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    Well, Heres what I’m doing:
    Spending too much money on booze, as I drink whenever I hear the words “Hockey Related Revenue” or “Lockout”
    Watching football (OSU. against my will, hence more money spent on booze)
    Just finished the last season of Dexter
    Fishing (of course)
    Trying to learn Russian so I can watch KHL games
    Making Voodoo Dolls of Gary Bettman and stabbing them relentlessly with a red hot fork.


    Chesterfield King (Chelsdag)

    I’m watching soccer, football, and baseball. Reading David Foster Wallace. Trying not to look at my hockey jerseys for fear of emotional breakdown.



    Planning to go see minor league and college hockey



    oooh fun game!

    I am:
    Whining on twitter
    Annoying coworkers by talking about how much the lockout sucks
    Watching a ridiculous amount of Netflix
    Trying to learn to pass on NHL13
    Debating whether or not I should get a Ps3
    Doing lots and lots of laundry
    Starting fights with people (this is my favorite by far)
    Watching grass grow
    Examining the likelihood that real live unicorns exist
    Selling my soul to get hockey started



    Saskjet, emime’s comment was not a request to post your favorite picture. 😛




    Pining for the Fjords, and getting a stupid amount of work done, of course.



    Whining, watching baseball, football and women’s soccer. And if it goes into November (“if”) ditching all you suckers to go to Australia.



    Writing my dissertation (I defend my proposal in a week)
    Playing video games
    Watching college football (Go Dawgs)
    Getting ready for the CHL to start.
    Started Breaking Bad from the pilot.



    I’m looking to buy a bottle of whiskey to celebrate the completion of my dissertation. My favorite whiskeys to drink are typically Irish Single Malt’s /Blended whiskey’s (Jameson/Bushmills) Although other single malts are also OK I’ve had Lagavulin, it’s pretty solid. Looking to spend no more than $80 but I want it to be good stuff.



    Skinny Skiing and going to bullfights on acid.



    Ummm, doing what I normally do! There wouldn’t be any hockey yet even if there wasn’t a lockout. Not sure this thread shouldn’t have been saved for at least a couple of weeks.



    Crying, drinking, NBA, women’s college basketball, tall ships.



    I’m going on a tri-state killing spree! Well, I’ll be a ride-a-long anyway…and by tri-state I mean Dallas-area only and by killing spree I mean bank and shopping spree…and by spree I mean I have a few chores…it sounds more fun the first way i wrote it.



    can someone please explain why in the unholy fuck I cant comment on the posts on the main page?



    @bigcsouthside Because they’re two separate systems. The forums are WordPress. The comments on the stories are another system.. Disqus. You’ll need to register for Disqus to hold your name…

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