Desjardins Returns And Other Tidbits

In a bit of positive holiday weekend news, word was released that Andrew Desjardins was brought back to the tune of $800,000 for two years. Now if only he’d change his number back to 69 to give back Jeremy Morin 11.

When Ben Smith was traded for Desjardins straight up at the deadline, there was some trepedation, as it appeared to be a clear salary dump for a guy with minimal reputation here other than decimating Jamal Mayers two years ago. While he was thought to be little more than a facepuncher, it was more than a pleasant surprise that he Marcus Kruger, and Andrew Shaw formed arguably the most consistent line the Hawks rolled out night after night while taking Kruger’s customary dungeon shifts. And assuming that Joel Quenneville resists the urge to put Andrew Shaw at center on any regular basis, they should be able to resume duty as one of the top checking and energy lines in the game if and when Marcus Kruger is re-signed.

The cap hit is extremely friendly while still being a $50K raise for Desjardins, and his agent wasted no time in getting the sentiment into the bloodstream that his client left money on the table. Clearly in this situation every cent helps, especially when retaining a productive role player.

— This crossed the wire earlier this morning with little fanfare, but it’s worth taking note of:

Once again, it’s a clear case of a player knowing where his bread is buttered. But again, every cent counts, and how much of a shave Oduya is willing to take to stay is still up for grabs. Based on some of the stupid money is out there, it’s not far fetched to think Oduya could garner upwards of $5 million per season for four or even five years (Hello Brooks Orpik), a more than marginal raise from his current $3.375. But the way the Hawks have things structured, it’s not realistic to pay him more than Niklas Hjalmarsson’s hit of $4.1, particularly when he famously told the world he made enough money. If Oduya stays for a perceived discount, you can bet it will come with a full no movement clause, which seems more than fair. But the key will be the term, and anything more than two years would be reckless, particularly with Brent Seabrook now in a walk year.

— The longer Marcus Kruger goes unsigned, the itchier things will get. Realistically for a bottom six center he can’t be paid more than around $2.5 per. But if a team really wanted to reach on what Kruger is and pay him like a cheaper second line center, it would only cost a second round pick in compensation to the Hawks. Kruger skates some of the hardest minutes in the league and is invaluable as a human shield, allowing the top 6 to get the choice zone starts. But how much of a premium can the Hawks afford to pay for that? Something to keep an eye on.

  • Matt

    Salary aside, who`s more valuable to this team: Kruger or Sharp?

    • At this exact moment in time and career’s I’d say Kruger

      • JJNDadTo4


        Not to be forgotten… Kruger is a 2nd line center on the excellent Swedish Olympic team and 4th line for the Men of Four Feathers.

        • guest

          I dunno if that really means what you think it means. A ton of ink (or pixels, whatever) has been spilled about how the traditional “fourth line” mindset just has nothing to do with what Q does–3 scoring, one checking. If anything, the “third line” where Bickell, Steeger, and other doghouse residents were exiled to at various times is really the bottom line.

          All I’m sayin, Kruger’s role here can’t be summed up with “fourth line.” Not many fourth lines have the highest QoC and defensive zone starts on their team…

          • 60MinutesBaby60

            Ink / pixels distinction gave an lol – Never thought of it. T/y.

    • HawkIPA

      I’d rather be asking the question, Kruger or Bickell, but the answer to this question is Kruger at this point.

  • Jim
    • Dangles-a-Plenty is also a wonderful site if you don’t know it already. Fucking awesome work, picks up where cap geek left off (RIP to the creator). That paycheck makes me feel a little better. Still would’ve enjoyed having him in a lifetime Indian Head

    • HawkIPA

      Wow, and that’s with CBJ having some significant leverage. Hawks weren’t even in the same arena.

      • Chet Manley

        Reported that Stan offered a max of 5. Even that would have made things awfully tight in the next few years.

    • Pete

      Love the fact that Columbus has to choke on that salary. Is there enough money in Columbus for the checks to clear? Just Kidding, but I am glad he got that much and that contract will slow Columbus down for a while.

  • Sarcastic Mike

    So right now, you could structure lines as such:
    The Russians

    The Blender is always in play, but there is the potential for a lot of chemistry there. The real question is The Russian line. If they turn out as hoped, that is a really solid lineup. Even if the Russians can just bumslay, it’s damn good.

    Now…about the Defensive depth…

    • Doog

      As far as lines go, I had been thinking along the same lines. Although, I believe that Tikhonov is a LW, although RH shot.

