Monday Night Silliness Thread

We haven’t opened a thread in a while. Though to be fair there hasn’t been a lot for you to open a discussion on.

But tonight, it feels like there’s some stuff. First, you have what is shaping up to be a pretty awful football game. Two backup QBs against two very stout defenses, all with John Gruden yelling at you as he slobbers over himself about every player while he’s quite possibly stark naked in the booth. The absurdity of it is delicious.

Second, you have the resumption of “meetings” in New York between The Children and The Thumb Dicks. If common sense could crack the door and get on either negotiating committee, there might have been a chance for progress. Because the margin of victory either can achieve now is really quite miniscule from where they are now, and the answers are pretty much staring them in the face.

But are you counting on that? Yeah, me neither. All their dastardly tricks and antics have pretty much fallen flat, at least on the owners side. But that probably won’t stop them from trying and forcing themselves to the brink of the abyss. If they haven’t run right over that like an escalator to nowhere.

Discuss all the goings-on right here.

  • BodomSlayer

    Oh yeah! Feels like the old days!

  • Black JEM

    Ahhh. Which defense wins. I like the Bears D to score 2 TD and set up 2 FGs for a 20-13 win.

  • Will G

    I don’t usually comment and while I’ve missed the NHL a ton, the last few days have been really hard. The NW Canada swing + the excellent game on Amateur Night Wed followed by mid-afternoon hockey on Black Friday is probably one of my favorite sporting times of the year. Hockey on late at night – The unreal ice at Rexall – the gas that I can release as Toews owns the Ducks…Just sucks to be taken away.

    • Will G

      Also – I was able to score the Bears +6.5 before Smith was announced as out. So, of course the Bears will lose by 100

  • Preacher000

    Since you brought it up, Sam, just where DO the two sides in the stare-down go from here? And if this thing does indeed kill a whole season (because, you know, that would REALLY help the sport in the long run), what in the world would bring them all back to play together again? This whole thing has gone beyond stupid.

  • laaarmer

    Where the fuck is everybody?

    • laaarmer

      Is Bob LeDonne having people over again?

    • Z-man19

      I’m right here

      • laaarmer


  • laaarmer

    How about that “We don’t like young men. We want you” ad? I’m calling right now.

  • Z-man19

    So much for Campbell being the answer at backup qb

  • 2883

    which one is the children and which are the thumb dicks?