Friday Foofaraw: Your Least Favorite Hawk Of All Time

Kids, we all know that August for hockey is the down time. The signings and trades are mostly made, training camp is still way far off in the distance, most of the STDs acquired from the Convention have been medicated and there just isn’t much going on. But we have to do something, and we’d like all of you who want to to be a part of it.

All August long, we’ll be running yours and our recollections of Hawks that we couldn’t stand. Players who made you dread their shifts, and somehow despite that made your fandom all that much more locked down in your life. Guys who couldn’t skate, couldn’t pass, or got walked by the most mediocre forwards around. Yes, Wayne Van Dorp would qualify as all three. So would Karl Dykhuis.

If you want to participate, just email me your entry at, with “Least Favorite Hawk” in the subject line. And while you’re free to write about some of recent vintage, we’ve covered the Bollig-Versteeg-Scott territory heavily in the blog. We want to hear about your flashbacks about Brian Noonan or Keith Brown.

  • MGG

    So Harrelson doesn’t count then?

  • Doesn’t Theo Fleury almost have to win by default?

    • Andy C

      I don’t think he even makes the top 25 in my mind. A bit of a pud for certain, but there was also genuine effort from him at times too. He was a lot of fun as a flame too.

      • Brain Sprain

        Though childhood as well.

  • LavalPhantom

    Martin Lapointe

  • jordyhawk

    Enrico Ciccone was a complete meatbag. Couldn’t stand him. More recently, Adam Burish for his yappy bullshit.

    • Jalamanta

      Jim Cunnings at least was a crafty fighter. Enrico was just Madonna’s cousin.

  • Jr Rein

    He didn’t play that many games, and had a few goals, but Brandon Bochenski.

    • Andy C

      Points for that name!

  • Phil Jackson

    Jassen Cullimore. Not once but twice. Terrible when the whole team was bad and worse the 2nd time around. I have a personal vendetta for this guy.

  • raditzzzz

    hmm, the way this is constructed is going to make it difficult for some of the newer fans. especially nixing bollig and scott. which makes me have to break your rules… even though he seemed like a nice guy and funny person, every single time john scott stepped on the ice, i would’ve rather had any other person from the roster since 08 out there in his place. including *gulp* bollig or carcillo.

    so i guess that makes him my least favorite hawk. in 236 career nhl games, the guy has 2 goals, 4 assists. barf.

    • Joe Banks

      That makes 2 goalies who probably still need therapy…

      • raditzzzz

        lol, bernier and leighton.

        • The Nutbrown Hare

          John Scott scoring on Michael Leighton? Hardly a clash of the titans there.

  • jhb

    Fucking Bobo, Boris Mironov. Zhamnov second.

  • jordyhawk

    Is there going to be a separate category for “Least Favorite Hawk Owner”?

    • Joe Banks

      Or better still, “Least Favorite Hawk GM”???

  • thefearlessfreep

    Enrico Ciccone. I recall as I was in line to take a leak in the old barn (the line went well outside of the bathroom) and an older woman wearing his #39 sweater went by – turns out it was his mom. Nobody in line bad mouthed him for the few seconds as she walked by – but of course it started up again soon after.

    • John Nolan

      That’s very funny!

    • BurishsMom

      I remember my father cursing him at my first ever hawks game. I’d never heard him curse at a player before. I went home and created a team of 20 Enrico Ciccone clones on NHL 97 for pc. I beat them 20-0. Since then, I’ve grown up to always refer to him as the worst hawk ever.

  • The Nutbrown Hare

    Alexander Karpovtsev, if only because he prompted Pat Foley’s classic on-air rant.

    • Brain Sprain

      You beat me to it on Dr. Karpovtsev.

      • The Nutbrown Hare

        Admittedly, it’s a bit of a pot-kettle affair when Pat refers to the good doctor as “Dean Martin”, but he merits a pass here.

        • Brain Sprain

          Great call.

  • OMFS88

    Tommy Hawk.

  • Brain Sprain

    I absolutely hated Adam Creighton. I know, 89-90 he had over 30 goals. I felt like when the game was most meaningful he skated his worst.

    • Bob in EP


    • Gabble Ratchet

      Heh, I knew AC would make an appearance in here.

  • Brain Sprain

    Does Sam hate Brown because he was seventh overall and some guy named Ray Bourque was 8th?

