Hey Kids, Nobody Tells You What To Do

While everyone else makes futile attempts to figure out why the Hawks suck when the games go over 60 minutes (um, luck?), let’s pass over that debate and check in on how the kids outside the organization at the moment are doing.

Unlike last year, where McNeill and Danault were some of the Hawks most exciting prospects plying their trade in the Canadian hinterlands, this year sees the more intriguing ones roaming the the quads and woods of American college campuses (in one’s case, sometimes in a garbage bag).

We’ll start out east in Chestnut Hill, MA, where Kevin Hayes has put up 35 points in just 22 games with Boston College. This past weekend, Hayes went a little bonkers with two goals and three assists in two games versus Providence and Brown. Hayes does have the sweetheart spot in the BC lineup, as he has been playing with one of the most dynamic players in the NCAA in Johnny Gudreau. But hey, you gotta make something of it when it’s given to you and Hayes has done that. While I only got brief glimpses of Hayes last year, I’ve always thought he was the better pro prospect than his brother Jimmy, as he’s a slightly smoother skater and has better hands. Hayes the Younger won’t be a Hawk next year or anything but should get a good look in Rockford.

His teammate Chris Calnan also scored this weekend, and has seven points on the year playing in the BC bottom six.

Staying in Hockey East, as that’s where Notre Dame now plies its trade. Stephen Johns is always pushed as the most ready, and some have speculated that he’s going straight from South Bend to Chicago whenever he decides he wants to sign. You can certainly look for him to be a Black Ace this year if he does. He’s 4-6-10 and +2 on the year.

His teammate, Vincent Hinostroza scored twice this past weekend against admittedly batting practice Alabama-Huntsville. Hinostroza has 16 points in 15 games after a pretty impressive turn at the World Juniors despite what looks to be a pretty slight frame. He’s going to need some time in South Bend and specifically in the gym, but worth watching as well.

Up the road a bit in Ann Arbor, Tyler Motte bagged an assist as the Wolverines got clocked twice in Madison by Wisconsin. He’s got nine points in 18 games in his Freshman year.

Sam Jardine has an assist for Ohio State as they got a win and a tie out of a weekend dance with Michigan State. His teammate Matt Tomkins started in goal for the tie, and made 25 saves. He’s got a .915 SV% on the year as he splits starts.

Ok, let’s head to the Great White North. After returning from Team USA his own damn self, Ryan Hartman managed an assist in two games this past weekend. He’s at 27 points in 27 games, though the -15 could probably use some work. Though Plymouth is the third worst team in the Western Conference in the OHL, so that probably doesn’t help.

Over in the Q, Dillon Fournier has 32 points in 37 games. He’s injured at the moment, and hasn’t played since the Q came back from its holiday break.

In the WHL, Travis Brown has 39 points in 43 games, which is good. He’s also -32, which is bad. Though again, Moose Jaw is down around the bottom of the Eastern Conference in the WHL, which might help inflate that. But -32 is -32.

And of course, in Europe Teuvo Tervainen has returned to Jokerit after a star turn for champions Finland at the World Juniors. He’s got 17 points in 30 games in the Finnish Elite League. Look for Teuvo to come over as soon as the Finnish season ends and probably pull some Black Ace duty as well, if not an ATO with Rockford for a few games if he’s back in time.

  • ballyb11

    Guy’s been on the ice when 71 goals were scored against? Wow.

    • Bobby Otter

      Most of them were Crawford and Stalberg’s fault.

      • Fleshrifle

        Seabrook couldn’t get back in time for 69 of those?!?! The other 2 were unlucky

    • Korab22

      Travis Brown is now with the Victoria Royals where he’s sporting a very solid +1 after 2 games played. The kid’s on fire!

    • Waylon

      I’m not defending him here, but I would like some context to that stat. For example, who are the leaders on that calculation, and how offensively – minded is that division, let alone the college hockey game in general?

      • Why

        He’s in the WHL (Canadian Junior).

        If you just want the stats, they’re all available at the WHL website. Moose Jaw’s scored 118 goals and given up 168.* They have scored 43 powerplay goals** and also given up 43 goals short-handed.*** That means that the team is minus 50. Some of those games were played without Brown but his plus-minus isn’t good, even relative to the rest of his team mates.

