Blackhawks 2, Flames 2 (Blackhawks win game of bags 1-0)

Soooooo, yeah.  That was fun.  The Blackhawks withstood a barrage from the Calgary Flames that basically started from the halfway point of the second period.  Ray Emery was amazing, Patrick Kane once again carried the offense, yadda yadda, you saw the game.  Now to the bullets.

–Maybe it was the copious amounts of alcohol consumed in the last week but Ray Emery certainly looked quicker moving post to post than he did last year.  Not that he could’ve gotten much slower but Emery actually demonstrated a little quickness moving side to side.  One of the many cases in point from tonight: his shoot out save against Alex Tanguay.  Emery was clearly beaten but demonstrated enough reflexes to get his right leg out in time.  I feel like that was an easy goal last year.

–Speaking of, I’m sure there will be plenty of people “disappointed” with the win, in that the Hawks were fortunate to win, really had no business winning, etc. etc.  And that certainly is a justifiable opinion.  However, I will simply point to the last few visits the Hawks have made to Calgary where they were clearly outplayed and were pounded to the tune of scores like 7-2.  So I’ll simply ask, do you feel better now than you did then?

–Hey, Curtis Glencross just missed an empty net.

–When was the last time the Hawks were outplayed this bad and had two points to show for it?  I’d venture to guess there was a game or two in ’09-10, otherwise it was definitely ’08-09.  The last two seasons has most certainly seen the Hawks be outplayed to this degree but the results were thrashings by the opponent.  No need to relive any of the Alberta Grapings.

–Very encouraged by the defensive ice times tonight.  Niklas Hjalmarsson and Johnny Oduya were the ice team leaders with about 26 minutes played each.  Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook both barely cracked 23.  I don’t need to ask; I know that has never happened in Joel Quenneville’s tenure.  And the ice times were absolutely warranted.  Seabrook spent the majority of the game questioning the 2nd Amendment while pucks were eluding his stick.  Duncan Keith, while not making any glaring errors, just really didn’t do much creating at all.

What made Keith so special for those two seasons was his ability to push the play, create offense, and his ever present active stick.  The difference was more evident tonight as it was hard to even notice Keith played.  I’m struggling to remember anything really of significance, other than his questionable delay of game penalty.  I’m not complaining of course because it’s better than the alternative of not creating offense and being badly outplayed on the defensive end; merely stating.

Is Joel Quenneville actually coaching with a plan this year?  Too soon to tell.

–Patrick Kane is playing with bundles of confidence right now.  While he was certainly at fault for Calgary’s second goal by getting a little too cute at the blue line, his cross-ice pass to Johnny Oduya to set up the game-tying goal was pretty incredible.  Kane navigated the pass through about four sticks en route to hitting Oduya’s right on the tape.   Oduya threw the puck towards the front of the net; Saad tied up his man and Hossa found a loose puck.  Boom.

None of that happens though without Kane’s vision.

But let’s also not forget the efforts of Marian Hossa or Jonathan Toews in that sequence.  Hossa did an amazing job of keeping that puck in the zone when it looked like Calgary was going to clear it and Toews totally manhandled a defenseman in the corner to get the puck to Kane to initiate the tying goal.

–Patrick Sharp, on the other hand, seems quite agitated these days.  The normally reserved Sharp was as aggressive as he’s been since the Hawks acquired him from the Flyers.  He had a couple of huge hits and had no problem getting into a pissing contest with Matt Stajan at the end of the second period.  The beginning of the season hasn’t been too kind to Sharp as he’s looked a bit out of sorts, so this is probably his way of battling out of this ‘slump’.

–Yup, Glencross missed the net again.

–Jiri Hudler, still a giant rectum.

–What was the deal with Mikka Kiprusoff’s pants?  Did anyone else notice that it looked like his fly was open after Jonathan Toews’ shootout attempt?  Not sure if that was an optical illusion or what.


