Endgame… Maybe

The gift that just keeps on giving roared awake again late this morning/early this afternoon, as reports broke that the grand jury that was supposed to hear the Patrick Kane investigation/case has been postponed, with reports suggesting it was due to settlement talks between the camps.

At this point, we all know the various reasons both sides could have for seeking a settlement, and to have a debate on it would lead to a lot of yelling and anger on both sides. So I’m not going to do that today. And we don’t know that a settlement is going to happen, though most with a better feel for these sort of things are leaning that way.

But if it were to, there is a practical and then theoretical fallout for the Hawks organization, and Hawks fans.

The practical is what the Hawks will do if a settlement is reached. In some if not most ways, it is the murkiest outcome. A settlement would come with no admission of guilt, no matter what you think it says other than on the paper itself. A suspension might not fly with the union, though how eager the union would be to take up arms for someone accused of rape is anyone’s guess. Ben Roethlisberger was suspended without ever being charged, and the NFLPA didn’t do anything to stop it. I don’t know if that’s a playbook here or not.

But the hard decisions aren’t here yet for the Hawks. It’s easy to let it slip that you’ve fielded calls about a trade from other teams, to prepare the ground for that or to make it seem like everything is on the table and that your principles won’t be compromised. Pulling the trigger on that is a different story entirely. It’s easy to let it slip that you are livid with him and he’s let the entire organization down. None of these are actual actions.

At the end of the day, it’s still a business and it’s a business that is based on on-ice success. Kane is clearly a huge part of that.  And deep down, whatever John McDonough and Rocky Wirtz think right now, they know that in time, fans get back to just wanting goals and wins. How long that timeline is I can’t tell you, but we all know that’s how this works. On a strict hockey level, trading Kane for even 80 cents on the dollar, and that would probably be the best the Hawks can do if they go this route, does not help the Hawks win.

Which is why I think they’ll try and ride out that timeline. There will be talk of a suspension or rehab, and likely one of those. The thing is, Kane can make this awfully hard on the Hawks if he wants to. He has a no-move clause. He has a players’ union. He doesn’t have to accept a trade or suspension lying down if he doesn’t want to. I’m sure it will be quickly illustrated to him that if he wants any chance of rehabilitating his image (whether he cares about such a thing is not a question I can answer) he’ll take whatever punishment from the league or team without a word. I’m sure if the Hawks are inclined to trade him they will tell him he can try and fight it, and they’ll gear up for a suspension fight that even though they might not win they certainly won’t be the ones who come out looking like an even bigger shithead than he already is. If I had to guess, there’ll be something of at least a 25- or 40-game suspension, buying the Hawks and possibly league enough time to get a finger in the wind to see what they want to do from there. At the very least, he won’t be in South Bend next week.

Maybe the Hawks have had it. There’s certainly no reason to trust Kane, because exactly one month after his $84 million extension kicked in they got this. If he can simply buy his way out of trouble with a certain period of time sitting to boot, it’s not the biggest motivation to carefully watch his actions from here on out. He only need to look no further than the aforementioned Roethlisberger or Kobe Bryant to see how time heals all wounds in sports.

On a theoretical level for fans… well, that’s even harder. Personally, I don’t want it. I don’t want Kane to ever play a game in the United Center again. And that includes any possible trade and coming in with a different uniform on. I don’t want it. I don’t want to have to question who I am or what I am every time the Hawks take the ice. I don’t want to watch a large section of fans give him a standing ovation on his first step onto the ice on Madison, whatever he’s wearing, and have to wonder if I’m the same as them. I don’t want watching hockey to turn into some moral referendum in my own head. It was easy to scoff at others, Steelers fans or Lakers fans or Kings fans. And now it’s here with us. I don’t want it. Also, maybe even more so, I don’t want it because I know with time it gets easier and easier to compartmentalize and acquiesce. It gets easier to stop asking yourself those questions. It gets easier to cheer the goals and assists and let all of this fade into the background.

I don’t want it.

  • Moses Taylor

    25-40 seems high following a settlement with no admission of wrong-doing. Even if Kane does want to to rehab his image, etc. That’s a lot to just accept if he’s trying to claim some level of innocence here.

    • Bannerman

      If he spent the 25 game suspension undergoing counseling it would go a long way toward repairing his image. This would be the basis for the “redemption narrative” that allows fans to feel better/ less bad about him.
      Is it an ideal resolution? No. But since we’ll never know what really happened, it might be the best case scenario. The victim gets money to pay for counseling and has raised awareness of a real problem. Hopefully she can take some solace in that. Kane needs to reexamine his lifestyle and how he treats women.

  • Jim

    The other day, I was watching a replay of Game 6 SCF against Philly on the NHL channel. Every time I saw Kane I pictured…well…you know…

    • Bob in EP

      The day after that game, I was exchanging pleasantries with a Flyers fan who referred to Kane as a “greasy mullet-headed little fuck”. And I thought yeah, but he’s OUR greasy mullet-headed little fuck. And that’s pretty much sums up my opinion of him since the taxi cab incident. Over the past month, I dropped the “OUR”.

