I Guess You Have To Have A Problem If You Want To Invent A Contraption: Hawks 1 – Scum 3 (Scum lead 2-1)

Well isn’t this fun?

Let’s get some things out of the way first, because they probably need to be addressed. It’s not over. It’s not fucked. Quite simply, and maybe it’s just my opinion, but the Hawks are where or very close to where they need to be. There will be a lot of panic these next two days, they will be Chinese water torture, but if you can find a reasonable Wings fan they will tell you that nothing is cinched up here.

Will Thursday be fun? Oh god no. By the time puck drop hits you’ll be in cold sweats and Johnny Walker Blue won’t even get you out of it. Will you sleep between now and then? No, probably not. But we’ve been here before. I thought it was over down 2-1 to the Preds in 2010. They answered. They’ll answer again. Not even that much has to change.

-There’s one talking point from this game, or I guess it’s two. If I were a Detroit fan, I would think it’s a crime that Hjalmarsson didn’t get a penalty for that hit on Franzen. From here, I think it really could go either way. At some point, merely turning toward the boards doesn’t make you George-Bluth-No-Touching. When Franzen turned Hammer was no more than a foot or two from him. There’s no time to beg off. This is where someone will say that there’s some responsibility on the puck-carrier to protect himself. I’m probably in that category, but I get the other one. If Franzen had been facing the boards for a full second or more, then it’s obviously a penalty. I know this one will rage forever.

-Call me biased again, but the no-goal call changed everything. Shaw never made contact with Howard, and worse yet Howard made the initial save. Along with making delay of game calls reviewable, I feel like this one has to be too. You could argue they cancel out, I can see that. But it sure doesn’t feel like it. On another night, the Hawks are tied with plenty to go and momentum boogers pouring out of their nose. Where does it go then?

-Already I see people on Twitter on other places lighting up Toews, and I guess we started that campaign. But I don’t see how you complain about his game tonight. 7 shots, +14 in CORSI. And the post to boot. Sure, he didn’t win half his draws, but if he does this again on Thursday, it’ll end in two goals.

-Can’t go any farther without praising the Wings bottom six, who outplayed the Hawks bottom six. That’s the tangible difference right there.

-After the killer no-goal, I don’t know what you do about Datsyuk’s shot. I could stand five feet from the net and not be able to throw it into the spot he found.

-But it’s not all sunshine. There’s simply no way Brent Seabrook can let Nyquist get to the middle. Keep him out there on his backhand, where’s he gonna go? Flying out just outside the faceoff dot gives him the opportunity. It’s obvious that Q has already spotted that Seabrook is just not going to recover from his regular season case of swamp ass, as his pairing is getting the least amount of minutes. Shame, because Leddy is doing just about everything he can.

What do you do? Scratching him just seems to be a nuclear  option. How would that work? Leddy covering for Brookbank’s lack of mobility, assuredly to be exacerbated by the fact he hasn’t played in a month? Go with just five D in Tortorella fashion? That doesn’t make me feel better.

What’s even worse about Seabrook’s game under his defensive idiocy is that he went from the best passer on the Hawks blue line to unable to find the same zip code as a teammate. That’s so crucial to the Hawks game. Now it’s just either given-up possession or an icing.

-And that’s a problem due to the Hawks problems on faceoffs. That’s not something we didn’t see coming. Strangely, Handzus won a majority of his draws tonight. Didn’t feel like that though. There’s just not many cards to play here. It also feels like the Hawks got beat on a lot of 50-50 pucks more than just losing draws clean. They can move Sharp in to take more draws. They could dress Mayers to take draws and then leave the ice. But draws were a problem all year. It didn’t really matter. I just don’t know that it should matter so much now.

-Q is going to have to get a leash on Andrew Shaw. He can’t be scratched, at least I think that’s what they think. But the Hawks cannot live with his indiscipline either on the puck or behaviorally. It will cost them again.

