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    As you can see here,, the NHL says that it has fined the Detroit Red Wings over comments made in the article referenced below.

    It seems to me that the rhetoric surrounding the NHL lockout runs quite deep. After reading the referenced interview ( of Red Wings Senior VP Jim Devellano by island sports news’ Scott Harrigan, I’ve decided that the NHL owners must have a very large jar of blue pills on the desk at their gatherings. I’m not talking about the kind that former football coaches hawk on television these days. I’m talking about the kind delivered by Cowboy Curtis to Ted “Theodore” Logan.

    To me, Jim Devellano comes across as a company yes man that is out of touch with the fan base and the real issues at hand here. The owners signed the recently expired CBA in good faith – and by all accounts they won those negotiations – but feel that they are not being treated fairly as a result of that CBA, so they want the players to take a pay cut. To me, that is simply a case of short sightedness on their part. They underestimated the potential earning power of their product, and now they want a bigger piece of the super sized pie that has appeared on their extra value meal. I can’t really blame them per se’ but I refuse to place Mufasa’s share of the blame on the players, too. The NHL generated more revenue last year that it had ever done before and that should be a good thing for everyone involved.

    Unfortunately, nobody seems to think it is – except the fans who just want to get in line to throw more money at them while wearing officially licensed clothing and worrying about the safety of their automobile in the $25 parking lot.



    They need to start fucking again with the goal of compromise in mind… They are going to destroy their product if they don’t I might start watching soccer instead .



    You know what here’s the truly dangerous comments from that article…

    ISN: So what do you think is the solution?

    “I’ll make a suggestion Scott. Let the players take 43% and let the owners take 57%. Just reverse it from where it is now and let the owners run the rest of their business and manage their expenses. Now keep in mind this time around it’s not just revenue sharing that is the issue. There are many, many more components at play here, from entry level contracts, years of service, insurance, etc. I mean a whole bucket load of disputes that are just as important for the owners to need to get a fair deal done.”

    “Yes, they are billionaires. Good on them, they deserve it, but they also make their employees millionaires. Not a bad trade off for a guy like Lucic getting what, 6 million dollars a year? I mean good on him too, but he should be grateful. Understand though that these players want for nothing…its first class this, first class that, meal allowances, travel money on the road, the whole shebang. Offer sheets don’t hurt the players one bit.”

    SN: Last thing Jimmy, any thoughts on players moving on and playing for the KHL or other European Leagues during the lockout?

    “The players are doing what they have to do, but it’s funny, you talk about solidarity and a handful have already bolted. You know who they are…like they need the money…yeah right! But I would caution them to be very careful not to get hurt because as of two days ago, we pulled all their league insurance (dental, medical, player) and all the benefits for each player, so if they get hurt, the NHL will not pay them one dime until they are cleared by league doctors and to the owner’s satisfaction that the player is 100% fit and able to perform.”



    So the players in the KHL, a league known for having a full-on Charlestown Chiefs team iced, see a NHL star in their sites. NHL player has no NHL medical insurance (though I suspect there is KHL insurance) and happens to be one of the guys in the KHL player’s way from getting a ticket to the show. Plus, you have to think there is some animosity between the haves and have nots. Doesn’t bode well for young Handbanana.

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    So apparently I can comment on the forums from work, but not on the main page. In any case, @hairhelmet according to this article:

    The NHLPA has stepped in to cover the premiums for players during the lockout, a union source confirmed to The measure was taken after the NHL asked insurers to cancel all coverage for players once the lockout began, according to several reports

    The union will provide coverage to players and their families, including medical and dental, disability insurance, life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance, and spousal life insurance.

    According to a memo obtained by USA Today, the NHLPA advises players on the need to procure additional insurance if one should choose to play overseas. The NHLPA disability insurance does not cover their NHL contract.

    “Players are responsible for securing their own disability insurance, either personally or through the team,” the memo states, “to cover the value of your NHL SPC.”

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