  • red palace

    Can’t believe that team was only 1-3-1.
    Fuckers were everywhere.

    • Joe Banks

      I watched Calgary’s opener vs Sharks. Niemi stood on his head, Calgary only scored once in the first.
      I think Calgary is much better than their record shows.

  • red palace


  • QCBlackhawk

    ” No need to relive any of the Alberta Grapings.”

    Yeahhh, we don’t talk about that trip around these parts. Never happened.

    Other than that, the point is well taken. Although I don’t lessen the impact of the 2 points we got, and won’t keep bitching about how we got them, it DOES make me concerned for the next few games.

    • The associated link is clever.

      • flavius

        Went over my head the first time…..then, BRILLIANT!

  • Nothing to worry about. The Flames were better and gained my respect but we have a team that has 16 points of a possible 18, only two games at home, the best PK in the league and two goalies that are hot. So I think we can afford to play a bad one now and then. On the other hand who said that we have to go and smash all opponents. There are no easy opponents. Detroit sucks was smashed last night by the Jackets. The Flames have a good team and a classy skipper.

  • PainSt

    Emery was very sharp in spite of giving up a shitload of rebounds as per usual
    but he wasn’t the reason the hawks didn’t lose 6-1
    how many tap in open net goals did Calgary miss?
    that team cant finish to save their lives
    reminds me of a few hawk games last year when they pummeled the opposition with shots but lost on goals
    it must be frustrating as hell
    Emery was the best hawk player and they should fix that before Tuesday because San Jose will destroy them if they play this sloppy

    • PainSt


      Calgary won the hand eye coordination contest
      I’ve never seen so many passes intercepted in the air

  • The OmBudsMan

    Speaking of going back to the 08-09 season, is this the first lucid, non-hangover wrap to happen the night after a weekend game in CI/SCH history. Might have to check.

    Great wrap.

    • Joe Banks

      Oooooo burn!

  • Bwana

    Away Bolland: 4-0-1, Home Hjalmarsson: 0-0-1, WC Kane: 1-0-0, Socks: 1-0-0, Hat: 1-0-0

    • Accipiter

      No pants 7-0-2.

      • MySpoonIsTooBig

        Hey, Krusty, don’t you hate pants?

  • frictionjane

    Q looks like a fucking genius in the shootout when he only has to go 2 deep. And I think Kruger was channeling his inner rat on the dots last night.

    • 10thMountainFire

      When you have Jonathan Toews on your roster, the task is always 50% complete.

  • I saw Kip’s pants. Looked like he had just finished a big steak dinner.

  • Hockeysmylife

    What was the deal w/ Kip’s pants? I noticed it during one of the periods? Then again during the shoot out. Good thing his junk was covered w/ other protective gear, otherwise this would have caused an international incident.

    • Accipiter

      Wardrobe malfunction.

    • Joe Banks

      Holy Shit! I just fired up the DVR to see… I hurt myself I laughed so hard…
      Looks like he was ready to go Braveheart there…

      • Joe Banks


        • flavius

          I thought all night he looked kinda fat and slow vs my memory….that might be as close to snapped and secure as those trouser buttons would go

          • GoalieSpice

            They’re just pant shells. They go over the normal black breezers he wears when Calgary is using their normal set of jerseys. I betcha he used a forward set of shells because the goalie ones are too baggy.

  • MattC86

    Didn’t watch the game, but I think I soiled myself watching the condensed game. Jebus, guys. And I take back all the horrible things I’ve said about Ray Emery.

    Still bewildered at the difficulty this team has scoring. And really, I wish there was alternative for as long as Bolly is out to “welp, I guess we’ll play Mayers AND Bollig!”

    • cliffkoroll

      I never thought the words “goalie win” “Ray Emery” and “2013” would ever belong in the same sentence. I guess that;s why they play the games.

    • birdhead

      And really, I wish there was alternative for as long as Bolly is out to “welp, I guess we’ll play Mayers AND Bollig!”