        Of course, there is more to the game than plus-minus. He played on a shitty team and is likely playing against the top lines of the other teams. That is often a recipe for getting lit up, especially at the junior level. And Victoria must have liked him a bit because they essentially gave up three first round picks to get him. Let’s see how he makes out there.

        * http://www.whl.ca/standings/show/ls_season/last/subtype/1

        ** http://www.whl.ca/standings/show/ls_season/245/subtype/13

        *** http://www.whl.ca/standings/show/ls_season/245/subtype/16

    • M7

      Technically speaking, that’s not how that stat works.

      Theoretically, all 39 of his points could’ve been amassed during power play time. Because you don’t earn a “+” while on the ice for a PP goal, 39 PP points would earn him a net +/- of 0, and would be reflected by him being on the ice for 32 evenstrength goals against (a net effect of -32). Obviously this scenario is highly unlikely, but the truth in his numbers probably falls somewhere in between.

      If all of his points were earned at even strength, than yes he would’ve been on the ice for at least 71 goals against.

      I mean… there are many ways of looking at this stat. He could’ve earned 39 evenstrength points out of 75 evenstrength goals he was on the ice for, which would have to be countered by 107 evenstrength goals against. There’s no way to determine how many he was actually on ice for.

      • Why

        He’s got 23 powerplay points for whatever that’s worth. But you’re exactly right. There should be times when he’s on the ice, Moose Jaw scores and he doesn’t get a point.

  • Ian S Carr

    Oddly -32 is also the current temperature in Moose Jaw…I’ll be here all week. Try the veal.

  • BestPredsForward

    On a Hockeenight Puckcast, they mentioned that the Meatballs will fall in love with Stephen Johns. Is that going to happen?

    • mightymikeD

      there’s a video doing the rounds of Johns putting some guy into a different time zone with a clean hit. I think that’s what its based on. He’s not afraid to throw himself around.

      • berkley


        He got 2 for charging so this may not be the specific one, but he’s had a few this year that were MASSIVE like this one

        • berkley
        • birdhead

          are those guys wearing *shiny gold helmets*?

          • CozBullsFan


          • birdhead

            Wow. College hockey is a whole new world.

          • DJ

            Yes. Worn for the first time when they played Miami U. at Soldier Field. HGI, the same company that does the football helmets, used the exact same process and color on the hockey helmets.

        • laaarmer

          That is a stupid play. Unnecessary and leads to a break for the other team, not to mention it should be an interference call. Puck is not really even close. He will get his ass handed to him in the NHL with that shit. Send him to DET, he can play with Kronwall. I don’t like this kind of bullshit.

          • DJ

            Um, that’s why when Johns signs — notwithstanding a stint with the Black Aces in the playoffs to show him what life in the Bigs entails — he’ll spend at least a full season in RockVegas.

          • ChicagoNativeSon

            Yup, yup, yup.

      • Waylon

        many scouts mentioned his propensity to play with a bit of a “snarl,” and that’s one of the reasons the Hawks were so high on him before the draft. That, and he appears to have the skillset to keep up with the rest of the team. I’m hoping we’ll see him next year on a bottom D- Man pairing.

        • mightymikeD

          is there still some question about him holding out for Pittsburgh? Or has that gone away now?

      • I would say it is hardly clean!
        He has a height advantage, he leaves his feet on the hit with his arms and elbows coming up to shoulder/head height (his shoulders head), he can only be aiming for one thing and one type of hit, a high-head shot. You do not have a guy land on his head like this with a body shot.
        IMO in the NHL that hit should warrant a multi game timeout.

        • mightymikeD

          I haven’t actually seen it, TMFF.. but it was cerainly causing a buzz..

          • A .gif of it is below.

          • mightymikeD
          • M7

            Great hit! If anything maybe his head collided with the other kids (this happens all the time).

            If you watch it, and pause right at initial impact, he’s not making head contact with any part of his shoulder/arm/elbow etc. This is a classic case of the forward, attempting to leave the zone while reaching at a puck and getting trucked.

          • laaarmer

            And if you look at the play, he runs in without forward support and is now a defenseman behind the play. Like I said below, it’s a stupid and unnecessary play and I’ll add by an obviously undesciplined player.