-I think it’s a false indicator that Rozsival’s turnover led to the second goal, because he unlike Keith and Hammer and Seabrook he was exhibiting the patience to find a teammate out of the zone instead of just flinging it. But are we really going to complain about when the supposed #6 d-man fucks up?

-The Hawks need to fight a little harder to get to the rebounds that Jimmy Howard is leaving around.

-There’s Brandon Saad. I didn’t think he’d be quiet forever.

-Ok, the power play. An issue now. The idea that Duncan Keith can QB the 1st unit is ridiculous. His decisions are something you’d pick up with a shopping bag inside-out so your neighbors didn’t complain. Go balls out and put Leddy with the four forwards. The entries are just so much cleaner that way. If Seabrook can regain consciousness any time soon, he can be considered.

I know a lot want to start throwing shit. But the Hawks did a lot of what they needed to do tonight. They got the puck deep. They hassled the Wings D. They closed off the middle of their ice. They carried the play for most of the game. (Oh yeah….THEY TIED THE FUCKING GAME).

They hit three posts. They won’t do that again. They got a pretty bad call. That’s likely to not happen again. They attempted 66 shots to the Wings 48. The Wings will still toss out Quincey, Smith, and Colaiacovo. They can go ahead and do that. After time, I’m pretty sure I know how that works out.

Yes, the challenge has been laid down. An answer is needed. They can’t miss now. But the answer is coming. They’re coming. Nothing is fucked.


  • DJ

    Many, many fine points. If only such thinking could be found in the traditional media. Instead, we have cement heads like…I don’t even want to type his name, but he’s the absolute moron who should stick to writing about poker.

  • mightymikeD

    amen, hallelujah and Hossa be praised. Spot-Fucking-On.

    • 2883

      I’m not getting up on the ledge, but I’m sweating pretty profusely.

      • Accipiter

        Try salt pills.

  • Dawnsremorse

    I love zone time as much as the next guy, but it’s getting more than a little annoying watching the Hawks pass the puck around the perimeter and then shoot harmlessly from the points.

    When we saw this team at it’s most dominant, through the back half of the 2nd period and 3rd period of Game 1, there was a common theme. They were using their speed to drive to the net. Dirty areas, use whatever cliche you want.

    Pretty much every goal they’ve scored this series has come from the hash-marks up, closer to the net. Give Howard credit, he’s good at seeing the puck around traffic and making the saves on the long shots that Crawford has let past at times. Passing around to get the perfect shot isn’t going to work, because Detroit is never going to GIVE them the perfect shot. They have to open up lanes by drawing coverage and get dirtier with jam-plays at the net IMO.

    Toews used to be amazing at that. I’d like to see that again sometime this series, or else I have a sinking feeling.

    • Dawnsremorse

      #Blackhawks tarped off view of their tunnel to dressing room. Never seen a team do this. pic.twitter.com/dAODSOn8xu

      Literally hiding in shame.

      • mad-hatter

        Maybe they just wanted some time to discuss things within the locker room, personnel only? That’s not hiding, just keeping things within the team. The reporters were let in eventually and got their quotes.

      • justforkicks

        Or trying to be private…? Gosh the team wants some time to relect together without gawkers or interruptions – will wonders never cease?

      • ahnfire

        or having a closed-room meeting?

        calm yourself.

  • Totally agree with everything you said, except finding a rational Wings fan, as there are none to be had. I watched the game from the upper bowl at The Joe and can tell you right now that if that 2nd goal counted (like it should have) that place would have been silent and the Hawks would have had em right where they want em. Faceoffs were awful, especially in the offensive zone and the power play needs to convert. Shaw…eh there might be too much bad to override the good right now.

  • Preacher

    Ahhhh, here is Sam to rescue me from the ledge once again. This is why I read this blog–simply the best hockey analysis around. I’ll do my best to ignore all the beats and “experts” over the next two days because they’ll be giving Scum the Cup. I may just reread this post several times a day. Thanks, Sam.