  • AirTrafficAJ

    2 way Death’s Head tie between Boris Smironov and Adrian Aucoin. Never seen so many selfish penalties in my life.

    • Andy C

      Bobo the idiot boy was bad as well. There are a great many choices

  • Brain Sprain

    I would like to mention Greg Millen. That 89-90 playoff run that the blackhawks lost to the Oilers in the conference finals. Millen had 7 goals against in game 6. In game 4 when the hawks were up 2-1 in the series and playing at home, Millen was pulled after 3 goals on the Oilers first 4 shots. Nice. That seriously convinced me that Mike Keenan was a stubborn idiot.

    All that and he gloved right. My WORST HAWK EVER winner.

  • Andrew Heitman

    Is it too early for Carcillo? Cause, fuck, I was pissed to see him in the indian head.

    • YoAdrienne

      Carcillo extended the 2013 streak by one game. I can’t hate him after that.

      • Marian Brossa

        Somehow both of these. I have a framed picture of Carcillo on my wall (the SI “Franchise” cover of exactly this moment) but I also remember him as the first time in my hockey life where I felt like I knew well enough to second-guess the organization.

  • Jalamanta

    I remember people laughing a lot at Cam Russell.

  • Harry Longwood

    Chris Campoli, entirely for this:

    • The Nutbrown Hare

      This made me seriously ill all over again…

      • John Nolan

        God yes!

    • To Saad be the glory

      Sad thing for Vancouver is if they would have lost this series they probably would have dumped Luongo then and started the rebuild 3 yrs earlier

    • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

      Yeah, a bad play by Campoli, but where is his support?

  • Patrick Kane’s Mullet

    David Koci. My bow-legged wiener dog can skate better (and fight better) than him.

  • Leightons5hole

    1a. boris mironov
    1b. rene bourque

    • Jalamanta

      1c. Dan Cleary

  • Andy C

    Doug Gilmour. My least favorite player of all time and one of the few I did boo mercilessly whenever he played foe us here. I still hate him. I was pissed he made the hall. Stupid leaf fan influence.

  • BobPulfordsHelperMonkey

    Alain “Disco” Daigle mostly because I was jealous of his hair and Sergei Krivachrasov. Sergei was constantly adjusting his gear while on the ice. Elbow pads, helmet. Get equipment that fits! Also, the Wings get Sergei Federov and we get this clown.

    • Joe Banks

      Sergei “Cut your sack off”…

    • The Nutbrown Hare

      That’s funny that you mention Krivokrasov’s equipment issues. I remember my brother and I caught an old interview on Sportschannel (or whatever it was called back then) in which number 25 angrily quipped, and I quote, “Joffa no good.” There was something about his earnestness (and broken English) that was absolutely hysterical to us. Neither my brother or I could ever say the name Joffa again without finishing Krivo’s pissed off comment. Thanks for that.

  • Cluster_Puck

    Cam efffin Barker. Who I swear would either trip over the blue line are couldn’t keep a pass in the zone.

  • Scott Stafford

    Brian Marchment. Dirty POS.

    • Scott Stafford

      Or Bryan even….

      • VanDorp’sMullet

        He was definitely a turd.

  • Leroy Baxter

    Alexei Zhamnov. He put up decent numbers, but the fact that Roenick was traded to Phoenix for him because Wirtz didn’t want to pay Roenick, left a sour taste in my mouth. Felt like after a divorce, and your brother is living with your dad in Phoenix and you’re living in Chicago with mom’s new boyfriend’s kid. Just doesn’t feel right. And that he was captain during a 6-8 season run of shitty captains.

    • Jr Rein

      Understandable opinion. Not many people could have replaced Roenick as far as the excitement and offensive production he brought to the game. Let alone a russian who played a very understated style of hockey. Total opposite of Roenick. Too bad you had such sour grapes over the trade that you couldn’t appreciate watching the elite level player that Zhamnov was. And unfortunately for all of us he never had a top winger to form a top line like they had in Winnipeg with Zhamnov -Selanne-and (Steen -I think).

      • Yachtsman

        Remember what management said about Zhamnov before his arrival…that he was magical. Only magic was his disappearing act! …oh and maybe that he could even suit up and play that hungover.

