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    Of course, thats blocked here at work. Fucking fascists



    and WordPress isn’t? That’s surprising… Sorry man.



    The first day of the lockout, I woke up.
    Then, I went downtown to look for hockey.
    Then I hung out in front of the UC.
    The second day of the lockout, I woke up.
    Then I went downtown to look for hockey.
    Then I hung out in front of the UC.
    The third day of the lockout, I woke up…



    Retreating into a fantasy world by pretending virtual hockey is real hockey. Then crying myself to sleep.


    Colin Waters

    Well. Getting offered a job to stay working in Olympic National Park turned out NOT interfering with hockey season! So, well, yay, I suppose.

    Seriously, it’s going to be scotch:30 until I have hockey on the tv to yell at.
    Baseball playoffs and my semi EPL fandom will have to do until then. And Castle. Hunter S Thompson’s election book should help too.



    watching baseball, going to baseball games and working




    and listening to lots of IceHog games



    Watching every season of The Wire finally, crying about hockey until it comes back, watching a shitload of other tv, trying my best to see a local hockey game even if they are hours away…



    How the hell do you comment to specific people?

    In any case, girlphoenix, andidee linked me to a (legit) site on SCH where they have the AHL games streaming (videos so you can actually see Ben Smith!), for I don’t know how much (its $3.99 for games from last season) if you’re interested? I may invest in it considering the number of players we have down there this year.



    White Sox and Phillies and Bears, oh my!



    ……angry at both sides of the table. Now for a little whining and self pity. These fucks are personly stealing from ME as a season ticket holder which can barely afford the price on a construction workers income these days. Im 57 years old my only daughter is 17 (yeah i know,Late) any one knows trying to have a one on one with a 17 year old are rare, with there schedule is near impossable. My came in the form of 10 games me and her,my wife knows dad time is limited and fleating. Next year college, dad time no longer an option. I hope all parties involved dont fuck this up.



    Oh yeah, I forgot the Sox are like sorta good. I need to get cable. Also, the forum is the only commenting I have at work, so I may have to have a chat with my IT people



    @2883 good luck with the dissertation!

    The thing I hate about forums is that it’s hard to reply to a specific person. 😐



    Some nice wine, play hockey myself, and fucking cry at night.



    @ jfk I’ve looked into the AHL streaming before but I don’t have any money so anything is too much. I wish they would say how much it will cost for a subscription for the upcoming season but they don’t have that yet. I think if you get the big package thing you can watch archived games too.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 49 total)

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