    • DJ

      Suppose Detroit were to win this series. Does anyone with a working cerebral cortex think they’d beat LA? Or Pittsburgh? Or even Boston?

      • Accipiter

        I’m wondering how the Hawks would fair against LA in particular. If that happened I don’t know what to expect.

        • Kings’ ability to score goals late in periods and Hawks’ penchant for allowing such goals deserves to be cause for concern. That could be a very frustrating series.

          • When the goals are scored has nothing to do with nothing. It just matters how many.

      • Dawnsremorse

        Based on the play of the teams thus far, I don’t think either of them have a hope in hell against LA.

      • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

        If they can keep playing like they have the last two nights, yes, but now the layoff favors us.

      • Did anyone really think the Kings would win the Cup last year?

        • Accipiter


          • Ok. Anyone else? Anyone?

          • Neo

            Me, top score adjusted fenwick team with the best goalie that year. Why didn’t anyone think they could win the cup.

          • Yup. I believe I publicly picked LA or Blues to win it.

          • nextgame


        • DJ

          After two rounds…yes.

        • mad-hatter

          After stoning St. Louis? Yes, if only because of Quick. Luckily for them, they had more than just Quick.

    • Dawnsremorse

      This Game 3 is a perfect example of why teams can’t afford to take a night off like the Hawks did in Game 2.

      Overall the Hawks were solid. They lost because a few mistakes here and there that the Wings capitalized on. Sometimes you can play a great game and still lose.

      So handing the other guys a free win on account of not bothering to show up like the Hawks did in Game 2 is only making things harder on themselves.

      I’m hoping to see them elevate in Game 4 but… argh, I just don’t know if this team can. I know they can play better, but I don’t know if they can just turn a switch and get more out of themselves, especially when their coach is being so thoroughly outcoached right now.

  • DesertHawk

    Losing at hockey blows….

  • Accipiter

    Gondor will answer …

    • SamFels

      Gondor will answer.

      • SamFels

        Sorry, Rohan will answer.

        • DesertHawk

          Edit your comment ya goob… 😛

        • Z-man19

          You had to ruin it

        • justforkicks

          Aw shoulda just hit the edit button!

        • mad-hatter

          Is this when Kills comes in and tells you you’re the worst?

  • Jeff

    That’s frustrating.

    • DesertHawk

      That being? I need context!!!!

      • Jeff

        Sorry, wrong spot. Here it is again. Context on context!

        Franzen entering the zone (offsides) before his pass to Dats for the third goal.

        • DesertHawk

          God damn you ZEBRAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Accipiter

            Mike Gillis, is that you ?

          • mad-hatter

            My favorite was Kromwall holding Toews’ stick for about 10-20 seconds in the third and no call. And then Pierre proceeded to compliment him…

          • Jeff

            I didn’t think the calls were too bad one way or the other. Hawk’s were way too undisciplined to expect favorable calls.

          • mad-hatter

            The Hawks were undisciplined yes, but I don’t think that should have negated getting any calls. Send Shaw to the box, but then send Kromwall for holding Toews’ stick, or the other Detroit player for tripping Sharp in the first.

          • Dawnsremorse

            Honestly, I don’t have the emotional energy to get angry over missed calls when our PP is so ineffective. My reaction is now a sigh and ‘well… not like we would have scored on that PP anyway’

          • mad-hatter

            I try to remain optimistic. Alcohol helps.

          • If we’re blaming the refs for anything other than the waived off goal, we’re grasping at straws… refs miss calls (Oduya took someone down in the first iirc) and they give away soft calls (Smith’s interference call could have been a non-call).

          • Heh. Yeah, that wasn’t obvious.

    • Jeff

      But at the same time ref’s aren’t the reason we lost. Just frustrating. More disciplined, simpler breakouts to avoid turning the puck over, and they’ll be fine. 3 posts is a lot bigger than a disallowed goal.

      • Jeff

        Franzen entering the zone (offsides) before his pass to Dats for the third goal.