        • Jr Rein

          Exactly. He was magical. Possibly for the reasons you say, but also for his ability to be a point producer, excellent defender, and smooth, uncomplaining player; on mostly well below average teams. It’s was your loss if you couldn’t recognize it or appreciate it. This is besides the point, but many people forget that Zhamnov signed for a million less per season than Roenick, and we got a 1st round pick (Ty Jones) out of the deal. Not sure what brings on the Zhamnov hate (besides comparing him to Roenick) and/or fans not being able to appreciate someone whose crafty play doesn’t stand out to casual fans. What I said are facts. Do you have facts to back up your statements?

  • VanDorp’sMullet

    Sam, just don’t blame the mullet for Van Dorp’s lack of skills.

    I’d say there are few Hawks I disliked, but Ciccone comes to mind pretty quickly. I also always resented Poulin since he was the return for Larmer (who’s still in my top 5 all-time faves)… plus he sorta sucked and was NOT a guy who wanted to battle for the puck. Just pretty useless other than the occasional goal.

  • HarryBalzonya


    • Brain Sprain

      Funny. Only one played though.

  • Brent H

    1. Cam Barker – #3 pick overall after Ovechkin and Malkin and wss supposed to be a can’t miss prospect. Sleep walked around here for several years while people kept saying, “just be patient, dmen take longer to develop.” He was picked way ahead of guys like Mike Green and Mark Streit who didn’t need apologists or insane development time. We got Leddy for him, which is the only good thing that sack of dicks Barker ever did for us. Rot in minor league hell you dopey, moon faced bastard.

    2. Keith Carney – Terrible player for the Hawks who then went to Anaheim and became completely serviceable. Dick.

    3. Eric Daze – Giant guy that played smaller than Theo Fleury. Hated to get hit because he was made of delicate fine China. Somehow made it to the all star game and played the best game of his career. Tons of wasted potential.

  • Bannerman

    I might be in the minority but Stu Grimson was the first person I thought of. The guy had one job and he sucked at it based on my fuzzy memories. Probert was another one that I hated then he became a Hawk but I still couldn’t like him.

  • Bob Lanz

    You can’t mention Bollig enough… I hated every fucking moment he was on the ice even when he scored a goal. And I still harbor residual hate for Q playing him all 82 freaking games last season. Seriously wtf was that about!?

    • VanDorp’sMullet

      You had me at Bollig.

    • YoAdrienne

      Yeah. When I was young and able to watch the Hawks on TV, I liked anyone in a sweater with the Indian head on it. I didn’t care how bad they were. I even liked Keith Brown. Then I moved down to the Old Confederacy, where one can buy a pair of hockey skates tax-free on the tax holiday weekend we have going on right now, and not even know what they’re for, let alone have ice on which to use them. For many years, all I had was scores in the newspaper to hang onto. I was lucky to get those. Kind of hard to judge individual players on that.

      Now that I have access to games on the Internet, and sometimes the TV, I can legitimately form opinions about all the players. And, nobody has caused me to dislike them like Bollig has. I used to be ambivalent about him. Then I saw the celebration on the ice when they won the cup. Zus went to hug Crow, and the next thing you know, this clown is right in their faces, as if he was also some huge, important part of it all. It really rubbed me the wrong way. It still bugs the heck out of me every time I see it. As did the his high-fiving everyone along with Toews after every win. And, the PR stuff that regularly had him doing things like squirting water in his face in slo-mo during the warm ups. Pair that with all of the well-discussed complaints about his play, and that tipped him into the “most disliked” category. Not going to miss him.

      • I gotta say, Yo, this is one of the crazier, more illogical “dislike” comments I may have ever read. It makes you mad–mad!–the way that Bollig celebrated winning the Stanley Cup? Because he was hugging Crow and Handzus??? These guys are friends, probably best friends, and they’ve just won the Cup! Their lifetime dream … their most intense desire. Bollig is happy, exceedingly happy, and so is EVERYONE else.

        Nope. Jerk.

        • Hawkeytalk

          Chico — I do get it. He was just useless. It’s galling the way he did the off the ice high 5 after a win after he put in his big 8 minutes. The Stanley Cup thing though I do kinda get your point, and give him a pass.

          The best part is I got to use past tense in the above paragraph. Good riddance!

          • I find it funny from a fan’s perspective, though, even the post-game congrats! These guys are all a close-knit group, good friends! If the rest of the guys didn’t like the post-game high-5, he’d certainly know about it. It’s not like the team simply tolerated him like an annoying kid brother. We may have thought of him like that sometimes (or many times; or always), but they didn’t.