      • Bannerman

        I know some flyer fans that would be happy to see him traded to Philly. Seeing as how it’s the worst place in the world, that would kind of make sense.

  • april o’neil

    I am a pretty staunch supporter of sexual assault victims, but if this just gets settled, it’s unfair to assume he’s guilty. I’d imagine honestly that if the victim is willing to settle, if the DA was willing to have the case go to a grand jury rather than choose to prosecute himself, etc. that it’s probably a situation where the issue is of consent rather than a violent rape.

    What I’d like to see come out of this is 1) a suspension/rehab for Kane because let’s be real, this dude clearly has an issue with drinking whether or not he’s a rapist and 2) a revamped program from the league regarding consent and what that looks like. This isn’t an issue just in the NHL or sports in general – it’s a “gray area” so to speak and there’s just a lot of people who don’t understand that if someone is too drunk to function, or if they originally say yes but then change their mind, or if they decide mid-sex that this isn’t what they signed up for – all activity has got to immediately stop. If the Hawks/NHL put in place programs to make sure their athletes better understood this, I’ve got no doubt that it would protect both NHL players and their sexual partners in the future. Then at the very least this isn’t another shitty thing that gets swept under the rug eventually.

    • yinkadoubledare

      Eh, a prosecutor bringing it to a grand jury isn’t necessarily a situation like that, in a case involving a high-profile individual it’s also useful to take the charging decision out of the prosecutor’s hands so that no one can then say the prosecutor is on a crusade or biased or whatever. Using a grand jury convened specifically for one case further allows them to take sufficient time (lest a dirty prosecutor push something through in a hurry as happened in the Duke lacrosse case).

      • TerryChicago

        There is no choice of whether or not to go to grand jury to pursue charges— the due process provision of the 5th amendment requires that it go to grand jury unless that right is waived by the accused. The whole “optional grand jury” thing is largely a misconception stemming from the Michael Brown charges last year. The “optional” part of it is whether or not to arrest before going to grand jury, but the prosecutor cannot pursue felony charges without getting a grand jury to approve the proposed charges.

        • yinkadoubledare

          Right, but you can shove something through a regular grand jury in a big fat hurry, hence the old “ham sandwich” saying. Sounds like they’re using a special grand jury specific to this case, presumably to inoculate against any complaints of targeting/bias/whatever

  • TitanTransistor

    If it comes to a settlement, then I’ll probably never look at Kane the same way again, but I wouldn’t be disgusted with him on the team or anything either. It’s murky enough that I can just throw my hands up and say ‘fuck it’.

    Does it look bad that Kane would pay her off rather than take his day in court to ‘prove’ his innocence? Sure. Most of society equates pay-outs with guilt. But it’s just as easy to say he’s a guy set to make 84 million dollars a year, whatever he pays is going to be a fraction of that, and even if he IS found not guilty in court, there will still be people who claim ‘not guilty does not mean innocent’. I can see the people for a person with the means to just shortcut through the whole process and get back to what they love to do.

    Likewise, I can see why a accuser/victim would take the money, both to avoid the drama/trauma of an ongoing court and out of doubt that they have enough evidence to get him convicted.

    It’s a shitty situation that one way or the other I’ll be happy to see disappearing in the rear-view.

    • april o’neil

      Yep. Basically a settlement tells us absolutely nothing about what happened, whether or not Kane is guilty, etc. It sucks, but that’s the way the law works. And honestly, if I was the victim, I’d rather have the settlement than the stress/trauma of taking a superstar to court.

    • WookRN

      That’s really it. Most hockey fans already if they thought he was innocent or not, the court would have proven nothing to those. A not guilty would meet “they didn’t say innocent” and a guilty would meet some level of victim blame.

  • Sarcastic Mike

    Asset Optimization via Game Theory
    Like Sam, I’d like Kane gone. And how this all shakes out publicly in terms of speed in the courts, a possible rehab stint, or suspension from team or league will have a large impact in what occurs.
    Having said that, I’m guessing Kane plays this year before getting traded next offseason. We have consistenty seen more value returned on contracts during the offseason, and Stan is well aware of this. Expiration of contracts and cap space towards a known cap number also facilitate this. Therefore, Game Theory would seem to indicate that the Hawks wait a year pair a better window with increased value for Kane as the incidient moves further into the rearview mirror and his on ice performance looms larger.
    Which means a big decision looms. The Hawks brass is either going to have to eat a year of ill will and controversy or they are going to have to eat a hugely devalued asset fire sale. At this point the question is which flavor of shit sandwhich they prefer. hang on…

    • willh

      It boils down to Money vs. Integrity. You can make up for lost money, but not lost integrity.