        • I was always under the impression that if you were in possession of the puck, you were okay. Of course if the puck and you cross the blue line, then you take the puck out (like pictured) and not your body, it’s offsides. I’m pretty certain you can carry the puck into the zone skating backwards as long as you’re in control of the puck.

          • Yeah, here’s part of rule 83.1:

            However, a player actually controlling the puck who shall cross the line ahead of the puck shall not be considered “off-side,” provided he had possession and control of the puck prior to his skates crossing the blue line.

            It should be noted that while the position of the player’s skates is what determines whether a player is “off-side,” nevertheless the question of an “off-side” never arises until the puck has completely crossed the leading edge of the blueline at which time the decision is to be made.

            If a player legally carries or passes the puck back into his own defending zone while a player of the opposing team is in such defending zone, the off-side shall be ignored and play permitted to continue.

          • Jeff

            Interesting, that play is ok then it sounds like, he was in before the puck but seemed to have control the whole time. I always just assumed if you were in before you were off.

        • Fred

          Bolland could make a devastating hit here, but doesn’t.

          • Jeff

            Stalberg had a chance to make a HUGE hit in the defensive slot right at the beginning. I forget who it could have been on, but it would have been bad.

  • DaveM36

    Looking forward to wearing a smug smile around all of the sky-is-falling Hawks fans after the Hawks go out and win Game 4.

  • Thought the last minute of the game was pretty bush of the Hawks. And what the fuck was that hit at the final horn by Kruger? Did we just become the Canucks? Where in the fuck was all that piss and vinegar DURING the game? Or how about when you captain is getting his salad tossed w/kitchen shears? How about we start throwing some bodies at Zetterberg and Datsyuk during the game?

    Don’t want to go into a game 7 w/the Wings…….if we get there.

    • DJ

      I don’t think Detroit wants this series to go seven, either. The longer this goes, the more likely the deeper team wins. And on paper, that isn’t Detroit.

      • I hear ya. But, reading Fels article above, talking about not many cards to play, it’s amazing how we go from the deepest team in the playoffs, to not having any options.

        Can’t replace Seabs. Take Bolland out, and bring back CarBomb? Nah. Hope for another Ben Smith Christmas miracle? Not counting on it.

        Everything is overly dramatic right now, just hope the Wings don’t stay hot.

        • Accipiter

          Maybe two days off will help.

    • Jeff

      I said the exact same thing, it was pathetic. Shaw ruins a great hit by going after them after the whistle, and then Kruger. Not to mention Bickell’s repeated cross checks. It was embarrassing to watch, and I hope it was addressed.

      • And Bickell’s crosschecks, that were called, were different from all the crosschecks Toews has taken when down, that weren’t called, how?

  • justforkicks

    Leave your tears for your pillows, boys, Thursday is a brand new day and you can bet your ass it’ll be a good one.

    • Those aren’t tears on my pillow

      • Accipiter

        Easy meow, Bitey.

  • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

    Words of wisdom, Sam. Spot on. Tighten up puck control in the neutral and D zones and we’re fine. Maybe we still lose these last two anyway, but Scum has played their best, we haven’t aside from two periods in game one. A few bounces the other way (three post pings tonight) and we’re right in this game.

    I will disagree on the GI call against Shaw. Contact or no, he was VERY deep in the blue paint for a very long time and I can’t fault the ref for calling it. If Franzen had been that tight on Crow we’d be screaming bloody murder if it was a no call.

    That said it’s time to light the signal fires or blow the horn in the deep, depending on whether we’re Gondor or Rohan. A win on Thursday and we have home ice for a best of three. A loss and… well… we may be talking about the cap situation sooner than expected.

    We are still on an uptick. We have two more years of this core and some minor holes to fill, and we are a strong contender right now. But gods of hockey, I would love a good Power Play right now.