            Rough crowd!

          • Colbeagle

            On the one hand, I understand the incredulousness about hating a guy due to enthusiastic high-fiving and cup-celebrating.

            But on the other hand, I’m completely down with it. I think it’s a case where I hated Bollig and his useless existence so much that everything he did became annoying, even the innocuous stuff. And therefore every time he would line up with Toews to high-five everyone coming off the ice, I would just seethe.

            I also hated when he would get in a useless fight and just grin through the whole thing and then pat the other combatant on the head and wave at the crowd on the way to the box. I know why they do all that stuff, but it just emphasized how much of a sideshow the fighting he managed to do was, and god I hated everything about it. HAAAAATE.

          • Definitely agree with your third paragraph.

          • YoAdrienne

            I actually don’t hate him, although I do dislike him. And, your second paragraph is closer to the truth for me. All that stuff went from innocuous to irritating because of the sorts of things you described in your third paragraph, as well as his general uselessness.

          • YoAdrienne

            I have a sneaking suspicion that the high-five thing is the management’s doing. He seemed to become their darling for media type things starting with that summer’s convention, for reasons I don’t understand. He was all over the place after that, PR-wise. I don’t fault him for that, since it was the management’s decision. But, yeeesh. And, FWIW, I thought his spoof on Kaner’s Bauer ad was pure genius.

            I do get the Cup thing, too. And, I understand that they’re all good buddies and all. It’s just that given Crow’s and Zus’ stories, it would’ve been nice if Odie the dog had given them a few seconds before he dropped in on them. I know I’m being unfair, but it was still irritating to see it.

          • The management’s decision that Bollig start high-fiving? Really??!?!? I find that bonkers. There’s just no way.

            Feels like I’m picking on you today, Yo, sorry about that.

          • YoAdrienne

            Yes. Really, although I think it’s a PR machine thing rather than the entire management. It might not make sense, but neither does him deciding that he needed to stand out there with the Captain after every win, seemingly like he’s Captain II. (That’s the impression it gave, at least to me.) I honestly don’t see him coming up with that on his own. Not for every game. For all his warts, I don’t think he’s quite that full of himself. To me, it being the PR machine’s idea makes the most sense, which isn’t saying much. It is probably just me, but it often felt like they were shoving him down our throats last season. He was everywhere, and I can see the high-five thing being part of that. I think he was just the PR machine’s candidate du jour for the spotlight or something. Granted, so was Shawzie.

            I don’t feel like you’re picking on me, Chico. It’s one of those days where I’ve been writing things all over that haven’t been going over well. Oh well. I’m willing to rethink things when people point out that what am saying might be kind of stupid, unfair, or illogical.

          • Yo! Stop it. Right this minute. No one told Bollig to begin high-fiving his teammates after games. That’s truly crazy. (And incidentally, from your perspective, if someone told him to do it then why would you hate him for doing it?)

            Players liked him. We don’t have to, but they did. They liked Scott, too, and Eager, and Burish, and Mayers, etc. It probably developed as a suspicion after a 2-game win streak or something dumb. I doesn’t mean he’s trying to be a pseudo-captain. There’s nothing premeditated about it, he was just being a member of a close-knit team.

            The vitriol for this player … holy. He’s a jerk for congratulating his teammates? Doesn’t that sound crazy?

            I think back to Eager, etc., and although Scott comes close, for some reason Bollig exceeds them all in hatred here. He had a poor playoff after a solid regular season–was better than all of the players in the recent past who we’ve had play this role. But he wins the Asshole Award because he didn’t take himself out of the line-up when Q dressed him.

          • YoAdrienne

            I don’t hate him for that or anything else. As I said multiple times already, that kind of stuff just rubs me the wrong way. And, it looks like it bugs others way more than it does me. I still think the PR machine has their grubby, little fingers in some of it. They tend to over-do it sometimes. Heck, that even absolves Bollig from some of the stuff that’s pissing people off. Sure, the high-five stuff is probably a team buddies thing. But, it’s also a “Captain” thing for those of us who have been watching for years, and we really love our Captain. Fairly or not, it sets people off when they see the guy they can’t stand doing that thing right along next to him.

