Give ‘Em Enough Rope – Blues 2, Hawks 1

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Yes, this is frustrating. It’s made even moreso because the of the Blues factor. It always has been and always will be. But there are still bigger things at stake considering what actually took place tonight, so let the river rats enjoy the two points for now.

Taking a lesson from last year’s Kings, the Blues seemed intent from the get go on trying to keep pace with the Hawks, or at least the one the Hawks are always trying to impose upon opponents. And they were able to do that for stretches, as a 16 shot period like the Blues had in the first is rarely ever bullshit or unearned. To the shock of exactly no one, Marian Hossa was able to take advantage of being on the ice against Robert Bortuzzo and Barrett Jackman, and one-man-banded his way to a blue line hold of a boned pass back around to the left circle to find a shockingly in position Kris Versteeg for a tap in to open the scoring.

But the Blues were able to capitalize on the opportunities they were given, specifically due to the generosity of Michal Rozsival. Yes, this is a different game. Rozsival took a needless and selfish penalty cross checking Alex Pietrangelo behind the Hawk net which led to the Blues’ opener, and then was caught flat footed in front by Olli Goddamn Jokinen of all people mere minutes apart in the second. Despite a thorough push from the Hawks in the final half of the game, Jay Gallon was up to the task, and now the Hawks find themselves as entrenched in the third spot in the Central as they possibly can be.


  • This Rozsival thing could not have been more perfect on the day that Quenneville doubled down on him as “his guy” after practice. Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of other options at the moment given TVR’s shutdown, and now Kimmo Timonen is day to day after getting hit from behind by Ryan Reaves, playing only 3 minutes this evening. Were the Hawks not down a defenseman already and were he not in the circle of trust, literally any other player would have had his ass stapled to the bench for the penalty Rozsival took. His ire at the ref looks only more laughable in retrospect. Giving the Blues too many looks on the power play is always tempting fate even without Steen and Tarasenko.
  • The Hawks had 22 shots blocked tonight, and it felt like 27 of them were blocked at the point. It shouldn’t be shocking that a Ken Hitchcock team would employ such obstructionist tactics (clearly he’s so committed to them he’s employing them in his aorta), but it would have been nice if they had adapted just a little.
  • For those counting at home, that’s 79 shots and 127 shot attempts at even strength against two of the league’s stingiest shot-suppression teams in LA and St Louis without Patrick Kane. Both games have been at home. And this is why home ice is is gravely important.
  • Anyone who still maintains that Crapford/Crawstink cannot be trusted needs to get Clockwork Oranged with the Stastny breakaway just simply playing on repeat as their eyelids are forcibly held open. That sequence should be on any Saves Of The Year montage in a fair and just world.
  • For any Andy Kaufman truthers out there, there could reasonably be a case made that Joel Quenneville is simply another character of his given his treatment of Rozsival and now that he has career center Antoine Vermette skating on Andrew Shaw’s wing, who he was supposed to supplant. Tony Clifton’s accent isn’t that far from a Windsor one, and he’s just as profane.
  • Speaking of Shaw, while it’s hilarious that Barrett Jackman was on the receiving end of his cannonball-Steve Downie impersonation, it negated a Hawks power play in a game they had to have. By all rights he should be suspended for that. And at the very least he should have been benched.
  • That’s the Blues first regulation win on UC ice since February 3rd, 2010. Enjoy it, dickheads.

  • Jane Doe

    “It shouldn’t be shocking that a Ken Hitchcock team would employ such obstructionist tactics (clearly he’s so committed to them he’s employing them in his aorta)”


  • ZigZags82

    Still in the race, not the most adaptable of games, but it feels like the Blues just sat on a lead once they got the bounce they needed in a game where the Hawks had a lot of breakaways they normally capitalize on. Let the scum enjoy the 2 points for now.

    Have a feeling everything is still in play come Thursday night. BTW maybe irrelevant stat but last time Blues won in regulation in UC, the Hawks went all the way to the Cup. Do with that what you will.

    • Bruce

      Had a lot of breakaways they normally capitalize on? The breakaway goal percentage has to be low. I can’t remember the last time the Hawks converted one but can sure remember a bunch of them that they didn’t.

      • The Hull With It

        Toewes and Sharp have scored on breakaways within the last week.

  • BestPredsForward

    It’s one thing for us dopes on the couch to let the Blues get into our heads, but HOW DO YOU PROFESSIONAL MEN NOT KEEP YOUR COMPOSURE AGAINST A TEAM THAT CAN ONLY WIN IF YOU DON’T KEEP YOUR COMPOSURE!!!!!!!

