Maybe Partying Will Help: Launch/Blackhawks Season Opener Road Watch

I launched the site that became in the summer of 2008. Why would you start a blog about a hockey team that few in the city seemed to care about in the middle of the summer? Because you’re an idiot.

We launched this particular site in the summer of 2012, just before a possibly (definitely?) crippling lockout that almost saw the NHL lose its second full season in recent memory. Why? Again, because we’re idiots. This is known.

HOWEVER! We’re very proud to announce that the NHL is once again starting up and we’re going to kick it off in a bigger way than we ever have before. We’re teaming up with Sheffield’s (one of the best craft beer bars in the country, just ask Draft Magazine) and Two Brothers (feel free to guess why) to announce our first road watch party for this Saturday’s season opener.

Short story – be there (3258 N Sheffield Ave) on Saturday for the 2:00PM start against the defending champion LA Kings. Long story – click below…

Festivities will start before the game around 1:00PM or so and we will be taking over the back rooms of the bar where we’ll be cheering The Men of Four Feathers. We’re still working out all the details but there will be beer specials of Two Brothers beers on draft ($3 pours of Cane & Ebel?) and in buckets (Red and Black Outlaw cans) for all to enjoy. There should also be specials of Sheffield’s amazing BBQ menu in addition to all the other amazing things they have to offer.

We’re pretty excited to partner with one of our favorite bars for this event and hope to make it a common event throughout the year. We can’t thank everyone enough for sticking around and reading us during the lockout… or just thank those that came back after it was over. So whether you’ve been reading our nonsense for years or you’ve only just started – we want you to join us on Saturday for food, beers, and most importantly, Blackhawks hockey. It’ll be a short year but fuck it… we’re gonna have some fun. Hope to see you there.

Let’s Go Hawks

  • Outlaw is dangerously delicious. While visiting old roommates over Labor Day weekend, i somehow managed to get blackout drunk in the middle of a Sunday afternoon at some bar on N. Lincoln ave.

  • joedl42

    and this is where the sadness of being only 20 years old fills my soul.

    • SamFels

      We’ll probably still be there when you turn 21.

    • Each and every time I read or hear about 21 as a drinking age in the US I process it like it’s a brand new piece of information. It never ever once sounds normal to me, I always think for a half-second that the person is joking.

      • raditzzzz

        the way i see it, if you are old enough to enlist in the armed forces for your country, then you are old enough for me to buy you a beer.

  • Raging Snail


  • I’m quite jealous. Not able to attend, but i hope it is an unqualified success.

  • Hi, I’m Bob LeDonne
  • Accipiter

    Sounds awesome. Too bad it’s so far away from me. Hope you guys/gals have a good time.

  • RLWiener

    I may have to find my way to this one. I’ve haven’t been to a road watch yet.

  • shinkicker

    My dad loves their barbecue whenever he comes to visit. It’s a fun place. Will probably see a lot of you there, unless I’m moving. (Come onnnnn closing!)

  • For our cup run I was 20, and underage 🙁 I missed all of the road watches last year due to being in college. This year, I’m fucking going! I’m excited as hell to meet the committed indians.

  • Paul the Fossil

    Hmm…as it happens I will on Saturday be a solo dad as the wife will be off on a girls’ weekend. And Sheffield’s is quite convenient since we live near a Red Line stop.

    So I’ll look into putting the littlest fossil (11 months old) into the stroller for at least a drop-by at the gathering, he’s a generally sociable little guy. They’d draft some Two Brothers into a baby bottle right? (And also something for the kid…)

    • raditzzzz

      im conflicted with the whole kid in a bar thing. i wish it was like ireland, where everyone is invited, and they punt the kids after 6 or something. last time we took my little guy to a bar (& grill, mind you) over at duffy’s for brunch, we were restricted to a certain area, and aside from getting faces, i just seriously underestimated how many people get up for mimosa specials and get blasted at 11am on a sunday. the whole situation is something i haven’t been able to sort out yet as a dad.

      the fact that watering holes are also good places to eat messes up the whole thing for me.

      • Paul the Fossil

        Well I won’t be staying for more than a period, and that long if the baby is happy.

  • putmeinthemadhouse

    Carter hutton on waivers?

  • Woods

    To add to the party-vibe, an awesome quote from Stanbo:

    “It’s funny because everyone around here was up in arms last summer, why we didn’t make all these changes, not that we listen to that stuff anyway,” Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman told Monday.

  • I will unfortunately be stuck in Geneva because NIU has a game…Probably better that way since I am sure my actions that day will directly translate into canon fodder for comments after links are posted.

  • DesertHawk

    Stupid living in Arizona-ness 🙁

    • ahnfire

      seriously. stupid East coast-living.

  • raditzzzz

    perhaps i should’ve been a bit smarter. of course i invite friends over to watch the game right before i find out you guys are having a party.

    • DesertHawk

      When they ask for directions just give them the address to the bar.

      • raditzzzz

        i was thinking about it, but i don’t think i can abandon my wife at home during prime awake hours for my son while i go boozing. and i can’t take her with me, because she can’t drink (got a bun in the oven). besides, she’s a big hawks fan and has been sufferin through the lockout with me. i think ill call this one in and look forward to the next one. hopefully that one will most likely be at night when the little guy is down.

  • PTHawks3

    Love me some Sheffield’s — pending something major coming up, expect me to be there. I’ll be wearing my black Campbell jersey. Been a reader/lurker here for a long time, looking forward to meeting some of the crew!