  • Brandon Murray

    I have stayed away from commenting on any of this for good reason. This world is full of shitbag human beings. They’re pro athletes, businessmen & women, educators, etc. etc. We live in a time where assholes always seem to come out ahead. PK is no different, he clearly has a drinking problem & he seems to have a level of doucheyness that is uncharted.
    He is one of the 10 best hockey players in the world & I know what losing a player of that caliber means, but I’m not sure I care anymore. I loved PK and was ready for him to have a statue outside the UC but now I’m thinking he might just be a selfish drunk who doesn’t respect anything or anyone.
    It kind of hurts to type these words because I don’t want to imagine the team without him but it just might be time. Everyone deserves forgiveness, but they have to want to fix the problem first. I’m just not sure he does. I have no idea what happened in that house & something tells me no one ever will. This is just bad, bad, bad. Wish this never would have happened.

  • BestPredsForward

    I’m soooo dreading the ovation he will receive his first game back. There must be some way the adult fans can voice their displeasure either through booing, or just holding up some black symbol, whether it’s a flag or a towel or just something to show we don’t support this.

  • The last paragraph perfectly captures my feelings on this whole mess. This is going to be a real hard year to be a Blackhawks fan, isn’t it?

    • derlemke

      yes, yes it will be.

    • TerryChicago

      Completely agree — final paragraph covered my feelings precisely.

  • sec. 317

    ” It was easy to scoff at others, Steelers fans or Lakers fans or Kings fans. And now it’s here with us. I don’t want it. ”

    Well said

  • Oldfarthawkfan

    Bobby Hull was my idol growing up, and then I heard about the wife beatings, and I could not think of him the same way again. No matter the outcome, especially a settlement, I don’t want him representing the Hawks again. Trade him for Joe Thornton, Brendan Dillon and a prospect

    • HawkIPA

      I’d trade him for high-level prospects and push to use the cap space for a star player next year. If this winds up as a settlement, I’m sure Kane’s “value” to other GMs has probably gone up a bit.

  • No Band Wagon Jumper

    Totally agree with projection of 25-40 games, but unless it is combined with some type of alcohol rehab, it would not help Kane. If this was your son, wouldn’t you want to get him help? The only way I see those like Fels coming around is a long term, positive change in Kane, which by it’s nature needs the passage of time.

    • SamFels

      Funny you should mention if he was my son, given the problems they’ve had with his dad.

      • The_Cheeb

        Sam, I speak as the father of a 20 year old, 5’2″, 96 lb. daughter I just dropped off for sophomore year of college.
        I say to you, bless your heart for this article.
        It eased my heart.

        • SamFels

          Cheers, but man, get her a sandwich!

      • OMFS88

        What problems have they had with his dad? I must have missed this

  • Chesterfield King

    thank you, fels. I’ve appreciated the thoughtful and steadfast way this has been covered over here at CI.

  • Johnny_Chicago

    Well – at least you admit bias against him – it’s good knowing that before reading anything else here in regards to this situation.

    Really now…you don’t think he deserves to have a career over this?

  • Brian Soda Man

    What if there’s a nondisclosure settlement that results in the alleged victim simply not cooperating with the prosecution and no other details being released? I realize in the PC Totalitarian era we now live in it is nearly impossible for many to not pass judgement. Its amazing how many of you already have set the parameters of what you’ll accept as an outcome being neither a party to what has happened or having any facts to base your condemnation. It would probably be your wisest course of action to stop being a fan altogether with your judgmental quandaries granting you such internal unsubstantiated torture.

    • Johnny_Chicago

      Right on BSM

    • Black JEM

      I am reminded of the call the Score highlighted showcasing Bernstein’s tirade against a caller who disagreed with his (B’s) rush to judgement and how this case would probably end with no charges filed and a settlement reached. B’s holier than though attitude – sounds like the caller might be proven dead on accurate – makes me sick. This site has drifted very closely to that point.

      All the media has done has made Kane guilty regardless of how this ends. Yes, Kane was stupid to so carelessly get involved in a romantic tryst after a night on the town where though he was not s**tfaced (according to the bar) he was probably feeling pretty good. You and I can probably do that because we aren’t worth multi-millions. He can’t. It was dumb to even put him in this situation and if he really did physically attack her to get it he is a criminal and deserves what he gets. I have no illusion that Kane is a great guy, just as I have no illusions that hanging around with Johnny T. would be fun in the least. These stars are freaks – physically, mentally and emotionally. That combination doesn’t mean they are nice, some would say in works against them being nice. I don’t look up to them and I never had my kids look up to them. They perform a sport at a high level which provided a level of perseverance on top of talent that you can marvel at. People who want them to be ethical avatars are fooling themselves. That’s my response to the last paragraph.

