Good Morning, Campers

It’s a big week for Phillip Danault and Mark McNeill, as they are both currently in Calgary for Canada’s World Junior Training Camp. They will find out Thursday if they’ve made the team, and they could be fighting for the same spot.

Both went into it on a roll as well. Danault especially went bonkers in two games this weekend, with one goal and seven assists! That gives Phillip 44 points in 29 games, though that hasn’t kept Victoriaville from being pretty ho-hum this year.

McNeill had a goal and two assists in three games before heading to Calgary.

Danault’s teammate, Brandon Whitney, continues the turnaround to his season. He had two starts this weekend, and gave up four goals on 68 total shots, which is a neat-o .941 SV%.

Dillon Fournier was a -1 in three games for Rouyn-Noranda.

Alex Broadhurst had a goal and and two assists in three games in three nights for London.

Garrett Ross had a goal and an assist in three games for Saginaw.

Mac Carruth had his worst start of the year, giving up 3 goals on 13 shots against Tri-City for a loss. But he backed that up the next night with a 35 save performance on 37 shots to beat Seattle.

Travis Brown was a +1 in three games for Moose Jaw.

Let’s go down to the college ranks, because we’ve got nothing better to do. Kevin Hayes didn’t scratch in BC’s tie with Providence on Friday.

Michael Paliotta had an assist for Vermont and was a +1 in their one game.

Stephen Johns was an even in two wins against Michigan State.

Justin Holl returned to the Minnehaha lineup, and played both forward and defense, sometimes both in the same game. He was a +1 on the weekend.

Paul Phillips got torched on his weekend in Grand Forks, as he went -3 for Denver against North Dakota in two games. On the other side, Nick Mattson had one assist in the one game he appeared, and Joe Gleason had two assists in the second game, though he played both.

All the college kids now head onto their holiday/exams (yeah, exams) break and won’t be back on the ice until after Christmas.

  • I know this has nothing to do with juniors, but seriously what the hell have Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook been doing during the lockout.

    Also, if you hear them showing up at practices and such that probably means the lockout is closer to ending.

    but of course with the Bettman/Jacobs shit show going on, you never know whats going to happen

    • shinkicker

      Duncs has been getting his bionic legs repaired. Or hopefully watching film of himself from 2010.

      • ahnfire

        clockwork orange -style? although Duncs is serial-killer enough that he probably does it to himself. 😐

        • shinkicker

          With Rammstein blasting in the background

          • ahnfire

            I can see it now. After film, he gets up, takes off the mechanism, yawns, stretches and goes to eat breakfast. Just another part of his day.

  • Joe Banks

    What’s with all the buzz on the internet about Danault replacing Bolland? Just about 3 years premature, I think. It’s like one guy floated the idea, and 20 people stole the idea.