    • nextgame

      Trying not to be a homer on the GI call, but have to disagree with your assessment of the call. A player’s mere presence in the blue paint is not reason in and of itself for disallowing a goal.
      I usually hate when people post rule book language, but in this case I think the wording of the goalie interference rule is particularly pertinent:

      Rule 69 – Interference on the Goalkeeper
      69.1 Interference on the Goalkeeper – This rule is based on the premise that an attacking player’s position, whether inside or outside the crease, should not, by itself, determine whether a goal should be allowed or disallowed. In other words, goals scored while attacking players are standing in the crease may, in appropriate circumstances be allowed. Goals should be disallowed only if: (1) an attacking player, either by his positioning or by contact, impairs the goalkeeper’s ability to move freely within his crease or defend his goal; or (2) an attacking player initiates intentional or deliberate contact with a goalkeeper, inside or outside of his goal crease.
      Based on the language of this rule I can’t see how Shaw was in violation of it. The goal should have been allowed in my opinion.

      But I’m not hanging my hat on that call alone as the reason for the loss. There were plenty of other mistakes made (as pointed out in Sam’s write up) that cumulatively added up to defeat.

  • Hi, I’m Bob LeDonne

    Johnny Walker Blue? A non aged stated blended whisky? We’re completely fucked!

    • Accipiter

      Look, nothing is fucked, here, man.

      • roadhog

        You’re being very undude . . .

        • QCBlackhawk

          Nothing is fucked?! The GOD. DAMN. PLANE. Has CRASHED into the mountain!

          • bizarrohairhelmet

            I can get you a toe–WITH polish.

          • Accipiter

            The bums will always lose !

          • Nagelbett

            Is this uhh…what day is this?

          • roadhog

            Donny, you’re out of your element!

    • ahnfire

      Bob, we must go whisky drinking one night. I think it would be lots of fun.

  • red palace

    Excellent level-headed assessment. I maintain hope, even confidence, for all the reasons you give. And if Toews and the first line is neutralized by a concerted effort by Scum, I will still put our lower lines up against theirs, despite tonight.

    But my worries: one, solid D has been a big part of the Hawks’ dominance this year, but Seabs and Rozsy…. yeeeshhh. Two, has Scum found the sweet spot of strong physical play (sans FCA and Tootoo no less) to wear down the Hawks while drawing, not taking, penalties? And three, if Howard continues to stand on his head, well, we’ve seen how that ends up.

    It feels like the playoffs are finally here.

    • Dawnsremorse

      I take issue with the point about Howard. He’s not playing THAT well, the majority of the Hawks chances are not threatening at all. They pass around the perimeter, shoot from a ways out with little traffic. Any goalie (ok, except maybe Crawford sometimes…) could make those stops.

      The Hawks seem very timid about driving to the net, and that’s possibly a result of the physical play you talked about wearing them down both mentally and physically. They’re hesitant to go to the dirty areas cause they know it’s going to get rough in their, so they stay outside where it’s safe and get little done besides taking time off the clock.

  • Captain Cornhole

    The thing is, the hawks didn’t get outplayed. This is just an example of why great teams never get outplayed, because in the playoffs, outplaying you opponent does in no way guarantee victory. We need Game 4, and I predict we come out like we know it.

    • Dawnsremorse

      Agreed. Sometimes you can outplay an opponent and still lose.

      Which is why giving opponents free wins, like the Hawks did in game 2 by not bothering to show up, can be a really, really bad fucking idea.

    • ballyb11

      Great teams never get outplayed. Please expound.

  • DunkDropsa2

    On a related note:
    Daniel Cleary is a nozzle.

    • 07GreyDigger

      I don’t know. I laughed at his “we clearly won’t be sending each other Christmas Cards this year,” comment.

  • Hawkeytalk

    call me crazy. I still don’t see how they can beat us 4 of 7.

    • They would need to win 2 out of the next 4. Crazy.

  • mad-hatter

    I’m getting really annoyed with Q rolling out DDN only in emergency situations. If that’s the card he wants to pull to even up a game, which has worked in the past and lead to some of the Hawks’ best scoring opportunities (game three in Minnesota comes to mind), I don’t understand why he just doesn’t roll with them from the get-go in order to grab a lead and keep it. Plus we’ve seen that Hossa and Sharp together work well and make up for who ever is masquerading as the second line center.