      Could he have still forced himself on her? Yep. Could she have woke up thinking this was more than a one night stand and then be pissed because it was? Yep. There are ample cases of incidents to justify each position. So some say he is buying her off and some say she is extorting money from him to make it go away. We may never know, and publicly we certainly will never be told. I assume Stan Bowman will given an opportunity to discuss the case with Kane’s lawyers and a non-disclosure agreement if he wants to.

      Would I move Kane? Absent a charge and just a settlement, if my goal is winning a Cup I would be foolish to do it. If your goal is PR do what you wish.

      • Wadded Beef

        With their appearances on the station and general ganking of catch-phrases, this blog has basically become a sub-department of Boers & Bernstein, so I don’t know why you’d be surprised that you’d be reminded.

      • Skags

        Well said.

    • HossasPierogi



  • jordyhawk

    Sorry, but if this is settled out of court with no admission of wrongdoing what foundation is there for the league or club to attempt to punish Kane in any way?

    • HawkIPA

      The PA could appeal it, and would likely win. It’s probably not in Kane’s (or the PA’s) interest, however, to have a big drag-out fight with the Hawks over this. I imagine whatever the consequences are that stem from this will be agreed-to by Kane out of necessity for staying with the Hawks and rehabbing his image (to the extent that’s possible).

  • ky-jellydonuts

    Can we make our judgments based on what we actually have had confirmed publicly? Where someone with an actual name said “Here’s what’s happening”? Because other than the one page press release that “there was an incident being investigated at his home”, and his lawyer’s confirming that a police lieutenant was driving him that night, we don’t officially know anything. I am discounting as total bullshit the Skybar owner’s account; his agenda with regard to his own liability was pretty clear. But everything else that we “know” is tied for reliability with the early accounts that the victim was underage. (Was she? Who told you she wasn’t? How do you “know” that’s true and something else isn’t?)

    I don’t know if we’ve seen the last of Kane in a Hawks jersey, but I’m quite sure we’ve seen the last of him onstage at a Jimmy Buffett concert.

  • I’m very disappointed that if there is a settlement, we will never find out what happened and all the people who think women who cry rape to pro athletes are expecting a payday get to continue their stupid narrative of it being true. That’s what disgusts me the most.

    • JoeGrant

      Not only will we never find out what happened but we will also have to continue hearing all of the overzealous soothsayers from both camps going on about how the settlement proves they were right all along.

  • Brian Soda Man

    One fact we do know is that Kane hired a driver. This is the evidence of a drinking problem? Not getting a dui/dwi ? How is this connected to a drinking problem? How many games has he missed because of his partying? Wow. Allow yourself to fantasize all your imaginations into giving Kane the benefit of the doubt. If I’m him reading this comment section I want out and away from all these phony bastards that are so willing to assume the worst and think of him as a rapist!!! Without any evidence whatsoever. If he was locked up Aug 7th/8th I could at least understand these comments.

  • ItalianBeef

    Excellent piece. After the coverage of this incident we’ve seen from TCI thus far – of which I have nothing positive to say – this is a breath of fresh air.
    I’ll be sharing the same dilemma going forward. If court proceedings were to find Kane innocent or guilty, one way or the other, I would be more than willing to live with whatever that result might be, be it Kane having his name cleared or him being sent up the river.
    But a settlement gives none of us any closure in the situation as fans. I don’t want to wonder every time I watch the Hawks if I’m rooting for a horrible person who did a horrible thing nor do I want to ask myself if I’m internally questioning or damning an innocent man who was falsely accused.

  • blackhawkski

    i agree with the last section. i’m dreading opening night (i could never imagine thinking that as i left the UC after game six, but after this summer of hell, it is extremely uncomfortable)

    also, part of me feels guilty because honestly, didn’t we all already know he was a giant piece of garbage? we knew it on 2010 and we cheered him on. we knew it in 2013 (by then we already had the cabbie thing and the whole Madison debacle) – we knew he was a piece of crap when he knocked home Richards’ perfect pass to make it 2-0. i know i didn’t care at that moment. i was too busy screaming and yelling and trying not to start crying because i was so happy.

    it just seems weird that we were all ok with cheering up to this, now there is the settlement which clearly doesn’t give us closure (in terms of definitive guilt), but signals the end of the road. just kinda fucked that it took that much, maybe.

  • Andrew Heitman

    I think a lot of folks are misreading this – its not really anti-Kane (whatever the fuck that means). I share the sentiment hes trying to get to- fuck Kane for fans even having to ask these question. Hockey is my escape; this ruined that. I want to argue about who should center the 3rd line, why Morin should get traded, who is going to play on the other side of Toews and Hossa. I dont want to get into the moral morass of acquaintance rape. I want to stare at red jerseys.

    • Because that’s what’s important here: your recreational activities. Fortunately for you you’re perfectly entitled to remain willfully ignorant.

