy makes mistake after mistake because he is cheating to compensate for the fact that his speed is sub-turtle and Q supports him and keeps throwing him out there. The Hawks play a poor (and that’s generous) 1st period and hang Crawford out to dry, he gets pulled and suddenly the Hawks play better defense (and admittedly Darling had a great game), and Q won’t commit to his starter for Game 2.

    • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

      Sending a message to Crow. He’s done it in the past and it has worked.

      • jhb

        I feel like it was a wake up call to the team. Crow didn’t help himself too much but especially goal #1, wtf were they doing? Keith raced all the way over to where Rozi already was and then Rozi thought, OK switch, uh, no don’t switch, take the puck carrier, who is already past me now.

        I only caught the OTs and there is a reason I don’t tend to watch the first round games: too many hair pulling moments and any pluses don’t amount to much yet.

  • I was RICHLY rewarded for deciding to stay up after #2’s game-winner in Nashville in order to watch the final 90 seconds of Vancouver’s eventual collapse. Sweet dreams, indeed.

  • Brandon Murray

    Q infuriates me sometimes. We aren’t the St. Louis fucking Blues, we don’t have a goalie controversy. We don’t need to say stupid shit like we are “mum” on the game 2 starter. Crow is one of the 3 reasons we are even in the fucking playoffs. You can count on one hand the times he has needed to be pulled for shitty play all year. Darling was amazing and played out of his head and will continue to do so when called upon.
    Collectively everyone played like shit the entire first period but the goalie is about the only one you can pull. Q needs to say “Crow is our starter and a big reason we are in the playoffs. He is the starter for game 2 and the duration. Scottie was fantastic and will continue to be when called upon.” End fucking quote right there.
    Plus, in my humble opinion the mental state of both men is better preserved if Crow is the starter and Darling comes in from the bullpen when needed. The other way around has been proven to not work time and time again.
    Side note: Mike & Mike on ESPN never talk hockey but this morning even they talked about the Blackhawks with of all people Charles Barkley, self proclaimed Blackhawks fan. He even used the phrase “my Blackhawks”

    • Heard that weird piece of radio, too (I switch to ESPN during 670’s commercials). It is so damn hard to find consistently good hockey discussion on the radio (Jay Z. notwithstanding) in this city…except when “Chainsaw” calls B and B in the afternoon.

    • meme gene okerlund

      I wouldn’t put too much stock in pronouncements made or not made to media. This is a sport where injuries and concussions are hidden under the misguided notion of gamesmanship and the sanctity of the Locker Room (ie Vermette wrist rumors).

      I’d bet a sixer that behind the scenes everyone in red in still on the same page.

    • Crow is starting Game 2

    • Preacher

      You’re assuming that what he says publicly is what he says to the players. Giving no responses as to personnel helps to keep the opposition in the dark. Now they have to be prepared for both goalies. And since they study video, trends, strengths and weaknesses, Q’s just given their team more to do.

      • Sopel the catfish

        They announced on NHL Network on XM radio that Crow will be starting.

  • meme gene okerlund

    Darling had an amazing performance last night, but this is historically a team that plays out of their skulls in front of back up goalers.

    Raanta and Darling’s regular season numbers are scary similar. Raanta could be an absolute fire drill some nights, and he still managed a sub 2.00 GAA and a third of a Jennings. That doesn’t mean I want him starting this Friday.

    Chicago is just the universal hotbed for Backup Quarterback Syndrome.

  • Sopel the catfish

    I’m astounded by the mostly logical responses on the PHT article, Crawford will rightly start game 2. Also, gotta love the jackman quote about Kane (side note, everyone and everything makes barret look stupid)

    “He almost relishes it when you’re running at him, because he’s going to make you look stupid,’’ Blues defenseman Barret Jackman said last week. “He’s got such a high hockey IQ and great skills that he’s going to backhand pass and spin around you and turn it into a 2-on-0 or a 2-on-1.’’

    • WookRN

      Regarding the PHT article, I thought the same thing. They are trying to manufacture a controversy, and astonishingly, the comments section just dumped water on it.

  • Oldfarthawkfan

    I loved how when Keith scored and everyone rushed out to mob him, they panned to Darling and there was Crow hugging and kissing Darling. Good for him, and he deserves to start game 2 through whatever. He has been to war and back with this group. Not his fault they gave him $6 million, which his play during the year sure warranted. He didn’t lose the job during the regular season like $5 million per year Jimmy Howard did.