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    Thank you ahn.   I’m working on my proposal powerpoint now.   It’s in less than a week… I’m getting kind of nervous.



    Footbawl and futball


    K J

    I’ll be focusing on further developing my Gangnam style.



    Kid’s hockey.
    Copious amounts of beer.



    @KJ – Video.



    @ahnfire how did you get a picture for your profile? i can’t find anyplace to add a photo



    @girlphoenix – It said single old games are $3.99 so maybe if there is one where Ben Smith! plays like a total boss you can at least witness that at some point? I wish it had total subscription pricing or at least current single game pricing as well, I really would only want to see the Ice Hogs games most likely anyway.

    @2883 – Good luck!



    Provided the lockout ends around Thanksgiving, my lockout could be filled with the baseball playoffs (go Nats! #bandwagoned) and football. Cablevision finally, by God finally, got NFL Network and Red Zone, so they’re slightly less of an evil corporation (or were, until they got in a carriage dispute with Fox and pulled their programming for the past month…they’ll get “evil corporation” status back if they don’t make a deal in time for Fringe next week).

    Speaking of evil corporations, this lockout would be far more entertaining if reports on the NHL owners began “MEANWHILE, at the Legion of Doom…”



    @girlphoenix you have to sign up for gravatar, which you should automatically have once you signed up for wordpress. you sign in with your wordpress account (the login & pw you used for this) and you can upload a picture onto there. it’ll take a couple minutes, but an avatar should show up.



    @justforkicks Thank you… Will need all the luck I can get.



    @ahnfire I tried that. Something hates me I guess, so apparently I won’t have a pic here.



    Well, this is groovy.

    I will be drinking heavily, talking to myself, throwing shit at my TV, and cursing poetically. So, pretty much the same as always. I just won’t be doing it while watching hockey.



    New here…been lurking on second city for a couple of years

    Have a work colleague who’s kid is playing for the Fort Worth Junior Brahmas, so I think I’ll get my hockey fix and keep my mind off the NHL watching the local junior team…maybe the Bears will be decent this year too


    Pucks and Stones

    Working overseas.
    Being sober. (yes, its one of *those* places)
    Wearing out a copy of NHL 13.
    Watching anything I can get my hands on.

    This is all until June, of course. Next season will resemble something like my short lived and ill-advised college career, i can guarantee you that.


    I’ll be mostly crying and possibly going to see some Icehog games.
    And then crying some more.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 49 total)

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