      • Andrew Heitman

        Yeah- thats not really what I said. I was rephrasing the point of the argument. Regardless of the outcome- the whole thing is tainted. Guilty. Innocent. I am still uncomfortable with the entire thing.

        • bmarlowe

          Andrew – I know what you said. It was clear enough. Besides not writing anything that has made any sense for a while now, McClure can’t read either.

          • Andrew Heitman

            Labeling someone complicit with rape as a knee jerk reaction to a nuanced opinion is sloppy.

          • SnakePlissken

            You have every right to be pissed about that reply.

            Some people will never feel the same watching Kane play hockey again, and some people will never feel the same reading this blog again…

          • Andrew Heitman

            Agree about Kane…but Fels makes a good point. Time is going to erase a lot of these bad feelings, rightly or not. Its just the reality of it. So it goes. Ill still be reading this blog, and honestly most of the coverage of this Kane investigation has been pretty decent.

      • PooSmasher

        That’s all hockey is for a lot of people. Watching hockey is a recreational activity.

        I think being willfully ignorant about the people playing the game is much better than being torn up inside about things when they go wrong- both on the ice and off.

        • Andrew Heitman

          More to my point- its a fantasy. And when reality comes in, and forces me out of my fantasy, my escape- it makes me resent it all together. I have played, coached, and loved hockey for 32 years- its been on rare occasion that I just want to wash my hands of it. After the Kane allegations came out, I couldnt read about even the most banal hockey related item. A cloud of ick has covered my view of the entirety of the sport. And as Fels wrote- I don’t want it. I am not going to ignore it, I am not going to brush whatever outcome occurs aside. I have not tried to defend the team/sport/Kane to friends who think its hilarious to rub this in my face (which is really fucked up…but whatever). I dont want it either.

        • Bobo Hawksface

          What void is there in your life that you want us to care deeply about the moral compass that makes up each and every individual person on a professional sports team. Sure i’m a long time (pre bandwagon) season ticketholder die hard, but aren’t there pricks in everyone’s everyday life? I’m sure everyone has shit in their past that given you were a highly paid spotlighted pro athlete

      • JoeGrant

        Nonsense. We all come to the Committed Indian to read about Hockey the recreational activity. I started with the rag you sell outside the UC because of your great insight into Hockey. Perhaps you guys might want to start a speculative law blog for theories outside of general hockey news. Just don’t stop writing/selling those rags, eh.

        • Oh shit, I’ve been totally owned online. I guess I’ll do what you say.

      • ChicagoDog

        Dude, get over yourself. You have what could best be described as a punk rock hockey blog here, last time I checked that bestows no credibility as a preacher, a lawyer, or any claim to any sort of moral high ground.

        • Thank you for your insight into my personhood and your continued readership.

  • KOfan

    There is a slightly different way to look at this. I thought of this when the small to-do was made over Toews’ comments. Unless he was going to get the death penalty, he is going to need help. This guy has another 50 years of being in society. I’m not naïve, but part of the “rape culture” discussion should include men that have done these things and how they can turn into better human beings. Maybe most of these guys are lost causes, maybe not. Either way, Kane (and thousands like him) need professional assistance. I really don’t care what uni he’s wearing. I think Toews was just on athlete-speak auto pilot but offenders do need support – not rah rah support – but real help. In my world victims come first, but again, unless these guys get life without parole or death (neither of which is ever going to happen) – they need need help as well. BTW – not an apologist.

    • HossasPierogi

      Thank you! Finally a voice that’s not about judgment and punishment.

  • 5Minutes4Fighting

    I don’t see Kane getting traded. Those rumors last week were bs, especially since this time last week, Kane was looking at criminal charges for rape, felony conviction, prison time, and a very long suspension from the NHL. No team would trade for a player with that real possibility hanging over his head.

    You want to know the truth about what happened? As a lawyer, I have represented many people with accusation similar to Kane’s. Trust me, even if the criminal case is filed and goes to trial, we still will not know the truth. That’s the way it is in the courts, as in life.
    Now the complainants lawyer, who knows strength of the case against Kane as well as anyone, is probably thinking now is the time to get top dollar for his client. If the grand jury chose not to indict (which seems very likely), the settlement value would go way down.

    • JayGee

      Wow. That’s sad.
      I try not to expect anything from professional athletes off the field/ice. That way I’m never disappointed.
      Easier said than done.

  • HawkIPA

    I could see Kane taking a “voluntary” leave of absence to go to rehab with the intention of him being a “changed man” by the time the calendar turns to 2016. By “voluntary,” I see that being an ultimatum from McDonough with a suspension in the offing if he refuses.

    If that is the case, I hope Kane seriously commits to whatever the program is, and sticks with it, regardless of the PR sheen. I’ve seen rehab do some amazing things for people in my own family. That path is there for Kane if chooses to take it, but that kind of transformation takes a lot longer than a few months.