    The American mystery deepens.

    • Neo

      Q wants two dangerous lines. Of course, you need one dangerous line, before you can start worrying about two.

      • justforkicks

        I still think sharp and Hossa with Bolly, if he’s staying on the 2nd could be pretty dangerous

  • Hack

    -There’s toughness/intensity/snarl, and then there’s temper. Andrew Shaw operates too much on the latter. Down two goals with less than two minutes to go is not the time to muck it up like you’re trying to set the tone in the first period of a game. Bickell and Shaw should have heard that from the coaches after their shift that preceded the Bickell penalty & Shaw misconduct; they certainly didn’t act like they’d heard any such thing. Andrew Shaw is the low hanging fruit on this topic, but how much criticism can be thrown his way when there’s a guy wearing an “A” on his chest that can have his own bouts with stupidity/temper.

    -About mid-game Pierre engaged Edzo in a discussion about Frolik and Kruger having an active game (at even-strength). How many more “active games” is Joel Quenneville going to waste by saddling those two with a complete turd. Whether it’s Carcillo, Bollig, or now Handzus, Krugs and Fro haven’t had many even strength shifts with a useful left winger. Just sayin…. On that note, I don’t care how much this team needs help at the dot, Michal Handzus is still useless.

    -I’ve been worried for a few weeks now that Seabs’ issues run deeper than just “waking up”. His decision making is off, he’s sluggish, he’s the weakest on his skates that I’ve ever seen him (which appears to be more a balance issue than a conditioning/strength one), his passing is rough (as Sam notes,), etc. During previous years he’s had an off couple weeks, or an off month, but not an off full season+playoffs. I think it’s possible that concussions (Wiz hit 09-10, Torres hit 10-11, Borque hit 11-12 [not sure if diagnosed as a concussion]) have reduced Brent Seabrook to something closer to the player we see now. I certainly hope this isn’t the case, but it should be on our radar going forward.

    -Here’s a fun fact: Jonathan Toews was a -1 for the 09-10 cup run. Half of his 29 points came on the powerplay. Who’s confident that he’ll have 15 PP points for these playoffs? I think the even strength points will start to come a bit more often with Sharp on that line (or if Q goes to Kane-Saad flanking 19) because the spacing will be better, but he’s not going to turn in Conn-Smythe-level point production until the powerplay gets going.

    • Accipiter

      Well put.

    • DJ

      Does the NHL do baseline testing and re-testing, as the NFL does? I know you won’t hear any NHL team discuss the results publicly, but you would think the Hawks would be aware of any physiological problems.

      • lizmcneill

        They baseline, but I think the re-test is only after a suspected concussion. Not sure the baseline is redone every off-season, either.

    • Flavius

      Good points, all

      – The team lost their poise for a good chunk of the 2nd period and then again after the disallowed goal, but Shaw seemed in over his head for the bulk of the game.

      – If Zus can get back to winning draws, he can be useful and important, but it’s not happening. He’s only above 50% in 2 of 8 playoff games. Don’t need a goon against Detroit and definitely do need a spark from somewhere. Late to the parade on this one, but maybe that spark is in the Black Aces, put Smith or Pirri out there with Krugs and Fro and see what happens. Worst case scenario, Kane takes a few extra shifts on the 4th.

      – Seabs has been seriously off ever since that fight, can’t remember for the life of me against whom, when he took a hard shot to the head and went down. Wasn’t as good as we’ve come to expect all year, which I thought was due to being overweight, but after that fight he’s fallen off another level.

      – I’d really like to see DDN get more shifts together in game 4. If those 2 can catch just a little bit of fire, which they certainly have a history of, it could be an amazing boost to the entire team.

      – That Detroit third line is one whole helluva lot better than I thought. It’s a problem.