      Just giving the blender a quick tap, you can swap Tikhonov and Dano. Or have Dano centering Hossa and Tikhonov with Teuvo on Anisimov’s right wing.

      As much forward depth as the ‘Hawks have, who is the most defensively responsible LW? I don’t really see any two-way LW’s here.

      • Sarcastic Mike

        I thought Pannarin and Tikhanov played on a line together in the KHL, no?

        Also…I’m thinking about pre xmas combos. A few months of familiarfamiliarity for the new guys as you work them into the system.

        • Doog

          On the team page, GeneraFanager lists Tikhonov as a RW but then his individual page has him as a LW. Hockey DB lists him as a LW as well.

          • From Tape To Tape

            Tikhonov has always been a LW, ever since he has been in the Yotes system. Also I think the more likely situation is Tikhonov on either 3rd or 4th line. Anisimov has history and chemistry with Dano (video exists!) and I think you see them paired together. Panarin and Tikhonov have history so theres another pair.

            In my head the most obvious lines look like this:

            Sharp-Toews-Hossa (RED WEDDING!)


            It’s pretty obvious Stan brought Anisimov aboard to be the 2nd C, and I think he will go to bat for him pretty aggressively to keep it that way. Q will love Tikhonov for what he is, and will also appreciate what I am pretty sure is a fair bit of defensive responsibility. Now this all changes if either Bicks or Sharp or both go, so this was all a waste of time. THANKS

          • Jim

            Bickell looks like a boat anchor wherever you put him.

          • From Tape To Tape

            Hard to not see him play well with Teuvo and Panarin though

          • T.M.

            keeping both sharp and bickell and signing kruger will put you over the cap.

          • From Tape To Tape

            Yeah it does, but that’s what I was saying about one or both being gone. I think the top-6 looks a whole lot better with just Bickell gone, but more than likely both go;


            Shaw and Danault are probably flipped with Q

        • HarryBalzonya

          They did play together as linemates in the KHL. Tikhanov won’t have any language barrier issues. Spent a lot of time growing up in the states and can speak english very well. Panarin on the otherhand knows very little english.

    • ToucanStubbs

      Q allowing Teuvo on a line with Dano? Letting 3 new players, two of which are arriving from the KHL on a line together?

      Not for a moment, no matter how much sense it might make.

      • Sarcastic Mike

        Even with Hossa babysitting?

        Just trying to put two physical players with Teuvo.

        Also…wait…I thought Q said he loved Teuvo’s defensive responsibility?

      • 60MinutesBaby60

        Marko Teavo Kane-o <— New nickname in combo w/ other 2

        This line will make that TB "Triplets" thingy by comparison look like Larry Moe & Curly.

        • CurvedBlade

          I like your thinking, esp given that we totally shut down the trippers. Heck the whole team could only muster 2 goals against us in the last 3 games.

          • WaitTillNextYr

            You’re forgetting their injuries my friend!

    • cza

      Do we know the Russians are going to play together, or is this just something people like based on names? I was thinking Panarin-Toews-Hossa; Dano-Anisimov-Kane; Sharp-Teuvo-Shaw; Desi-Kruger-whoever

      • cza

        And looking at the forward/center depth, we should be prepared for Kruger to walk.

        • 60MinutesBaby60

          Bite your tongue Hawk fan. Krugs MUST stay in Indianhead. My hockey mental well-being requires such.

        • lizmcneill

          He can’t walk. He can be offer sheeted or traded.

          • cza

            Ye, I mean in the general sense. We’re still up against it, and other GMs are fully aware of Kruger’s value. I like to think he and Oduya are committed to Team Sweden West, but you just can’t count on that.

      • Aaeismacgychel

        I’d be surprised if Panarin-Anisimov wasn’t a line to start the season. They have history playing together and it’d likely get Panarin past a language barrier. I have a feeling as it stands now, that no matter how much we dislike it, I think Shaw starts the season centering Kane and perhaps Versteeg with the Russians playing the 3rd line.

        • cza

          Yes, that could work too; just flip ’em. For the third line, I’m betting Teuvo gets C work from the outset, since that really is his future. He’s too creative to stick at wing, and his future is playing with Kane. Assuming that’s how it break, I think they’d like to pair him with a grinder like Shaw.

        • 60MinutesBaby60

          Can’t tell the Cossacks w/o a scorecard. I *think* was the Titkorov guy was Panarin’s line mate. AA coming from that other God-forsaken wasteland tundra, COL.

          • 60MinutesBaby60

            PS – Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE vodka.