    As for my feelings on next season, I’m with Sam. I don’t know how I’ll feel when 88 takes the ice. Whatever it ends up being, it sure won’t be joy or pride.

    • GoldenJet

      I could see the team imposing some pretty strong rules on Kaner and put their own “babysitting” team in place…and if Patrick doesn’t like it, he can drop his no-trade clause.

  • LordOfTheTrees

    I completely agree with this piece. I understand the history of sexual assault and sports. That doesn’t mean that I have to desire a morally abhorrent player on my team solely because of on-ice skill. Trade him I say. We’ve gotten our 3 cups. This team staff has shown they can rebuild.

  • Jacqueass

    The reports of “settlement talks” postponing a grand jury do not entirely make sense, and I don’t believe they can necessarily be interpreted as “there will be an out-of-court, secret payment and the potential criminal charges will go away.” “Settlement” happens with civil claims, but the media often uses the term “settlement” to refer to a plea bargain.

    Unless the alleged victim is absolutely refusing to cooperate (and a witness who
    refuses to cooperate with a grand jury subpoena may be held in contempt of
    court), a “settlement” of her civil claims would not likely cause a prosecutor to postpone grand jury proceedings relating to potential criminal prosecution, especially when there is physical evidence of the (alleged-cringe) crime.

    It sounds more likely that Kane’s attorneys and the D.A. are talking about a plea bargain. If Kane pleads guilty to a reduced charge, everyone will know about it. Adult criminal proceedings, plea bargains, convictions, etc. are public information in 99.9% of circumstances (for the other 0.1%, Google Chuck Blazer, whose guilty plea was done in secret to protect the continuing corruption investigation of FIFA). That kind of proceeding is not an issue here.

    • HawkIPA

      Technically, you’re right. You can’t “settle” a criminal claim. Prosecutors, however, are very sensitive to a victim’s/accuser’s interests in cases like this where the case depends on her testimony. Prosecutors generally do not want to put a victim on the stand if she doesn’t want to testify, given the trauma involved. The victim may well come to the conclusion that she can get some for justice in the form of a settlement, and that way, can avoid being subjected to a traumatic experience on the stand.

  • The Gatest Gamer

    So Fels, McClure, it seems, that from day one, there was only one way this mess could resolve for you to feel okayish about Blackhawks – with 88 in jail and publicly shamed. Pretty much all articles here were either about rape culture and why 88 is getting this kind of treatment, but at the same time it was crystal clear right away what would happen. So how do people move on now? The staff of this blog and the vast majority of the commenters are left with broken hearts, so how do people adapt? How does one cope now?

  • Mambo Man

    I’ve not been following the details as closely as others.

    But I’ve seen enough of Kane around town to know that women/girls throw themselves at him and he’s just fine with that. I would be, if in his situation, too.

    So let’s just say that MAYBE he isn’t Bill Cosby and did NOTHING wrong.

    If it were I in his predicament, I’d pay some serious $$$$$$$ to “make it go away”- ASAP.

    I’ve got 3 boys under 10 and they don’t idolize any players (except Hossa). They’re hockey fans and pull for the Hawks, but don’t shed tears if they lose.

    If Patrick Kane is found guilty of rape or whatever they charge him with, F. him.

    If “nothing” happens, F. Him! Or not. It doesn’t much matter.

    BTW, keep cheering for Bobby Hull and his swollen red face every time they show him on the scoreboard screen. When his wife’ space was red and swollen, you did the same.

  • HossasPierogi

    Really over the top — let’s just wait to see what the facts are.

    • lisa simpson

      Saying one is disgusted with Kane’s actions over the years is a perfectly valid response. Hoping to get solid facts in a case like this is actually a little delusional.

      • HossasPierogi

        Your response sums up my frustration. His actions over the years are relatively poorly documented — a lot of hearsay. And you can’t hang someone without solid facts. I understand the facts and the percentages, etc., and have two daughters in their teens/early 20s. But there’s a million ways this could have gone down and we don’t know anything about what happened yet.

        • GoldenJet

          Relatively poorly documented to the general public.

          Behind the scenes? That’s a different story.

          He has (on pretty good authority) already done the rehab thing. He’s going to get to do it again now.

          I would not be surprised, as I’ve stated before, that he comes back into the fold…only to be part of a blockbuster trade, before he can fuck things up again.

          It doesn’t matter that much whether he is found “innocent” or exonerated. He has continued to put himself in situations that he shouldn’t. He’s had the opportunity to have handlers that keep him on the right path, but has chosen, instead, to keep “yes men” around him that let him party out in public to the extreme.

          There’s plenty of room for partying and pussy…within reasonable limits…in that world. I’m sure he’s got a lot of teammates saying WTF?! What a dumbass.

          • HossasPierogi

            What exactly does “on pretty good authority” mean? What did he do? With whom? Where? When? If all we have is Madison, the cab and the limo, that’s nothing. While I understand the suspicion, I see little evidence and much hearsay.