    • Jane Doe

      When is it ever a benefit to lose your composure at work? Unless you’re looking to get fired, never. But it happens at places of work all the time and the majority of those jobs don’t entail getting whacked with sticks or launched into a wall by someone 6’6″, 250 lbs who has a running start at you. “Oh, thank you Mr. Ott for inflicting bodily harm on me!” These guys are human just like y….well, maybe not like you but you get my point. Get a grip.

  • Aaeismacgychel

    I’m not too worried about this one. I thought the Hawks played pretty well and actually outplayed the Blues much of the night. We need to do better at finishing our breakaways and not shooting pucks from the point right at shinpads, but overall it wasn’t a bad game at all, just a loss. And from an optimistic point of view, it means that we almost certainly won’t have to play Minnesota in the 1st round, and I’d certainly take Nashville or St. Louis over them at this point. Plus it may give us the option of playing the kids the final game of the season. We’ll see. The only bad thing is I was hoping there was some way Rozi would be supplanted, and with Timonen being injured, that is just not going to happen whatsoever. So just have to cross our fingers that we score more than he gives up come playoff time. If he can just stay -1 a game, we’ll have a chance.

  • God I hate the Blues. And God I hate the Cardinals. God my Easter Sunday did not end well.

    • Aaeismacgychel

      Let’s just be thankful the Bears weren’t playing the Rams today as well as we all know how that would’ve gone…

    • Jim

      Yesterday was the darkest sports day here since a couple of weeks ago the Kane/Rose dual injuries on the same day.

  • TitanTransistor

    “For any Andy Kaufman truthers out there, there could reasonably be a case made that Joel Quenneville is simply another character of his given his treatment of Rozsival and now that he has career center Antoine Vermette skating on Andrew Shaw’s wing, who he was supposed to supplant.”

    My god…. it all makes sense now!

  • mightymikeD


  • Jim

    Now that first in the division looks out of reach…..
    Wouldn’t mind seeing a Nashville / Chicago first round. The Blackhawks do not need to win ANY of the last 3 games.

    • Aaeismacgychel

      Minnesota is 6pts behind with 4 games to go. Chicago will probably need to win 1 of the 3 to stay in 3rd. A win tomorrow would do it.

  • Brandon Murray

    As I sit here at work in the inner-city of St. Louis, it is mornings like this that I am reminded why I fucking hate this city & wish my job never would have brought me here from the great state of Illinois. So here I am at my school (where I am the principal no less) and all of my employees (teachers, custodians, etc) are acting as though the Stanley Cup was hoisted last night and reminding me of just how far the Blues will go this season. With the exception of my one Connecticut transplant who is a die hard Rangers fan and thus the only intelligent person I can talk hockey with.
    It is supremely frustrating to them that I respond with “yes it was a good game, well played on both sides” and I give nothing else. It infuriates them because beating Chicago means so much to them, when I know damn well none of them watched the game because they were dropping their Blues luggage to pretend hockey takes a backseat to baseball once again. It is as if they have a built in excuse. Once baseball starts they stop caring about hockey when their team eventually flames out in the playoffs.
    The ones who did watch the game have told me repeatedly that “Shaw is a bitch” for his hit on Jackman which is about the only time I repsonded with any sense of sarcasm by reminding them that total team bitches is also a category they clearly beat us in with them having rostered Jackman, Ott, Reaves, and Backes.
    You want to get a Blues fan riled up, talk shit about Backes. In their eyes he is the ultimate winner, the cleanest player, and a saint. Until you remind them of his bitch move trying to take down an 18 year old McKinnon for a Colorado hit on a different Blue which was met with Nathan slapping his ass to the ground. I routinely point out that Backes the Saint went after the smallest player on the ice to impose his will and got bitch slapped in the process.

    • Andrew Cieslak

      buddy every city has schools.

    • The Hull With It

      What kind of a teacher never heard of paragraphs?

  • Brandon Murray

    So yes, I’ll agree that last night was frustrating but even more so because it was that team of dick farmers from the river bed. Oh well, there were no Cups handed out last night and there is an entirte second season left to be played. If we do lose to the Blues in the playoffs, I may just have to pack my things, quit my job, and tell my family “That’s it, we’re going off the grid”.

    • ZigZags82

      Cups will be handed out in June. To the Hawks.

  • Bobby Otter

    For all the Q apologists, quick question: what would the Hawks record be if Babcock were the coach?

    I don’t think Q’s a bad coach, but sometimes it’s just like WTF… I don’t know.

    • Hockey Newbie

      Who exactly are these Q apologists you speak of? Think that was probably meant for another board. I digress and will now resume working on my mouth breathing exercises.