      – Mike Babcock is a helluva coach.

      – Datsyuk hasn’t had one of his singlehanded difference games yet. He’ll probably have one, which leaves just about no room for error in this series.

      – Mike Babcock is a helluva coach.

    • ahnfire

      *sobs for Frogger & FroFro*

      Morin is a LW but that would be a small line…although at least JMo has a scoring touch (if this season in Rockford is to be believed). I wouldn’t mind seeing that as our fourth, personally.

      • girlphoenix

        ton of it was on the power play also

  • cza

    Do you think Seabrook is no longer worth the $5.8 million cap hit? If so, where would you try to ship him?

    • Neo

      stop it, just stop it.

      • Paul the Fossil

        At this point that is a fair question. Not saying it’s a fun question, and not saying I’m ready to answer “no he isn’t.” But unless he turns it around it is a question that the Hawks management will have to at least consider this offseason.

        Meanwhile there is at least one thing that is sucking more than Seabs, namely Disqus.

        • mad-hatter

          I’d rather wait to see if Seabs’ play this year is going to be a consistent thing next season before looking to trade him. How many other Hawks have had a bad season and then turned it around and played more to their expectations?

      • cza

        I wasn’t calling for his head; he’s been one of my favorite players. Just seems like he’s been called out a lot by the CI (and I thought I could see why in Game 3), and Hack posed an interesting (and scary) theory above. He’s our fourth highest-paid player, 100k behind Sharp. I come here because this is the most informative hockey analysis out there, and I’m curious if his value has fundamentally changed and what people would do with him beyond “hope he goes back to the Seabs of old.” Because that’s about all I’ve got to offer.

    • I would hate to lose Seabs, but if he doesnt improve, send him to Philly for Couturier and a draft pick maybe? Phillly will be desperate.

  • BigCSouthside

    Definitely agree that the Hawks played well and dictated most of the play (accept on the PP). I think thye were still guilty of “fly bys”, but that may speak more to their style of trying to open up the play and transition quickly.

    But that waived off goal was a fucking enormous pile of steaming bullshit. That changed the game. Wings fans can bitch about the Franzen hit all they want (which was 100% legal, and falls in the “puck carrier has responsibility to protect himself” argument in my book), but even though Kane scored on the play, they were still ahead late in the game. You got your make up call, Detroit, and it changed the fucking game completely, so dont fucking bitch about poor little Franzen (a veteran player who knows better) getting his bell rung a bit.

    • justforkicks

      The waved off goal was killer and unfortunately was a game changer, imo.

  • lizmcneill

    Kaner looks pissed as all hell in that pic. Save it for Thursday, kid. I don’t like these long gaps, not sure they’re doing the Hawks any favours.

  • Say what again

    I made the comment last night that Crow should have had that third goal. Ok, maybe it would have been superhuman. But at some point wouldn’t it be nice to have your goalie be capable of pulling your dumbass out of the frying pan once in a series? When the rest of the team is obviously struggling to find goals wouldn’t it be nice to be only looking at a one or two goal deficit instead of three?

    • MattC86

      He made a bunch of saves, some of which were quality chances that kept them in the game. No, he wasn’t great, and yes, at some point he will have to be great if they want to win the Cup. Not constantly, but at some points. But overall, he’s playing alright.

      Oh, also, he did pull the Hawks’ ass out of the frying pan, in Game 3 vs Minny. He’ll do it again at some point. Right now I’m more concerned that Seabrook got walked by Gustav fucking Nyquist and the entire team lost their goddamn minds and started playing like the fucking Canucks in the last three minutes.

      • Say what again

        I’m not saying he sucks but any time he wants to up his game would be fine. I think last night would have been peachy. And Seabs has been a question mark all year. Q gets his panties in a twist over Stals but Seabrook gets a pass. I guess he did sit one game back in Feb or whatever. Maybe he gets more leash because of his history. It worries me.