          • GoldenJet

            People with ties to both the team and the CPD…If I told you any more, I’d have to kill you.

            In the immortal words of Malachi Johnson:


          • brettraz

            Since you are already besmirching Kane based on your “inside sources” you should at least tell us what you are already alluding to. When did he go to rehab? What other situations did he put himself in that he shouldn’t have? What handlers did he get rid of? Were these handlers put on him by the Blackhawks? What run-ins with the Chicago PD did he have? Dropping I heard from a guy, who knows a guy, who heard without backing it up is just more of the same BS. It’s ridiculous.

          • GoldenJet

            I didn’t say he got rid of team appointed handlers…he hand picked his own. That hasn’t worked out very well.

            More than enough people know of the situations I allude to in Kane’s past…I’d guess this site’s hosts, Jay Zawaski and plenty others have heard a lot more than I have.

            Does that mean Kane raped this woman? No. It does mean he’s prone to extremely irresponsible behavior.

            Anyone that doesn’t realize that the few stories that have made it into the public domain are but the tip of the proverbial iceberg, is an idiot.

          • Bannerman

            This situation is different. The Madison incident was an embarrassment but never approached anywhere near the seriousness of this situation.

        • brettraz

          This one paragraph post is in my mind the best thing that I’ve read about this whole thing. Everyone jumping to conclusions either way is insane. “Move the dirty dick” or “the girl is out for money”. It’s ridiculous. None of you know enough about either of the parties (a taxi cab and deadspin article aren’t enough to condemn without evidence) or the circumstances and are basically just exposing your own personal biases and agendas.

  • WookRN

    I think everyone can agree here….

    Thanks for keeping the comments open and letting us have a place to talk about this.

  • sanford943

    Even if they trade him he will still be back in the UC. I wonder what fanf if

  • Bobo Hawksface

    If he is exonerated we will make sure to be behind you on the ledge so you can martyr yourself. Not sure Jesus has anymore room on that cross. We will make sure too that you vehemently do not continue rooting for the Hawks from such high moral ground. There has been no evidence yet rumblings in the absence of any hard facts are enough to question everything. Why don’t the Hawks trade him so you can continue your lesson in morality to all of us. Maybe you can have a daily affirmation on Boers and Bernstein…

  • hot piss

    Trade Kane for Saad + picks and call it done

  • Claire

    Well said, thank you.

  • Preacher

    My predictions:
    IF there is a settlement, Kane takes some sort of suspension from the team (40 games would mean 3 million dollars, though!) and tells the PA not to intervene on his behalf.
    Kane gets some sort of therapy/rehab/sensitivity training and a permanent “bodyguard” mandated (and chosen) by the team to protect him from himself.
    Kane returns with tales of his “new” self, and becomes a wonderful story of recovery and redemption, an eventual “30 for 30” subject with tearful moments included. The Blackhawks brass are commended for “sticking with him” when others would have abandoned him to destruction.
    Winning will cure a LOT of emotional turmoil in the Hawks’ fans’ hearts (though Sam will be conflicted for a long time because he genuinely feels bad about this stuff). In fact, only another Cup will bring about real healing. (Though everyone will be wary of that next Summer of Stanley.)

  • Jimnhlnut

    Uh, there has been a significant amount of hypocrisy visible for decades on the West Side. We have no trouble going inside the barn to spend our money and cheer, etc. while the neighborhood outside has been blighted at best since….and what color were all the Andy Frains? That was not an accident that Arthur and Bill proffered…

    and we are / were okay with that, but this crosses the line and ruins our ability to be a fan? I don’t think so.

    Yes, I am pissed at PK, and my summer was ruined, ok, impacted, by his behavior. Is he the first Hawk to behave badly? Fluery, Probert? We fans are forgiving and we have a short memory…and we see what we want to see…and we claim to be upset at a variety of indiscretions, etc….but, that does not make us, those willing to forgive (forget?) (ignore?) bad. It makes us American….and it makes us human, and a part of the society we have collectively created.

    We all signed up for ONE GOAL. Now it will be put to the test. Is it ONE GOAL, or is it ONE GOAL if it can be achieved by players who are 100% wholesome 100% of the time, and 100% without fault.

    We knew PK was a snake, but we embraced him. Why are we surprised when he bites us?

    • Bobo Hawksface

      Much better said than the original piece. You should call Boers and Bernstein (the Howard Stern of Chicago AM radio).

  • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

    This continues to be a scenario in which there will be no winners, only losers.

  • cza

    Based on McClure’s analysis of the Toews interview the other day, why root for the Hawks (or any other team) at all? You’re making an argument about culture that, if true, demolishes any vestige of the narratives that frame the game far better than fancy stats ever will. What’s left over other than occasional amazing athletic feats from people you neither like nor trust, and will never know well enough to identify the exceptions?

