Hey Kids, Where Are You?

Organizational round-up Wednesday is what it’s become. Let’s get to it, starting in the juniors up in the hinterlands.

In the Q, Dillon Fournier was a -1 in two games for Rouyn-Noranda. He was also named to the QMJHL team for the Subway Series against Team Russia. For those who don’t know, the Subway Series is six games, two games each from an All-star team of each junior league, against Team Russia. It’s a sort of precursor for Canada to see who will compete for the World Junior roster. From what I’ve seen Fournier won’t be making Team Canada, but I suppose you never know. On the year Fournier is 7-10-17 and +16 in 22 games.

Also in the Q at Victoriaville, Brandon Whitney went 1-1 in two stars, but only gave up four goals total (two in each) on 73 shots. The numbers on the year are still unsightly, at 3.62 GAA and .896 SV%. But the poor kid is seeing over 40 shots per game, so he may be puck-shocked soon.

Popping over to the OHL and Ryan Hartman. He was out injured this past weekend, and is at 10-11-21 and -14 in 20 games for Plymouth.

To the WHL and Travis Brown of Moose Jaw. He had an assist and was a +1 in two games, and is at 8-20-28 and a -13 for Moose Jaw on the season.

To the college ranks. As two Hawks prospects are based in Chestnut Hill, we’ll start there. And Chris Calnan and Captain Stairwell Kevin Hayes are playing on the same line, with Hayes centering. Hayes had a goal and an assist in two games against UMass. Hayes is BC’s second leading scorer in 11 games, at 6-10-16 and +3. Calnan is at 1-4-5.

Staying in Hockey East, Stephen Johns was a +1 in a win and tie for Notre Dame against Merrimack. Vincent Hinostroza missed out on the weekend, but remains the Domers leading scorer at 3-9-12 in just nine games. Johns is 2-5-7 and +1.

In the Big 10 conference, Sam Jardine was a +1 in two games against Canisius for Ohio State. He has two assists on the season.

Tyler Motte didn’t scratch in his one game for Michigan (HAIL TO THE VICTORS) against Nebraska-Omaha (who have the best jerseys in college hockey and it’s not even close).

And in Europe, Teuvo Teravainen has 13 points in 18 games for Jokerit in the Finnish league.

  • DaveM36
    • VerStig

      I had to check that that was UNO’s (?) actual logo… and is it just me, or does this look a lot like the card?

      • TheRealBBOX

        Ehhhh, other than having the three letters in the same order and being on a red background, it doesn’t to me – different fonts, stylization, the letters are arched on the jersey where they’re angled on the card. Cool jerseys and I’ll admit the card game is the first thing I thought when I saw it, but side-by-side I don’t think they’re that similar.

  • StealingHappyHour


    • Joe Banks

      He’s going to be the greatest player in Blackhawks history!

      • Waylon

        no, he’s too small and puny to play Big – Boy hockey, like Kane…and Kruger…and Shaw…and the large men he currently is making look fairly ridiculous out on the ice these days.

        • Joe Banks

          StanBow has tthis handled… they hook him up to this machine and make him bigger.

  • Waylon

    “Captain Stairwell” is the funniest moniker yet IMHO. As for the Finnish Phenom, I look for Stan to bring the kid over to Rockvegas shortly – too dicey to leave him with Jokerit at this point for much longer.

    • Beans

      Can Stan do that? I thought jokerit held his rights till the end of their season.

      • CozBullsFan

        Stan has said he is staying over there for the year. After that, he’s coming over because Jokerit is moving to the KHL and that would be a dicey situation.

  • laaarmer

    A song by the Greatful Dead

    Jokerit, Jokerit…….

    • Joe Banks

      Some people call him the space cowboy…

  • Joe Banks

    And… Hawks recall Morin

    • jordyhawk

      Hope he has the elevator pitch ready to go.

  • Jeronimo

    Johns is a pussy

  • Bannerman

    Will Johns see Chicago this season?

    • CozBullsFan

      Nope. He hasn’t even signed yet. The Hawks have to wait until his season is over at Notre Dame. It’s possible he could be a Black Ace. I doubt it though.

  • VerStig

    This isn’t quite related to hockey, but I’m pretty sure the only reason I know this is because I’m a hockey fan…

    • Joe Banks

      I find it weird that all their Senators wear helmets, eh?