• Indian 13

    Ha! Those are great!

  • DaveM36

    Even better in color!

  • laaarmer

    I thought that was Sopel saying hold still


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  • Z-man19

    Merely a flesh wound. Well done sir

  • 10thMountainFire

    I love a hockey site that references Monty Python. Sam, you are a goddamn ‘Merican hero.

  • Joe Banks

    That’s awesome!
    Also, Vancouver lost to Phoenix – I guess they’re on the “Schneid”…

  • BeverlyBrewmaster

    So if we’re going with a Tombstone comparison, Alain Vigneault’s gotta be fat Billy Bob Thornton’s character, right? I like to imagine Q as Doc Holliday, remembering he’s still there and saying, “You may go now.”