            All the group-bitching about the guy just fuels hatred, too. I’m getting like that with the Kevin Hayes situation. I can’t wait until it’s September, and we can discuss training camp, and not these two guys. Neither of them are worth the drama they’ve been causing.

          • birdhead

            If it’s a PR machine thing presumably he wouldn’t have been traded though, right?

            I dislike Bollig as much as the next liberal elite hen partier but I’m pretty sure all that’s going on there is, like most goons, Bollig is a smart, affable person who knew he had to make himself likeable to stay on the roster, and did.

          • YoAdrienne

            I don’t see how the PR machine has anything to do with whether or not he or anyone gets traded. Their job is to sell the team to fans and potential fans, not for selling individual players to to other teams or their own management. You know…Blackhawks TV, the convention, the banners they hang in the Downtown area when the Hawks reach the Finals, the helmets on the Art Institute lions, the player posters in the Tribune, the scoreboard videos, the Training Camp Festival, the Blackhawks Store on Michigan Avenue… They’re the reason the Hawks had 2 million people show up for each of their Stanley Cup parades, while the Kings only had a couple hundred thousand to theirs, and why Hawks have sold out 200+ games straight, and counting. They’re amazingly good at what they do.

            And, yes, Bollig is smart and affable. That’s probably the main reason they had him up front and center so often this past season. That, and they likely perceived him as a fan favorite. Which he was in many circles. I saw at least as many people who were highly upset that he was traded as I did those who were cheering it.

          • birdhead

            If the PR machine can control locker room dynamics and the order in which players exit the ice I’m sure they can exert some control over the front office. I don’t think it’s the case that PR never has anything to do with when and whether players get traded. Hanging on to franchise players, giving them more money than they deserve, hanging on to them when the team needs to trade them for a rebuild (Iginla), trading good players because of their reputation (Seguin), how many times did you hear trade rumours about Kane after his various debacles a couple of years ago?

            The business is ultimately *all* marketing. It’s all about bums in seats and jersey sales and all that; as you astutely point out, the Hawks are *very* concerned about that. If the Hawks stood to make millions from Bollig’s presence on the team, he didn’t get paid so much that they couldn’t have figured out a way to hang on to him.

          • YoAdrienne

            Actually, the front office controls the PR machine. Not the other way around. The front office dictates what images of the team and players the PR people will market. There is no way the marketers are going exert any kind of control over the front office. You don’t tell your bosses how to run the business.

            Sure, there were rumors of trading Kane, but it wasn’t the PR that kept him here. It was that Bowman, McDonough and Blunk felt his playing skills were worth giving him a chance to clean up his act, which he obviously did. It wasn’t because of the PR. They kept him IN SPITE OF the bad PR.

            Seguin wasn’t traded because of his reputation. He was traded because of actual behavior, including missing multiple practices. He was traded because Chiarelli felt his lack of focus and lack of professionalism were a detriment to the team, not because he was making them look bad. He got fed up, and didn’t want to wait around for Seguin to grow up, so out he went.

            Bollig was traded because he was the most expendable in the eyes of the management, and they needed to get rid of somebody. In the long run, they figured they’ll have a better team, and therefore a better overall product to market, without him. Better product, bigger profits. And, it’s not like they don’t have someone else to put out there in his place. Ben Smith and Antti Raanta?

        • YoAdrienne

          No. It doesn’t make me “mad–mad!” I just said it rubs me the wrong way. Hardly the same thing. The old guy and goalie were just about to have a nice moment, and he came plowing in there. I just found it very off-putting.

          Nope. Back at ya.

      • Bob Lanz

        You just made me hate him even more, I almost forgot his post game co-captain congrats to the rest of the team… Like seriously skate the fuck off the ice and be grateful Q is the coach cause you didn’t earn it buddy.

        • His teammates liked him.

          And he didn’t earn it? I’m completely down with people hating him for his play, for his playoff collapse. But geez.

  • Joe Banks

    How about Versteeg 2.0? (you know, the 2014 version)

  • Krupdog

    Ryan Vandenbussche was worthless and he somehow played multiple seasons with the Hawks.

    • Stockroom Snail

      He sucked like a black hole.

  • Guesty McGuesterson

    Not many goalies on this list. I’ll go with Steve Passmore. Or whoever thought it was a good idea to throw Steve Passmore in the net for half a season. This guy was a shitty version of Darren Pang.