          • DJ

            Tikhonov played on the same line with Panarin. And BTW, he grew up in California. Speaks English with quite a flat Californian accent, as I recall.

          • 60MinutesBaby60

            T/y for Tikhonov spelling. Wasn’t sure. There’s a yt about the guy. Looks like he’ll not only stick but be a solid plus too. But hey who knows …

    • 60MinutesBaby60

      Me likey. (Even tho *Rooskies* kinda scares me – (Cool War era kid.)

  • Sopel the catfish

    This is excellent news, I was more than pleasantly surprised with how Desjardins played once he showed up, with his play he probably earned a deal bigger than the one he got. A #11 shirsey may be my next pickup.

    • 60MinutesBaby60

      REALLY. Not really. If Bickell *earned* 4 w/ 6 zeroes after it last season, Desjardins’s worth Taser-Kaner bucks next year.

    • HarryBalzonya

      He probably could have gotten twice as much money elsewhere. Somewhere between 1.2M and 1.6M is about where the market for him would be. Worth noting, that technically this is still more than he was making before, but only by 5k.

  • 60MinutesBaby60

    All good points re the $$$ which is why I REALLY think Bowman messed it giving AA such a sweet deal.

    Me? I GOTTA have Krugs in the Indianhead.
    Bowman already let another of my KEY guys get away. And then to rub salt in my wound OVERPAYING a guy hasn’t even skated one shift for a club FULL of guys who BUSTED their butts to get Bowman that Cup.

    Sorry for the CAPS interjections but can’t help myself. Lots – if not most – Hawks fans seem to be over losing Saad. NOT me. You don’t let Hossa 2.0
    go. Not in the world I inhabit. (Granted not a sane one.)

    I’ll hang up and take my answer … (Lemme have it if you want would welcome being persuaded to another take on it.)
    Go Hawks.

    • Jim

      Bowman didn’t let him walk, he wanted maximum return. You can see the Hawks are already struggling to free up money for Kruger, even without a Saad 6M contract. They just couldn’t afford one more megastar contract.

      Saad was a late second round pick, and the Hawks developed him into what he is. He had 36 Million good reasons to leave the Hawks. And he will always have 2 Cup rings. Not a bad career, that.

      • CurvedBlade

        Yep, many of us suspected Sharp and Bicks were going to be tough to trade after the seasons they had. It looks like we were right.

        One of the articles I read said a Bickell trade was in the works, provided he passed a medical exam on his knees. Everyone wants a big hitter with skills, so this one probably happens. Sharp’s contract is a tough pill for anyone to swallow.

        • Jim

          Bickell slows down any line he’s on, since the Hawks are obviously going skill and speed. If the Hawks can dump Bickell’s 4M, I think they can live with Sharp provided they have cap space. Sharp had decent playoff numbers, in fact, better than Saad. Sharp had 15 points to Saad’s 11. It remains to been seen what Sharp has left in the tank for 2016.

          RE: Playoff numbers. Saad had some flashy goals, but he was down the pack in terms of actual point production. Maybe it’s sour grapes, but I think Columbus overpaid. In retrospect, Saad sold at the peak of his value. He’s been in the league playing top line minutes with the best two line mates in the league, and is only a 50 point scorer. Time will tell on this one.

          • WaitTillNextYr


          • Hockey Newbie

            I know a lot of people dog Sharp, and he is obviously overpaid at this stage of his career, but that is what happens in sports contracts. You overpay sometimes due to the fact of where the player is in their career when the contract is signed. Sometimes, although it should not be, you overpay for past performance and others it just ends up that early part of contract is right on, but last few years not soo much. That being said, as Jim points out, he was not horrible during the playoffs, and I actually think he was pretty darned good when paired with 19 & 81. If he is still with us, why not keep him on that line as that is how he will be most beneficial to the Hawks? Who knows, maybe his SH% corrects a bit more towards the norm as well!!

    • jordyhawk

      Anisimov is getting 4.55m per year. The average salary is now about 3.1. For a proven center (of which there aren’t that many) that’s not especially high.

      The real problem has three elements:

      1) low cap ceiling due primarily to USD/loonie exchange rate
      2) 19/88 are (necessarily) paid astrobucks by today’s standard
      3) we have a lot of talent to pay

      1) is out of our control and 2) and 3) go with the territory. Lots of teams have cap problems. Only one has cap problems and three cups to go with them. And if we can unload a couple of guys we’ll be fine.

      I’m excited about how our suddenly young again team will look next year.

