Evening Discussion Thread – What’s For Dinner

As you probably guessed if you saw any of that mess that I puked up last night on Twitter, I’m pretty out of it today. Certainly too out of it to discuss all the silliness that really is just for show in CBA negotiations (they still are slightly more likely to come to a conclusion a week from tomorrow). So let’s get a thread going.

It’s an easy jump from music to food. Or at least I say it is. So, what are you eating tonight? What’s something you made recently that you really liked? Or something that was a total disaster. Everyone could always use an addition to their palate.

Me? With a dwindling bank account, the ever affordable pierogies from across the street was the obvious choice.

Have at it.

  • DaveM36

    It’s boneless wing night at BDubs and they have eleventy billion TVs for me to watch the one sporting event I’m interested tonight: the Fiesta Bowl.

    Regarding wings in general, I’ve always been more of a BBQ sauce guy as opposed to anything spicy.

  • justforkicks

    left over indian food courtesy of my sister. and cake.

  • ahnfire

    Fried pork chops, maduros, & rice from the Cuban restaurant near my work. All of this smothered in spicy green sauce.

  • Accipiter

    A bottle of 10 yr. old Laphroaig scotch whisky.

  • AirTrafficAJ

    Just finished a tub of movie popcorn at the IMAX showing of The Hobbit.