          • Accipiter

            M7’s explanation is not for the gif below.

          • laaarmer

            i hope not, I’ll look at the other one. OK, now that is a nice hit at the blue line.

            The other (below) is not good at all

          • laaarmer

            However I will add that he could have kept the puck in the other teams zone and possibly even played it himself. He has a teammate coming out to cover for him, so he could just as easily, if not more easily, have grabbed the puck and skated in to the zone with it, but because he has no discipline and appears to be selfish, he goes for a hit that doesn’t add to the play. He needs top grow up a lot.

          • My heavens. That is a beautiful hit. Saw it initially, but thanks for posting again.

        • M7

          100% disagree (see my comments to MMD below).

          The other kid needs to un-burry his head from his ass and look where he’s skating. Johns is right in front of him.

          • 100% agree (with you). EDIT: And Campbell and Umberger.

          • mightymikeD

            TMFF is talking about the hit gif’d further down…

          • M7

            Ah ok. I didn’t look at the GIF.

            Despite the nice hit, he does seem to look for the big hit out there which often leaves the team in poorly timed odd-man situations (as Laaarmer alludes to). That’s not good, and has always been one of my big criticisms with a player like Phaneuf. I prefer the “safety” of a the pinch/squeeze/rub an opponent out of the play variety as it doesn’t leave your fellow defenders in a bad situation.

    • jordyhawk

      Johns is clearly the most intriguing prospect at defense. At his best he
      is a devastating open ice hitting, crease clearing, molar rattling MF.
      At his worst he plays way out of control and it really doesn’t matter
      how big he is. So who is the real Stephen Johns? I’m not sure even Kitty Carlyle knows the answer.

      • nextgame

        Kitty Carlyle?
        Wow, you ARE old.

        (OK, let’s see a show of hands. How many CI old farts out there, in addition to jordy & me, know who Kitty is, and watched the TV show she’s most well known for?)

        • jordyhawk

          Yes, absolutely. Stopped having the recurring Jacques Lemaire nightmares from childhood a couple of years ago as well. Feel great.

  • 334Rules

    I’ve seen Johns in a couple of games. He truly does seem like the “real deal.” But as Han once said, “good against remotes . . . .”

  • lizmcneill

    Teuvo has already signed his ELC, the Blackhawks can assign him to the Rock with no ATO needed.

    • SamFels

      You’re correct. My mistake. I wonder if he just won’t come straight here, and possibly straight into the lineup.

      • Waylon

        it would appear that way – he may be wasting his time in Rockvegas at his current stage of development. I don’t think the organization is concerned over his adaptation to the speed of the NHL game.

        • Country_Bumpkin

          Can he come up this year?

        • Bannerman

          They’re probably more concerned about his size and how that might affect his durability.

      • It’s a cliche, but there’s something to be said about getting used the North American ice. I think he’d be WAY better served by a steady dose of Icehogging once he comes over. Although, if there’s an injury I could see them forcing him into a tryout.

        • cliffkoroll

          Kruger made the jump in 2011 from Sweden (7 regular season, 5 playoff games), tho he was a year older.

          TT could get a look with the Hawks this spring, then spend half a year in Rockford.

          • Possibly … but Kruger was asked to play a far different role that Teuvo will be expected to play. Hell, I have no idea about TT specifically, I just don’t sense he’s as ready as people seem to think he is for a 2C role, but that’s based on the 3 weensy WJC games I saw. Sickly talented. Also tiny, all offense, and ill-suited (without some practice) to NHL centrehood where he’ll be asked to skate and defend in half the space.

            I could see him up for 2 or 3 games, though, to give him a taste maybe? Who knows.

  • jordyhawk

    I watched Fournier in Subway Series. In the words of Emil Antonowsky….”I like it.”

  • Mike

    I swear that dude wearing the metal cage plays pickup at the local rink on Tuesday nights.

  • As for why the Hawks are losing in OT/SO. Not sure, not worried about the Hawks losing games in the Playoffs in the SO or 4v4 OT.

    • Bullitt315

      The Hawks are losing in OT/Shootouts because earlier in the year I mention “I don’t really mind the shootout” and now they’re mocking me.

  • VanDorp’sMullet

    Johns paired with Leddy in the future (a few years down the line) could be awesome.