      • Jim

        Best analysis I’ve read so far:

        “All told, Saad’s contract demands, the play of Anisimov, and potential of Dano make this trade a win for the Blackhawks. Once players and fans are able to overcome the shock of losing such a valuable hockey player, it wouldn’t be surprising if this goes down as yet another savvy move from Bowman and his staff.”

      • WaitTillNextYr

        Good post. We will hopefully unload 29 & 23 and be fine. We may have to package either or both with some prospects but it WILL happen. 10 may also be packaged. Worst case scenario is 50 gets traded.

        • WaitTillNextYr

          It would be great to have both 16 and 27 back…… Especially 16!

    • Chet Manley

      I think it’s a bit premature to say that Stan over payed for AA. Sure he hasn’t lit the league on fire but he has never really had the type of supporting cast that he has now. Additionally, he’s a big Center and quality centers are almost always gonna cost more than a wing. If he is able to produce on a fairly consistent basis this season AND stay healthy, his contract may end up looking pretty good. Only time will tell.

      • 60MinutesBaby60

        Just don’t care for the way this handled.
        Say you me & couple other guys work someplace. We bust our tail get a project done. Then after, the boss cans one of us and hires another at a higher wage. How would you react? Me? Now super happy about it.
        Boss – Bowman
        Other guys – Every Hawk under contract now or upcoming RFA UFA
        New guy – AA
        Just sayin’ …

        • 60MinutesBaby60

          Not perfectly analogous granted. Contracts are timing based too – e.g. Bick’s after a HUGE goal. But #11’s contribution in what? 1/4th ths season was way more than 29’s the whole campaign.

          Now guy’s like Krugs & Oduya effected by the GM’s’ “We’ve (meaning him) had our (meaning his) eye on this guy” line.

          Imho Krugger is a VERY important cog in – as Keith caled it – this “big red machine.” Much more so than
          ANY guy coming in who WASN’T there before.

          Again just my 2 cents’ worth … And I AM up for Dano Panarin and HA even Morin coming onboard, but giving AA that deal again imho WILL have consequences “in the room.”

          Anyway, we’re (HA I mean Hawks) FAT at Fs need D corp reinforcements now.

          Okay … Rant over t/y for reading if have ….

          • Hockey Newbie

            If Stanbo did offer up to 5M, as reported, than this is not that analogous. First off, one of the guys busted his tail to get a project done, was offered a SIGNIFICANT raise, either on a bridge deal or longer term, and turned it down. Stanbo brings in new guy, gets him for less than max he offered to exiting guy, and then signs new guy to less money than exiting guy would have gotten in next contract. If, however, Stanbo did not indeed offer up to 5M, and only went as high as say mid 3M to 4M, than I stand corrected.

        • ChiCityKyle

          New guy = More experienced than the canned guy though.

  • cza
  • jordyhawk

    Desjardins not making much above the league minimum and takes a hometown discount with other offers on the table. Wow. You can’t blame anyone for not doing it, but when someone does you gotta take your hat off to him. He is what 28 and has a kid too. I hope he has two fantastic years and gets a great contract thereafter.

    • WaitTillNextYr

      Yeah, it’s really rough living on $800K a year, especially when you have a kid

      • WaitTillNextYr

        Having said that, really like 11 and am glad he wants to be here

      • jordyhawk

        Think it through. A lot goes to taxes. As easily as he stays in the bigs he could end up back in the minors where he already put in 3 years (at about $50k per). The deal is only for 2 years. He has no education and unless he comes from money (doubtful) he is going to have to earn a living after hockey. So from that perspective the money he left on the table actually does mean something.

    • Jim

      Desi took a discount. I think on this team, he is a starter on the 4th line. If he goes elsewhere, even with 2 year, 3M contract, he has a chance of becoming a healthy scratch on a nothing team, and diminishing his value.

      With the Hawks, he can put in 2 years, establish a name, maybe win a Cup, and then maybe have a chance of a 3 year, 6M+ contract, which can set him up quite well. Once you buy a house, if you have a few million in the bank, and have some kind of income (coaching, business investment, etc.), you are pretty well set up.

  • TitanTransistor

    Honestly, this team could crawl into the playoffs get swept and I’d still be fine with it. 3 cups in 6 years is going to cause some pain in transition. The cap was designed so that teams like the Blackhawks cannot do what they just did. They got the most out of the system for 7 years, now the system is taking a pound of flesh where it can. The Blackhawks will survive and reascend.

    • Actually I think you’re going to be surprised this year. When its all said and done this team could potentially be stronger than this year’s team.

