Make It Last All Night: Lightning 4, Blackhawks 3 (Series tied 1-1)

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War on Ice

That’s probably more what people were expecting at the start of this series, no? For 60 minutes, both teams took turns taking the momentum, trading scoring chances and the lead. In the end, the difference was a deflected point shot on the second consecutive power play with same Blackhawk taking both penalties.

There was also the whole Ben Bishop and Andrei Vasilevskiy taking turns in the third period which was certainly unique.

Really one for the books, Jerry. Let’s get to it.

–So the Tyler Johnson goal shouldn’t happen and Corey Crawford is the first to know that. Crawford has always been wonky with shots originating from the corners and/or weird angles. At the same time, that’s not exactly a goal you can point to and say “See, there’s his weakness now just keep doing that!”

For the goal to happen, it took a board battle won, Oduya being caught slightly flat-footed and Crawford being caught in between whether to poke check Johnson or hug the post.

Then of course, Johnson had to put the shot perfectly under Crawford’s armpit for it to bounce precisely into the net, all from 3 feet away. It’s a goal that happens maybe 1 out of 30 times; it just so happened to come at a really bad time.

That being said, if Tampa prefers to take shots from the corner instead of the slot, I’m sure Corey Crawford and the Hawks would be fine with that. Weakness or not.

–Keeping with the theme of goalies, Ben Bishop left in the third period for some reason. While we all wish for comedic and nickname purposes, it was for diarrhea, it sounds more like he tweaked something that had been ailing him.

Friend of the program Sean Gentile explains:

That time, with Bishop stretching in the tunnel, Vasilevskiy stuck around long enough to make a save; five of them, in fact, including after Chicago pulled Crawford with about 2 minutes remaining.

Now, the question is whether he’ll get a full game to work. Bishop, jokes aside, was not sick. He tweaked something, and there’s no real way to know what happens over the next 36 hours. It’d all have been so much simpler if he just had diarrhea.

So there you go. What does that mean moving forward?

With Bishop unable to finish the game, it’s safe to assume this won’t be the last time Vasilevskiy will be heard from so the Hawks will have to get comfortable with shooting on him pretty quick. During the first three games of the Anaheim series, the Hawks did not seem too sure about where to put pucks on Anderson. Patrick Kane said as much after the series as well when he explained how the more looks the Hawks got on him, the easier it was to break through.

Now they’ll probably have to do it again. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take another three games this time.

–I’d really like to believe that Tampa was awarded those two power plays because Ben Bishop put on a tirade that Mike Smith would be proud of after the Seabrook goal. Unfortunately, both of Sharp’s penalties were no-brainers that would’ve been called at any point of the game, overtime included.

That being said, during the last series, Corey Perry (I think…) skated right into Crawford’s glove as he was trying to grab the puck. The puck went in and there was minimal controversy because Crawford just kind of threw his arms up in the air and didn’t skate across the ice to complain to the officials.

Hossa skated with his stick on the ice and made slightly less contact with Bishop and you would’ve thought he two-handed him across the cage while saying that Cardinal fans weren’t the best in baseball.

You knew Tampa was going to get a power play after that; it’s just too bad Patrick Sharp made it so obvious.

–Hey, remember in the 2010 Final when Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane were held to 0 points and were a -2 in the first two games of the series. Or how about in the 2013 Final where Toews had no points and Kane had one assist through the first three games?

Kane had 8 points to close out the 2010 Final and Toews had 3 assists in the final four games. In 2013, Toews had 5 points over the last three games and Kane had 4 points in the final three. Maybe Cedric Paquette shouldn’t deem himself the Gerald Wilkins of his day quite yet.

The same thing goes for the opposite side with Steven Stamkos. The Hawks have done a good job so far of limiting his chances but there’s going to be a game here where he breaks through. So hold on to your narratives.

–The Lightning opened up their game much more than in Game 1 and the Hawks still matched them blow for blow. In the Nashville series, the Hawks struggled with their speed because of the extra long overtime games and every other game schedule. With an extra day off between Games 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and no overtime marathons (please no), the Hawks should be in much better shape to handle the Lightning’s speed.

Other things to watch as the series shifts to Chicago will be the matchups that Quenneville chases at home. I’d assume he’ll at least give a look to see if he can get Toews and Kane on the ice together against any Tampa defensemen not named Stralman or Hedman. If they still can’t scratch out anything after a period, then you’ll probably the lines get blended quickly.

Teuvo is pretty much set in stone on the second power play unit.

Matt Carle still sucks.

TVR will most certainly see action and if he gets the 5 minutes Kyle Cumiskey has been getting, it shouldn’t be an international incident.

