Cry Havoc And Let Slip The Hogs Of War!

Friends, we here and at many other blogs are accustomed to seeing our stuff borrowed, gleaned, stolen, whatever verb you want to use. I’ve grown a thick skin over it. But CSN Chicago has caught me when I’m bored, angry, and with not much else to do. So it’s time to cry havoc and let slip the hogs of War! (Dogs of wars)

A few minutes ago on twitter, CSN producers Katie Fowler, T.K. Gore, and John Ship not only are claiming the #ShawFacts as their own, but garnered a local Emmy nod for it. But as well all know, this was the creation of good friend Forklift at

This aggression will not stand, man. We have not bound together in a long time, we have not unleashed the unholy hell that can be you, dear reader when you have a cause. The time has come to draw swords together.

Oh, and in case you need proof: read the last paragraph of  Fork’s entry here in January –

Katie Fowler’s twitter is @KatieFowlerCSN

TK Gore is @TKGore

John Shipp is @JohnShip99

Rain fire on the site’s contact page:

We will defend Fork’s honor, whatever the cost may be!

  • Fork

    I didn’t know I had any honor to defend.

  • DesertHawk

    Oh SNAP!

  • shinkicker

    anyone have time stamps/screen caps so we can choke them with facts?

    • Fork

      That requires work, right?

  • adelfiacco10

    I’ll fight for anyone who references Archer.

  • bonzo48280

    Aww hell naw

  • Chesterfield King (Chelsdag)

    So it has begun. The great shitstorm of our time…

  • That link is bad but here’s the post in question:

  • Release the hounds…

  • zippy

    Twitter bombs awaaaaaaay.

  • jellostiletto

    You most certainly didn’t invent the 404: File Not Found, but have picked a horrible time to fall into that amateurish trap.

  • briguyd

    Whatever farm animal of war, Lana.

  • 2883


    @hockeenight I apologize, should have given you credit in my original tweet.


    Just to clarify, we @CSNChicago did not create #ShawFacts & know that @HockeeNight did. We based an interactive on-air element off his idea.

    Success? The first seems like a bit of a backhanded apology, we took a good idea and put it on TV don’t we deserve credit for our “original” idea. The second is clearly an apology.

    • DesertHawk

      I’d take what I could get, in the realm of the news apologizing for bad newsing.

  • M7

    Nice Lebowski reference. On the merits of “this aggression will not stand, man.”, I sent a mildly scathing email to CSN chicago.