      Now I say that with the following caveats:

      1) I believe that Oduya/Kruger have deals in place. Only logical reason why they are sticking around. Stan’s already up against it, announcing the deals would take what little leverage he has and throw it in the trash. Now that being said, there’s probably some sort of time clock on this whole situation. No one wants to be left holding the bag.

      2) If that clock expires players other than Sharp/Bickell/Versteeg could be the ones that are moved. In my opinion, any player other than those three takes away from this team. This would be player’s like Shaw and/or Crawford. I personally don’t like these options, I know others do not share that opinion.

      I think all of this is going to start coming to a head this week. My guess is that if there are deals to be made they are going to start coming in at the beginning of the week.

      • Jim

        I believe the new 2016 team is better also, it almost isn’t fair. Just make it to the playoffs, and they have the core, and now new guys with no Cup who are going to be motivated. Seems like the guys with no Cups yet help motivate the core to get another one.

        • If they can get Oduya/Kruger back then I think this team will be loaded and ready to go.

    • WookRN

      I’m totally buying you a beer just for saying that.

  • So I’ve doing some homework here. Assuming that GeneralFanager is correct you could keep Bickell, ship Sharp/Versteeg and be compliant with Kruger/Oduya on the roster for 2.5/4.0 respectively.

    Couple of things about that roster makeup. One you are up to the brink with the cap. You’ll have no room for trade deadline to improve the team. Secondly, if someone gets injured, but not LTIR injured you are screwed. You would probably see one of those scenarios where the Hawks would have to play with 19 to get emergency relief.

    Someone can play the Rockford shuffle to the tune of 20 days (basically off days between home games). If I’m reading the rules correctly you must have 20 players on the roster at all times. So one player could do it. This could save you somewhere around the ballpark of 100k (assume a 5k daily hit).

    One thing you’d expect to see if this was the situation is Bickell (if he was still around) to be given every opportunity to be highlighted, i.e. extended time on Hossa/Toews line or something similar. He’d do the Hawks a huge favor to come out on fire and make himself tradeable.

    Alternatively the same could be accomplished with shipping Crawford/Shaw out. However, this is seems unlikely namely because it opens up a hole that needs to be filled, whereas, the Hawks are presently stacked in the forward department.

    There are some bizarre scenarios that could happen that make you compliant but weaken the overall team. For example, assume Versteeg stays. Well then you’d have to probably send TVR/Dano possibly Tikhonov (at least the 925k off the cap) down to Rockford and have someone like Mashinter come up (yikes). Again you’d assume that you’d try to get Versteeg going early to try and make him attractive trade bait (assuming he was still here).

    I don’t know, it’s intriguing once you look at the numbers and the options. The dominos have to start falling soon.

    • Doog

      War-on-Ice is listing a $750K performance bonus overage penalty –

      The way it looks based on the numbers given at WOI, clearing Bickell’s cap hit would make the team cap compliant with Johns and Panarin being added to the roster, giving the team 14 forwards and 6 defensemen.

      From there, swapping out Versteeg looks like the best way to have cap space for Kruger.

      I don’t see how Oduya resigns without Sharp plying his trade in a different city come October. As far as that tradeoff looks, they’re the same age, although defensemen tend to age better it seems. And Oduya would be cheaper. On the other hand, Sharp has been an elite forward as recently as 2014, while Oduya’s peak has been as a good second-pairing guy.

      • Doog

        Okay, thinking about this some more, trading Seabrook would also free up space for Oduya. Not sure that looks like it could be an upgrade with Brent being 3.5 years younger that Johnny.

        • I do not believe Seabrook is going anywhere.

          • Doog

            I tend to agree, but maybe negotiations on a contract extension are going really, really poorly

        • Jim

          There is an article talking about how Seabrook is the real heart and soul of the team. Toews is the captain, but Seabrook is the locker room alpha.

          • Doog

            I read that too. Which is more of why it seems really unlikely that Seabrook would get traded. That said, not many people saw the Saad trade coming.

            What are you thinking as the term and numbers for a Seabrook extension? For a player over 30, eight years, 3.75 cap hit (5 5 5 4 4 4 2 1) would likely keep Seabrook a Blackhawk for life but comes with signficant downside risk. Maybe that’s Stan’s opening bid, and the average goes up by a million.

            Has the League cracked down on these types of descending contracts?

          • Sopel the catfish

            I think the cap recapture penalty for early retirement was they league’s way of trying to crack down on them.

