Gong Show

Well, if you were hoping that the NHL and PA would provide a bounce to your holiday weekend, you can forget it.

While the initial buzz about only being $182 million apart after this latest offer made it seem like things could change, it was what was burning under that smoke that should have led us all to believe this wasn’t going anywhere.

Because the PA still is getting to 50-50 far too slowly, no matter how they dress it up. Asking the owners to bare all the risk for down-turning revenues after his mess is a non-starter. These two things may be totally fair when viewed through logic, but fair and logic were never part of this negotiation and are never going to be. The PA would do well to finally recognize that, no matter how well they’re organized or transparent this time.

No contract limits? We went over this yesterday. If you’re brethren in the NBA have ’em, and they’re by far the more popular league with far more marketable stars, then you better get on the train that you’re going to have contract limits. Again, it’s almost certainly not fair. But fair and reality are often not drinking buddies.

Quite simply, the union has to decide which one it really wants to hold onto. Does it want to fight over the revenue structure or contracting rights? Because now they’re doing both, and that’s just not going to fly.

On the other side, it’s dispiriting and disrespectful to everyone who has any interest in the game for the owners to not even begin to try and talk off this proposal. Yes, we’re quite aware that they’re beyond pissed the Fehr wouldn’t negotiate off theirs, even though they gave him no reason to do so. It’s clear it’s about winning, not getting a deal. But this is going to be a pyrric victory, and there has to be some moderates on that side who recognize that. But they’ve been marginalized.

There’s a deal here. People with a clue could find it. But not when everyone hasn’t got the necessary plate of glass over the belly-button so they can see while having their head up their ass. And that’s the end of it.

  • 2883

    They’re now less than a % off….. owners are just being dicks now

    • Ian S Carr

      There is almost no one in this negotiation that isn’t being a dick. If they were interested in not being a dick they would have been committed to sitting down and talking it out. Instead, they’ve been collectively behaving like a roomful three-year-olds fighting over the candy that fell out of the piñata.

  • justforkicks

    fuck it.

    • BodomSlayer

      Damn it, JFK. No! I mean…I know how you feel and everything but…ughhhhhh

      • justforkicks

        I’m just sick of it all right now. I don’t want to the season to be cancelled but at this point I’m operating under the assumption that it is and trying to step away from the twitters about it. So damn frustrating.

  • Preacher000

    I’d love to know what exactly goes on at these meetings. Is it, “Gentlemen, as you can see from the figures we’ve provided, this latest offer means…” blah, blah, blah? And then the owners ask a few questions and then go into a private meeting to discuss it? Or do they shoot it down while Fehr is still speaking? I mean, how do they go through several hours of “discussion” only to end up still “far apart” at the end of it? Especially after all the talks they’ve already had. I have pretty much decided to ignore hockey except for my 10-year-old’s Squirts games. At least at those there aren’t any contract issues to worry about. And the players feel like it’s a privilege to play.

  • putmeinthemadhouse

    …can we watch the icehogs on tv in chicago? I’m home for the holiday but apparently its in the rockford market only?

    • 2883

      No the stupid Wolves have exclusive rights

  • 2883

    Saad just scored a goal on a breakaway short handed.

  • 2883

    Fuckin PK just gave up a goal after the shortie.

  • 2883

    If anyone wants to listen to the Icehogs. Here’s a link: http://www.nta.fm/Sports/IceHogs/Events/listings.aspx (This is to a reputable radio website and an official AHL radio broadcast)

  • poolguy18

    where the F*ck is Henry Clay when you need him?