David Runblad had a few shifts late in the third and with the Hawks chasing a goal, not the worst idea in the world. I still forsee him scoring a goal before this series ends because hockey.


  • Brandon Murray

    This is fun, no? What a ride these playoffs have been so far in fact I’m quite certain that unlike Mr. Ben Bishop, I have had diarrhea during many games this playoff run. The SCF should be no different…..

    Let’s Go Hawks!

    • Minorhawk

      I see what you did there…”playoff RUN!!”

  • Jane Doe

    I definitely had a bigger problem with Johnson being allowed to walk the goal line than Crow giving up baby poo soft goal. If that line is going to possess the puck, I’d like to see more bodies being put on them, especially when there’s such a little johnson on the ice.

    • ZigZags82

      On the first goal given the mass of Hawks and Lightning players in front of him effectively providing a mass screen, he had no chance. It happens.

  • Couple of thoughts:

    – Cumiskey, on the first goal, was taken off of the puck after a 1:30 long shift. Not many players are going to be able to compete for a puck, let alone one of his skill and size, after that long of a shift. It’s unfortunate, but not necessarily something to over-react to.
    – On the Johnson goal, IRC Crawford is in the motion of getting his blocker and stick down onto the ice. However, he’s late giving the slightest of openings. It was a bad goal. As far as the play itself that’s the thing to do lately when pucks are on the side of the net like that.
    – Also, Oduya can’t just let him tote the goal line like that.
    – Too bad on the Sharp penalties, think most, myself included, had the feeling that the 2nd one was going to cost us.

    That being said, take the two at fort kick-ass, try to win in game 5 and if not, close it out at home for the first time in the Kane/Toews/Keith era.

    • Jim

      When Sharp jumped out of the box after the first penalty, the first thing he did was go behind the boards, and attempt a clear, but send it right into a player with a Blue jersey. By some lucky miracle, it didn’t end up in the back of the net. Then after some passes, on the SAME defensive possession, Sharp goes to the boards to help with some digging, and high sticks a guy. What a godawful sequence for Sharp.

      I also had the instant feeling that back to back penalties was pushing it, and this one was going to result in a TB goal.

      It was bad, but it is made worse when you’ve watched all the games and you see how Sharp can’t buy a goal, his shots go right into the goalie’s breadbasket, or he fails to elevate on breakaways.

      For Sharp, I think the arrow points down right now.

      • ZigZags82

        I think he has one last red assed goal streak in him as a Hawk. Do it in Chicago Sharpy!

        • Jim

          Maybe this event is what will spark it.

          • ZigZags82

            I hope so. He’s been a streaky guy that just needs something to incite him. He’ll be out for blood to redeem himself.

  • Bobby Otter

    Tree Thoughts:
    1) Anyone else starting to think Nashville was the second best team in the West and thus probably in the NHL? I don’t watch a ton of the East outside of a few Habs games here or there until the playoffs, and felt that Tampa was the best the East had to offer. And now they’re here and I’m like, not bad, but not as great as I thought either. Nashville with Weber especially, I’m starting to think really got a bad draw getting the Hawks first.

    2) He’s 20 and was sat for a month, but Tampa could really use Seth Jones right now. Drouin probably will be a darn good player, but man, they could really use Seth Jones right now. On the same thought… the Hawks yanked Teuvo around too much during the regular season, but they’ve, thankfully, given him consistent burn in the playoffs and it’s paying off. Sort of like LA last year eh? And interesting that Drouin who played so much more in the regular season than Teuvo, has been sat for much of the playoffs; while Teuvo has played.

    3) I may be wrong here, but other than that nice dish in OT (iirc) against the Ducks, Sharp’s been really really really quiet no?

    • Patorioto

      He’s been extremely quiet. History shows he’s a very streaky scorer, so it would be great if he could break out starting tomorrow.

      • DJ

        Because he’s streaky, I’m not expecting a goal from Sharp tomorrow. I’m counting on solid two-way play. Similarly, the over-under line on how long it will take Kane to get his first shot on goal is 20 seconds.

        If Vasilevskiy is in goal, you’ve got to test him early, often, and with variety. Put traffic in front and block his vision. He’s highly regarded, but no goalie is invulnerable.

        • Patorioto

          I’m definitely not counting on him, but it would be great if he could break out for one last streak with the Hawks. He’s been pretty awful most of the year.

          I’m actually surprised he’s not really lighting it up more for this playoffs as he HAS to know this is his last run with this group.

          • ZigZags82

            Have a feeling he’s actually gonna light it up here. He hasn’t been working all that hard or using his natural ability as we saw in Nashville. The storm is coming.

        • WookRN

          Tampas D was ALL OVER covering for Vasilevsky. I think they did an excellent job. That’s just not sustainable for 60 if that’s who we see.