          • There’s a rule how much the contract can vary year-to-year. I’ll see if I can find the specifics.

            But you can’t do something like Yr1 – 8M and Yr2 – 1M for an AAV of 4.5M. I think it’s like 50% but I’ll double check.

          • Ok found it:

            1) Player Salary and Bonuses in any immediately adjacent League Years of that SPC cannot exceed
            thirty-five (35) percent of the stated Player Salary and Bonuses of the first League Year of such
            Front-Loaded SPC

            2) For any SPC that is not a FrontLoaded
            SPC, the difference between the stated Player Salary and Bonuses in the first two League
            Years of an SPC cannot exceed the amount of the lower of the two League Years.

            Here is the CBA (relevant section starts on pg. 282):

          • lizmcneill

            Seabrook is making 5.9M at the minute. 3.75 would be an unbelievable home discount.

          • Doog

            I’m pretty sure he’s only making 5 right now with his signing bonus pushing up the cap hit. Hence why I started with three more years at 5M per. But you’re right, 3.75 is on the lunatic fringe of possibilities, even if the contract ran until Seabrook was in his 40’s.

      • Excellent point on the bonus overage, didn’t even consider that.

        • Doog

          Kind of tough to account for that stuff when the website you’re using doesn’t list it.

          How did you build your tables? Is there a tool at General Fanager to put that stuff together? I miss CapGeek. RIP, Matthew Wuest.

          • Combination of, and now It was just excel.

      • Jim

        I think Sharp would be a great replacement for Saad if the numbers can work, and Sharp isn’t too old yet. Sharp, Toews, Hossa.

        • If you want to keep Kruger/Oduya, Sharp’s the odd man out. Technically, speaking you could make it work with Bickell/Versteeg being traded. However, that takes two trades of assets that don’t have the greatest demand. So you might end up paying to get rid of those mistakes.

          That’s why I’m sticking to the whole Sharp is the key. You can get compliant with Kruger/Oduya coming in at a combined 6M. Roster would look like crap and not something you’d want to see put on the ice, but it would buy you time and give you back a little bit of leverage.

          • Hags

            i wouldn’t say that roster would be crap. Let’s assume Sharp/Bickell/Versteeg are all dumped without salary being retained or coming back via trade (possible, not likely) They could go:

            Mix and match Danault/Tikhonov/Haggerty/Tropp/ Morin on the wings as well.

            That leaves the D corps with something like:
            Rundblad as 7th D with Pokka and Svedberg as 8th and 9th options.

            That would give them somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 mil in cap space to work with as well.

          • No the scenario where the roster looks like crap is when Bickell/Versteeg are NOT traded. Those three get moved things look awesome!

          • Hags

            Ahhh I misread you there. yeah that’s not an ideal roster if those two are still here. The more i’ve thought about it, I think resigning Kruger+Oduya is of more importance now and for the next 2-3 years than retaining Sharp.

  • Icdws

    I will miss Saad no doubt. It is a tough loss. He has potential to be top power forward. Yet I’m liking these changes. The prospect of a Molotov Cocktail line is enticing. I’m hoping they let oduya go, otherwise none of these d men will get ant time. Johns Svedberg pokka plus the 2 just signed, I’d like to see what they have. Kruger is a must. Then it comes down to if Dano can pla and TT can play center? Instead of 2011 all over again, 2016 looks like exciting times. One question I have: is there enough size here?

    • Jim

      Can’t wait to see them play in October. They are going to be fast and skilled, rolling 4 lines.

  • DJ

    Hawks return to Notre Dame to begin training camp:

    Fantastic facility, continued run-up to the 2017 Frozen Four at the UC

  • From the looks of it Kruger/Oduya very much still a possibility to return

    • GoldenJet

      As much as I love Oduya…How long could/would the Hawks want to sign him for, if they had plenty of cap space? I’m thinking no more than 3 years, considering his age…maybe 4 max…but preferably 2?

      Kruger is the man…The Hawks take care of loyal employees…Kruger is sure playing the part. He knows he’s important…yet he knows how important it is to get all the pieces in place.

      • I don’t know, we saw what happened to Rozi in year 2. Don’t think its exactly the same situation, but you saw what can happen.

        • ZigZags82

          Oduya would be on #4, and is a fitness/speed defenseman….

      • Yep, good points. Despite the thinning blue line (and the fact that I really do like Oduya), if I could only have one or the other, I think I’d prefer keeping #16.

  • Sopel the catfish

    Jimmy Hayes signs a 3 year deal worth 2.3 mil per year with boston