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Time again for our jog around the continent, and that other one across the pond….well, they’re all across some pond, but the one to the north and across that Atlantic where they speak 50 some languages and some have the same currency but some don’t and everyone dreams of chilling out in Ibiza or the Algarve.

Quiet weekend for Phillip Danault for Moncton. He had an assist in two games and was a -1.

In Victoriaville, Brandon Whitney had two wins. He stopped 22 of 23 in the first and 35 of 38 in the second.

Dillon Fournier was a -3 in two games for Rouyn-Noranda.

Moving west as I like to do to the OHL. Alex Broadhurst had a goal in two outings this past weekend, and is at 17-28-45 in 50 games for the London Knights.

Garrett Ross continues to light it up, as he had five points in two games this weekend, three of them goals. He’s at 31-30-61 in 45 games for the Spirit.

Now to the cowboys. Mark McNeill had a goal in two games, and is at a comfortable 50 points in 45 games for the Prince Albert Raiders in the tighter checking of the WHL.

Travis Brown had two assists in two games for Moose Jaw, and was actually a +2, bringing his season +/- to -12 in 51 games. He’s also got 31 points.

The Mac Carruth show continues to roll on with two more wins. He stopped 22 of 24 in the first and threw in another 26-save shutout on Saturday. In 28 appearances, Carruth has surrendered 50 goals. That’s a GAA of 1.83 and his SV% is .935. You start to wonder if he isn’t the best reason that the Hawks aren’t really considering taking on Luongo’s contract.

Dropping down to the college ranks. Kevin Hayes had two games this weekend, and according to the box score has flipped to a center spot for the Eagles. I haven’t seen the games to confirm this, maybe someone else can in the comments. Must run in the family to be awkwardly shifted to center. Anyway, he didn’t scratch but in last night’s Beanpot semifinal, he did manage nine shots (let me just say the Beanpot is just about the most overblown thing in hockey. It’s played on consecutive Mondays, which doesn’t allow it to build any momentum whatsoever and now comes right after the Super Bowl. It basically slips in under the radar, and by the time you want to get into it it goes away for a week and then the final happens while you’re not looking. And BC wins it anyway).

Notre Dame and Ohio State had a double date this weekend, which makes things pretty convenient for us. Both Sam Jardine and Stephen Johns managed one assist and were a +1.

Joe Gleason had a goal and an assist in a tie and win over Wisconsin this weekend. Nick Mattson didn’t scratch.

Teuvo Teravainen scored a goal for Jokerit in two games over the weekend.

And that’s all the news that’s fit to print.


  • Kane’s statline, one season w/ london knights,
    62-83-145, +42, in 58 GP

    I always have trouble getting a good scale to judge these minor stats on.

    • MySpoonIsTooBig

      Further complicating the matter is that kids are also at different steps in their development. You can’t just look at stats from the OHL and say “player A will be a better NHL’er than player B because he scored so many more points during his NHL-draft-eligible season” because it could simply mean that player A was already ready for the NHL at 18 but player B needs to develop in juniors and/or the AHL for a couple of years

      • detroit must die

        Yep, when I look at Junior stats, my eye’s simply glaze over and i just repeat, “Oh, that’s nice.”

    • laaarmer

      Kane is rare.
      He also had great players on his line in London
      Kostitsyn 40-91-131
      Gagner 35-83 118

      • Joe Banks

        So Kane is a slacker…

        • laaarmer

          Yes, he is. He has had plenty of time in the NHL. He is not the youngest guy anymore. I see no reason why he cannot score 145 points this shortened season or why he doesn’t already have that many points

          • Black JEM

            Good point – let’s trade him.

  • Waylon

    The (few) locals who pay attention to hockey here in Portlandia think that Carruth’s the real deal, and that he’ll be sent to the Icehogs in short order. But I have no idea how to judge this league at this level, and I’ve yet to see any of the Winterhawks games in person. Be nice to see what a scout who watches netminders thinks of his progress so far.

    • jhb

      Those numbers are hard to ignore. A quick browse through some stats and he compares to current NHL #1 goalies in that development stage. Even better numbers than most. Sadly for us, his WHL team is very likely to be playing deep in the postseason. Combined with Rockford likely missing their playoffs, it’ll have to wait until next year. Excited for this guy, though!

  • 2883

    I’m wary of Carruth, yeah he’s producing but he’s in a league that he should be producing in considering his age:level. That said, I’m not sure how important that is as a goaltender as opposed to a forward… A move to Rockford will be more telling than his #’s at Portland this year

    • raditzzzz

      i have an opinion. he has shown above average consistency in his league of play (just below ahl level), and for anyone to do that over three years is a definite plus in my book. bowman can take his time with this prospect, as goalies mature over a longer period of time as opposed to skaters.

      my hope is that he makes the leap to the ahl and also gets the appropriate amount of time to mature there. his prospecting is not that of a malcolm subban or carey price, you allow the carruth type prospects to grow within the organization and let them show whether they can up their skill and stick around. much like the career path of our dear corey crawford.

      i would fully expect at least a year of adjustment without the type of numbers he is putting up when he gets to rockford. i hope he can weather that storm and get to the form he is showing in portland, as he has been my darkhorse prospect for a few years now.

      • Roy Batty


  • putmeinthemadhouse

    Could Ross – Saad be a duo to watch for in the future? Considering their history together on the spirit and no ross putting up similar numbers without saad, could be pretty sweet to see them both playing together in the indian head.

    • 2883

      From what i read about Ross pre-draft, he was more of a sandpaper agitator type… (he was compared to Shaw because they were a similar style of player, and both taken in the 5th round). But if he’s developed some offensive force to his game, maybe.

      • 2883

        Dobber Hockey ( a popular scouting tool had this to say)

        “- Garret Ross (139th, Blackhawks) – A solid overage player that could become a very difficult player to play against, similar to Andrew Shaw.”

      • … both were passed over in their draft years, too … Shaw twice and Ross just once, I think.

  • Okay. Now that made me laugh. How long has that been up there, “We’re familiar with the works of Pablo Neruda”? That’s funny shit. Has that been there a long time?

    • cliffkoroll

      As you’re prolly aware, this line, like so many cultural touchstones, has its roots in the Simpson’s episode where Bart sells his soul. The line is Bart’s retort to Lisa’s comment:

      Lisa: Pablo Neruda says that laughter is the language of the soul.

      • I wasn’t aware of that, I’m embarrassed to admit. But I CAN follow some Simpsons references. Bart’s the one with the ponytail that sells comics, right?

        • cliffkoroll


  • AMR

    This is all well and good but until they reach the AHL it is really hard to gauge their chances of playing in the NHL

    • laaarmer

      Can we gouge their chances then?

  • laaarmer
    • Z-man19

      That kid related to you?

      • laaarmer