          • ZigZags82

            Hawks generate the kind of quality they did yesterday, it won’t be an issue. Think they will.

          • WookRN

            Agreed. There’s no way you can do that for 60…

          • DJ

            Yes. Pat Riley calls it the “thunderbolt effect” when a key player gets knocked out unexpectedly. In the very short term, a team often galvanizes itself to overcome the loss. Once that wears off, the team regresses to the level you’d think they’d hit due to the loss.

            Who can say? Vasilevsky is highly regarded as their goalie of the future; he was the player drafted right after Teuvo. I’m sure they would prefer to have a healthy Bishop, but Vasilevsky is no sieve.

          • WookRN

            ….but I want him to be a sieve….

    • ZigZags82

      I’m counting on red assed play from Sharpy coming up. When the guy works for his own after being incited it shows like against Nashville.

  • Say what again

    I’ve thought for 4 days now that there is something wrong with Toews. I’ve thought it before and it turned out to be nothing. I’m hoping for nothing.

    • ZigZags82

      You mean before when he scored 2 goals in Game 7? I think he’s fine. 19 and 88 stated above have been slow starters in playoffs and the SCF plenty of times before. No better time than at the UC.

      • Say what again

        Um no, May 30th was more than 4 days ago. Starting slow…maybe. Something doesn’t look right though. I’m sure I’m wrong. Maybe he’s just dizzy watching Versteeg.

        • ZigZags82

          I mean he still has slow series starts regardless. You’re really just seeing something lol.

        • Jim

          Toews had that nice dish to Seabrook, who buried it.

  • Sam

    Hoss’s stick was in blue paint and pushed against Bishop’s left ped/leg. If I’ve learned anything from you, Fifth, it’s that these elite players have elite control over their equip and skating and ‘incidental’ contact is almost a contradiction in terms. Bishop threw a fit, and he got rewarded. Also not seeing the comparison to Crow’s glovehand incident.

    Hopefully the league will make rules adjustments as needed for next year to minimize this stuff, if I wanted acting in my sport I’d watch men’s soccer.

    • ballyb11

      Sharp’s penalties were clear penalties. Not sure Bishop got rewarded.

      • eyemon

        Absolutely. It was a bad decision to chase a man behind the net to begin with, much less add the hook/slash. The high stick call was a no-brainer to call as well. I don’t think either penalty had a thing to do with Ben “I’m not Mike Smith but I play him on TV” Bishop.

        • ZigZags82

          It had to do with the fact that there definitely would have been a make up call if nothing had happened with Sharp though.

          • lizmcneill

            They did kill the first penalty, might have killed off the hypothetical make-up too.

          • ZigZags82

            Yeah. This is all just semantics. But I’m just saying.

          • ballyb11

            It’ also all just conjecture.

          • ZigZags82


      • ZigZags82

        Well they were going to call anythinf regardless of blatant penalties. That’s the point. A make up call would have come if Sharp didn’t do anything and that’s messed up.

  • Cville Indian

    I’m not nervous but it’s kinda making me nervous that I’m not nervous. Am I missing something? Am I not seeing something in Tampa that is actually there? They seem OK but not great

    • ZigZags82

      Nah you’re good. Your eyes are good. No need to be nervous. Hawks are better and just have to take care of business.

  • lizmcneill

    The rookie goaltender factor is making me a little nervous too. Wish they could have gotten Game 2, it would really ease the nerves.

    • ZigZags82

      Meh. Generate the kind of quality like they did yesterday and there’s nothing to worry about.


    Was at the game – Amazing experience and fantastic game. The drunk, rude fellow Blackhawk fan sitting in front of me was annoying, but I guess you’re gonna have some of that

    As for the game, then Sharp happened pretty much covers it. We were successful in regular season crowding the net and worked well on the third goal last night – need more of it

  • Pierre Wolfthing


    • HawkIPA

      I think I found him. He’s in the penalty box.

  • Rock

    After game one I asked if Sharp was still on the team… I have my answer now. Rookie/frustration penalties, he knows better. Sharp has done so much for the Hawks over the years and it is clear these will be the last few games with this team, I just hope he doesn’t have another game like this.

  • Harry Longwood

    It was Silfverberg who interfered with Crawford’s glove in the Anaheim series. Not that it mattered in that one.

  • luke

    Sharps had a run of bad luck and.its starting to translate into bad play,he needs a bounce.ill give him one one thing he shoots the puck.i don’t think you do anything drastic like sit sharp,so you’ve gotta hope he plays a little smarter and gets a bounce offensively.he does have 13 points,he’s just not getting the goals.

  • Matthew Blecha

    Skate for Blood