    • ChicagoDog

      nihilism, dude…clearly the only bastion we have for peace as Blackhawks fans. Hockey will have no meaning nor value. There is no purpose to even play as it’s outcome will be irrelevant.

  • bmarlowe

    Fels: “But the hard decisions aren’t here yet for the Hawks… Personally, I don’t want it. I don’t want Kane to ever play a game in the United Center again.”

    So isn’t there a hard decision for you? If Kane stays and plays, how can you continue to produce this blog? How can you continue to write about Blackhawks hockey with Kane staring you in the face game after game?

    Since you long ago decided he was guilty (even though you don’t actually know what happened), what will you do?

  • ChicagoDog

    The level of hypocrisy around here is staggering. It’s turned in to a race to see who can condemn rape the most and be the most disgusted. As a society we all agree rape is terrible, that’s why its a crime. I’m calling b.s. on all the people that are like “I don’t know if I can ever watch the Hawks again”. This is almost a 100 year old organization. There have been enormous scumbags grace our roster in that time period. It didn’t stop you before why should it now? As a child I was an enormous Eddie the Eagle fan. Then I grew up and I learned about his problems being a drunk dickbag. You know what…sometimes I still really like watching YouTube videos of his highlight reels, and I don’t feel the least bit bad about it. Every now and again I like to listen to Led Zeppelin, they were known to be less then gentlemen, but their music is great. I love Leadbelly too, he was a murderer. If you are going to be a moral purist then you can’t listen to anything, read anything, watch sports, or movies…or really do anything. To be clear, I’m not saying I support Kane, he’s a noted drunken dickbag who may or may not be guilty of something more, that’s not for me to figure out, I’ll let the courts handle that, and then the NHL and the Blackhawks after that. But what I am saying is let’s be real about this, if there wasn’t a sad grey cloud over hockey before all this, there will not be one after this, this is a drop in the bucket, unfortunately, but maybe some good will come of it and the league will ramp up counseling and training to help prevent these incidences.

    • ExOnMS

      Agreed, and unfortunately it’s appeared to me that there can be no middle ground on this issue. If you state that you arent really sure what happened, and want to wait to see it play out, you are automatically considered a Kane sympathizer.

      Based on all prior evidence of his behavior, he is not someone I’d want to hang out with…nor is Kris Versteeg, or Patrick Sharp…but who cares? You dont have to love and respect all the players on a team you root for. It’s getting ridiculous.

  • wreckinball

    Hold on if there is a settlement and
    If he’s not charged nothing is going to happen
    Or at least not much unless Kane agrees to it
    As it should be
    There is no public evidence other than he said she said
    And we’ll most likely never know anymore than that

  • Hi, I’m Bob LeDonne

    Hi, I’m Bob LeDonne.

    (Inset: Janet Reno ponders the lunch menu at Kumas Corner)

  • wreckinball

    Bad situation drunk college kids with a stripper
    Bad situation gets worse when stripper claims rape
    University jumps to conclusions expels students fires coach
    Charges are dropped
    Students still expelled coach still fired
    This is justice?

    Moral of the story is don’t jump to conclusions and punish people for things they are not charged with

    • wreckinball

      Really Fels and McClure watch the 60 minutes piece A Rush to Judgement
      It might give you some pause
      The coach has recovered although it was a rough spell
      Not so sure about the players
      Kudos to the Bryant U president who did the right thing

  • This thread makes me glad I lock the comments on everything I post. What trash.

    • wreckinball

      Read through the comments
      Vast majority seem pretty sane
      The article?
      Not so much

      • SuperHawk27

        He either doesn’t know the meaning of objectivity, or this is just more click bait to stir everything up.

        • Yep, just click bait.

          • SuperHawk27

            I really like to read your articles that have to do with Hockey. I really do. They are more entertaining than anything else you can find about hockey in general, but you might want to turn down the rage/witch hunt… it’s unbecoming.

          • Thank you for the public relations advice and your continued readership.

        • wreckinball

          Oh please
          What is objective about the article?
          But a guy that locks down his comments obviously can’t defend his positions
          I agree they’re nuts

          • Never forget, internet commenting is a right as laid out by our founding fathers, before all this PC garbage got in the way.

    • HossasPierogi

      I agree with Wreckinball — first law of business is don’t have distain for your customers

      • Then you’re clearly new here.

        And way to spell “disdain”.

        • HossasPierogi

          I’m not new here. I’ve been a loyal follower of this blog and your print publications from several years. This is a very difficult issue for hockey fans, and just because some of us have compassion for ALL individuals involved in this case, including Mr, Kane, that’s not a sign of moral weakness. Your arrogance and intolerance of other opinions is definitely a turn off. If you can’t take other peoples’ opinions, I suggest getting into another line of work.

          • Thank you for the career advice and your continued readership.