  • laaarmer

    Defending Roz and hanging Seabrook. That goal was 100% on Roz. 100%. He made a fuck tard pass and it would up a goal.

    If anybody sits it’s Roz.

    • MattC86

      I think Fels was calling out a mild difference of expectations between a #6 Dman and a guy some of us were calling our best overall before the season. #6 guys are expected to make the occasional asshole turnover in the D-zone. “#1” guys aren’t expected to get turned inside out by a third line rookie.

      • justforkicks

        That’s how look at it. I’ve always felt like seabs was our rock – quietly efficient, effective, solid, ablr to cover other players blunders, and consistent. He hasn’t really been that all year. I expect the 6th and 7th dman to drop the ball sometimes (and overall I thought rozsival has been solid), but my expectations for seabs have always been high

        • laaarmer

          Hey you two. Get a room.
          Roz is a good 6th D man, but so is Brookbank. Would Brookbank have made that pass or been torched by Bugs (Crawford made a great save there)? Maybe he would, but Roz lack of speed is a game changer. Detroit knows it.
          You allow for a D man to make shitty passes that lead to a goal n the playoffs? Wow.
          Detroit is better than anybody thought, eh?

      • laaarmer

        Crawford should have made that save.

    • mad-hatter

      For Brookbank? I’d rather take on bad game from Rozsi who up until tonight was probably one of the best Dmen out there along with Oduya than Brookbank.

  • 07GreyDigger

    100% agree on the disallowed goal. I didn’t see any issues with it and it’s not like I’m an out of control fan who gets mad at every penalty, if they deserve it, they deserve it and I saw NOTHING on that goal.

  • cliffkoroll

    Two goals scored in two games…hmmm.

    I prefer Andrew Shaw’s attitude down the stretch to going out with a whimper. Of course he’s undisciplined and basically ‘a guy’, but he has a disturbingly high proportion of the Hawks’ fire. Look around the league- elsewhere, the playoffs have started.

    • laaarmer

      Upboat from Laaarmer.
      Bickell is going to decapitate Cleary before it’s over
      How about that Bolland? Good to have him back! His return and the subsequent line changes have resulted in the team scoring 2 goals.

      • Accipiter


        • laaarmer

          Nope, this time I mean it “L”

    • Accipiter

      Both goals in both games by Kaner and the Hawks lost. He needs to stop scoring.

  • The loss hurts, but all in all I thought the Hawks played well save a few mistakes (as mentioned above). For the most part they directed the play of the game and frankly, were unlucky.

    Howard was beaten five times last night. Five times. Three posts, one goal, one goal that was waived off (a horrible call). Stals and Toews missed goals by, what, a half inch? A loss is a loss, but unlike in Game 2, the Hawks were probably the better team. This game was *this* close to being 4-3 or 5-3.

    That said, the Wings are good and they’ve rebounded very nicely after getting their asses handed to them in Game 1. Have to give them credit even if I really dislike those guys.

    I can’t kill Crawford on any of the goals, but it should would have been nice if he could have stopped one of them. And speaking of Crawford and goaltending in general, but dear way too many Hawk fans: you should not expect a shutout every game.

    Patrick Sharp is the best Hawk right now, correct? Holy hell he looks awesome. I take back that thing I said about not noticing him missing during the season.

    If the Hawks play like they did last night in Game 4, I’m somewhat confident that the puck luck will go the Hawks way and we’ll head back to Chicago tied 2-2.

  • B Squared
  • commit88

    When is it time to shake up the D pairings?

    Keith – Seabrook

    Oduya – Hjalmarsson

    Leddy – Roszival


  • thepuckstopshere

    Nice chia pet Kaner’s got gowing there on his face!

  • 334Rules

    As usual, Sam delivers a little common sense. Bet his teachers never saw that coming.

  • Jim A

    I’d love to see Leddy on the 1st PP. I did think there was more movement than usual, which is still not enough. Also, maybe Oduya on the point instead of Keith would be a good change. He steps up into the holes and gets the puck on net.