  • CozBullsFan

    All this talk about our prospects has got be thinking again about how we treat our top end talent in the pipeline. Q has got to get it through his thick skull that we can’t rely on getting Saad level talent every draft. It just doesn’t happen. At some point he’s going to have suck it up and get some of our more talented guys up here. You can’t continue to cherry pick Shaw and Kruger types and not develop high end talent along the way. Eventually our top end talent is going to get old and/or leave. Q coaches like that’s never going to happen. He seems think this top 6 is always going to be this way. WTF Q?

    Ok, time to take a breath. This is getting me pretty worked up for no reason.

    • Z-man19

      He’s developing Bollig

      • CozBullsFan

        That’s not funny….

        • Z-man19

          Yes it was, what else can you do but laugh at it?

          • birdhead

            And it’s true, too!

          • Z-man19

            He has 4 more points than Morin with 4 times more TOI

          • birdhead

            Yeah, but before this year he had no points at all! DEVELOPMENT!

          • Accipiter

            He had playoff points.

          • Z-man19

            Last year?

          • Accipiter

            He scored a goal on Smith, Mike.

          • Z-man19

            Lose the s

          • Accipiter

            A playoff goal is worth more. Everyone knows that.

          • Z-man19

            Tell that to Bolland

          • Accipiter

            I think he knows.

          • Z-man19

            You lost the s

          • Accipiter

            I hope you are happy. At 6’4″ and 250lbs, it is in my best interest to keep you happy.

          • Z-man19

            You need an a now. Both of those stats are going in the opposite and wrong direction. I don’t think you have much to be concerned with

          • Accipiter

            Yes, sir.

    • Why

      If old guys give you a better chance of winning today, stick with the old guys.

    • lizmcneill

      Devil’s advocate: Are Pirri and Mo top-end talent? Mo doesn’t replace any of the top 4 wingers.

      Pirri could at least fill a Shaw-like role between the 2nd and 3rd lines, though. Damn it, Q.

    • I don’t know Coz, I think development happens best in the AHL (if you’re not Toews or Tavares, etc), that’s what the league is there for. Better to call up players when they’re ready as opposed to getting them ready while they’re here–and that’s a luxury few teams have … so let yourself smile, we’re one of them.

      • Z-man19

        I think it depends on the player and the situation they are put into. Take Pirri and Morin this year. You don’t think either of them would have developed just fine had Q shown some patience and allowed them to work their way into the lineup (I’m discarding the cap issue for this discussion)? There would not really be any pressure for them to score, just learn to play solid D and let the points happen as they do, but no worries if they aren’t abundant. Now put either on Edmonton (pick a shitty team that should be performing better) this year. You don’t think they’d have more pressure to do well and show the ability to rack up points. How long would it take for the fan base to start jumping on them if they weren’t producing points. That’s the situation that I think could really hurt a player’s development, when a team needs a savior and you aren’t it. That is not the Hawks.

        And I also disagree that the Hawks have that luxury. They need depth at the F position and they don’t have it. You can blame Stan for the lack of cap space due to the Steeger trade, but I wonder how much of that trade was due to Q not letting Pirri or Morin play and develop.

        • Accipiter

          They lack F depth, but only a certain type of F. Like you say, the Hawks don’t need more offense.

          • … or this, in three lines, which is better.

          • Z-man19

            They don’t need more people to score per say, but the ability to score would be nice. Right now, they have 2 lines that are a threat to score. The 3rd line might be a threat but Q has to be willing to put them on the ice. They got a whopping 2:59 combined TOI in the 3rd period against the Avs. A period that they were down a goal unitl about 13 minutes left. So apparently, not only aren’t they a threat to score, they can’t play D either

            The 4th line, IMO, is Q trying to sell the idea that he has a checkling line. Yes, I know, their job isn’t to score, but they’ve gotten lucky to not allow more goals than they have. I fail to believe that Morin wouldn’t be better than Bollig on that line had Q given him the oppurtunity from day one. The bonus of that would be Morin has the skill to move up a line if necessary. Bollig does not. Did Morin ever get the same oppurtunity Bollig has? No and hell no.
            I’d could say the same about Pirri and Zus. Did it become obvious to Stan that Q was never going to give those two a chance and thus the Steeg trade? We’ll never know, but Q had options before Steeg was acquired and he sure didn’t show me any sign that he was going to exercise those options. In my mind, Q could have spent the first 2-3 months of this season letting Morin and Pirri find their way and maybe by this point of the season, they would have developed into players that can play solid D and help you in the points department. Instead, we have Zus who can’t play D or score, and Bollig who allegedly is a solid defender but that is all he his or ever will be. .