    I remember the Hockey News did a poll that year, you had to vote for your favorite player, best shot, best D, etc. They had a question about naming your 3 most hated players in the NHL. I chose Draper, Maltby and Passmore. I can safely say it was probably the only vote he got.

    • Joe Banks

      A shitty version of Darren Pang – that is gold, baby!

  • Daze55

    Cristobal Huet.

    • Joe Banks

      How did this not come up sooner?

    • raditzzzz

      lol, i was waiting for that one…

  • JT

    Behn Wilson just beats Giles Marotte and Jack Norris

  • Bigkahuna

    Ron sedlbauer,ken yaremchuk & Jerome dupont . I
    Challenge someone to find any worse

    • BobPulfordsHelperMonkey

      Kenny Upchuck!

      • jordyhawk

        The Yaremmer.

  • thepuckstopshere

    Warren Skorodenski “Score against me”

  • Hawkeytalk

    These guys played so long ago I hardly remember them, but 2 back up goalies to Tony O — Gerry Desjardins and Denis DeJordy. Both were so bad in comparison to Tony that it felt like the hawks were losers before the rest of the team even took the ice. Looking at their stats — they weren’t too too bad, but still.

    • YoAdrienne

      I remember having similar feelings about them. Except for each one’s final season with the team, they weren’t really that bad. Not bad enough to make them “most disliked” of all times, though.

      • Joe Banks

        I liked both Dennis DeJordy (who followed Glen Hall) and Gerry DeJardins. I’ll never forget when Keith Magnuson broke Gerry’s forearm in two covering a rebound near the post. (The nets didn’t used to move) he was never quite the same after…

        • YoAdrienne

          I remember Gerry much more than Dennis. The unfortunate thing for both of them, and to some extent, Mike Veisor, they had to back up Tony-O at his peak. It was hard, if not impossible to look good while in his shadow.

          • Joe Banks

            Tony was my hero growing up. Bleeping amazing.
            Mike Veisor- I had forgotten that name!

  • Guest

    #shouldhavebeenboynton ?

  • BodomSlayer

    No love for Nick Boynton?

    • Yachtsman

      This guy was bad karma all the way around. Supposedly ran into Hossa in practice and injured him. He’s also the only guy I’ve ever seen to score an own goal off his face. Absolutely brutal…

      • Stockroom Snail

        Got a reporter fired too for giving her the meat, right?

  • Joe

    How has no one mentioned Tuomo Ruutu on this list. I was still young, but I remember he was supposed to be the savior of the team and bring us out of the “dark years” but he sucked and kept getting hurt. Dude was a bowl of turds.

    • Yachtsman

      My son bought a Tuomo Ruutu jersey at the UC because all the other jerseys were sold out. He liked him only because he was a grinder (sort of). Then 5 days later after spending $300something for this jersey, the guy gets traded. 1 vote from my son for this dude!

    • Marian Brossa

      I actually have a ridiculously soft spot for Tuomo Ruutu. While I’ve always been a Blackhawks fan, I didn’t really pick up hockey as one of my sports until the lockout threatened to take it away. When I was rededicating myself to hockey in 2004, Ruutu seemed like as good a place as any. Then he happened to move to NC at the same time that I did and he was the only “Hawk” I had a chance to see on a regular basis. He’s a perennial disappointment, but I’ve always felt like he’s MY perennial disappointment.

  • IndyHawk

    Alexander Karpovtsev, and he would get Pat Foley’s vote too!

  • IndyHawk

    Love Pat Foley’s analysis of him…

  • duncans peace pipe

    how about that turncoat Chris Chelios?

  • Matt

    Cam Barker and (haven’t seen this yet) Khabi. Put a sandbag in net and it would probably make a few more saves.
    As for Cam, yeah. He would just stumble over the blue line like he took down a 12-pack before each game. Luckily he got us Leddy, but god, fuck that dude.

    • Joe Banks

      The Bulin wall?
      Who sucked until his contract year, then disappeared during a critical playoff game?

  • Dangles-a-Plenty

    Has Fernando Pisani been mentioned?

  • 1985AH1985

    Borris Mirinov. Aka Bobo the clown.

  • fivehole

    Got to be Greg Fox. My God did that guy suck.Couldn’t skate,shoot or fight. Just sucked.Best banner ever seen in the 2nd balcony,”Fox is a Skunk”