          • Z-man19

            And if you do think Morin and Pirri were given legitimate oppurtunities this year, do we think that their careers are ruined because it didn’t pan out?

          • Good arguments above re ice time. But I don’t know if Pirri and Morin would get any more (on average, that is). And if their careers/minds have been ruined just because they’ve been sent down after failed first or second try-outs, then yikes; I mean, if they can’t handle stiff competition at this point, whether or not they think they were ill-used, then I’d say they have pretty brittle brains (and just to be clear: I don’t think that’s the case, I think they still have lots of value for us and will find their way eventually).

          • Z-man19

            And if their careers/minds have been ruined just because they’ve been sent down after failed first or second try-outs, then yikes; I mean, if they can’t handle stiff competition at this point, whether or not they think they were ill-used, then I’d say they have pretty brittle brains

            So bringing TT straight to the NHL is a bad idea why, again?

          • Accipiter

            I don’t think it would be a bad idea. Teuvo understands the game the way Q wants a player to understand it, play both sides of the puck. Size might be the biggest factor, he may not be physically ready.

          • I was under the impression he wasn’t all that defensively minded and that he still needed a fair bit of work in the defensive “puck area”. He was definitely all-O at the WJC, but ya, that’s junior.

          • Accipiter

            From what I saw, it looked like he was putting in a conscious effort to back check. Still needs work, but he thinks the game better than a lot of young players. This was what I got out of the limited amount of games at the WJC’s.

          • I’m not convinced it would be a bad idea–like I’d said, I’ve only seen him play three times. I just don’t think he’s ready.

          • Accipiter

            I don’t think their careers are ruined. I think they should get another opportunity, but I don’t know if it’s currently possible (cap reasons or injury, is Pirri still injured ?).

        • You’re 100% right re situation and the ugilness of needing a player to be a saviour. That’s a bad scene, and neither Pirri or Morin would be put in that spot, no.

          But if they’re not going to be playing the game Q wants them to play, why have them here? And Q’s patience is a different argument imo. Neither was doing what Q was asking of them, and so they need to develop somewhere where they can gain success and confidence at doing it.

          Also, rarely this year has this team lost a game because they didn’t have enough production or attack on offense (a game or two here and there, yes, and maybe moreso the last 5/6 games, but it’s not a problem). They’ve needed better back pressure fairly frequently (after Line 1); tighter coverage in their own zone off of an opponent’s rush; a better PK; better board play and one-v-one play for the 2nd and 3rd lines. Pirri and Morin don’t really answer those needs right now; let them build on it in Rockford.

          And! I think we have pretty good forward depth, they’re just not ready for the NHL yet–Pirri, Morin, Teuvo, Danault, McNeill, Hartman and Hayes.

          • Z-man19

            I would argue some of those issues could have been taken care of if Q had a somewhat legit F sitting in the pressbox. He could have motivated lots of players with the idea that they could be sitting in the pressbox if their game wasn’t what he wanted. I’m pretty sure you don’t consider Kostka or Bbank to be legitimate F’s.

  • Z-man19

    River scum loses, Quick looked pretty damn good

  • Country_Bumpkin

    Wonderful to see the Blues get their dicks kicked in by the Kings. I think I hate the Blows more than the Canucks at this point. Stewart is a twatbag.

  • Z-man19

    Souray to have season ending surgery per LeBrun

    • CozBullsFan

      That’ll put a damper to the Ducks.

      • Z-man19

        not really, he hasn’t played a game for them this season anyway.

        • CozBullsFan

          I just went back and looked after you said, haha

  • VerStig
  • Bookjones

    Kevin Hayes has only been playing on the same 1L with Gaudreau for the past few games btw. That’s a new line for BC. Most of his points and his steady 1.5 PPG pace have been from him playing on the 2L.