      Brandon Pirri? Or another call-up? Surely if this goes long-term it would be a consideration.

  • Sparky_The_Barbarian

    So I heard a rumor at the start of the season that Chicago badly needed a goalie, or possibly two, and chose to stand pat. How’s that working out?

    Great write up. Personally, it felt like the offense was spending too much time looking for the perfect pass for the perfect shot, Given that their passing is crap, the perfect shot will not come. Look what happened at the end of the game when Oduya just threw one in and the forwards got physical going after the rebound. Yeah, I know, top line and up a man and in total desperation mode, I’m just saying…

    Still getting points with D and goal tending. I actually like that play and won’t bitch (much) as long as we KEEP getting points, but the forwards need to find their game, like they did the first week and a half.

    Does Q have a plan? Or were the forwards so sharp the first ten days because of the short camp with no time for ‘the plan’ and merely doing what they do best?

    16 of 18, even the drunkest of us would gladly take that to start the season.

    • Z-man19

      Not being dickish here but I find some irony that Oduya’s ‘throwing one in’ was set up by a perfect pass from Kane

    • Waylon

      I wouldn’t put on the snark too heavily just yet – while I think Razor absolutely played outstanding last evening, his first start looked a lot like his starts last year. Additionally, if Crow falters I don’t think Razor is going to be able to handle a full load of games all of a sudden – so yeah, the back – up goalie tender situation is not settled at this point, if you don’t mind my saying so.

  • Accipiter

    Re: Patrick Sharp. I noticed he was hitting a lot more as well, maybe he is taking Cam Neely’s approach to break out of his slump. To quote Cam Neely, “Scoring goals isn’t easy, getting a couple hits is. It gets you back in the game contributing in someway.”

  • 10thMountainFire

    Someone needs to call ahead to San Jose and ensure that the hotel they have booked has no construction or jack-hammering outside during sleep hours.

    • derlemke

      If not I hope Rocky will buy ’em ear plugs.

    • Z-man19

      While they are at it, they can find ways to delay SJ’s return from ANA as well.

      • flavius

        Sounds like a task for Mr Bolland

  • thepuckstopshere

    Wonder how Ray’s hip section is feeling this morning, what a game he had. We need to credit the Flames also on their near misses too. But a win is a win! Regardless of Mikka’s pants, always liked his game and would have loved to have him in his prime, may still have it!

    Hoss is a monster, obviously busting his ass in both ends of the ice. Great to have him 110% and to have had the lockout adjusted to his recovery. Duns and Seabs with less ice time especially noticing their play last night is as FF said, a sign the Stash is not as hairy as in the past and he is possibly coaching instead of just running the blender.

    On to SJ and get after Niemi!

  • 2883
    • CornelisonsFlagPointer

      LOL I concur Crow!

      • Accipiter


      • 10thMountainFire

        His name is Marty Turco. You WILL call him Marty Turco.

        • Z-man19

          Can we still call him sparkle motion?

          • I’m still calling him Sparkle Motion. And I still doubt your commitment…

          • Z-man19


          • Accipiter

            Sparkle Motion.
            (you need to have watched Donnie Darko to get the reference)

          • Oh, Rose!

    • Haha! The best move we’ve seen from Turco in a hawks sweater.

      • DesertHawk

        I think opening the bench door might have been better.

        • Accipiter

          Or getting caught betting with the fans.

        • flavius

          Was that the same night Oshie cried?

          • DesertHawk

            I don’t think so. But I can’t be certain.

    • 10thMountainFire

      This never gets old.

    • flavius

      Best bench goalie in the history of ever! Gotta love Turcs… long as he wasn’t playing, anyway

  • Skags

    I just realized something.

    After watching the replay of Hossa’s glorious game tying goal, it occurred to me that Q went with Leddy and Oduya over Keith and Seebs. Granted, it could just be that the top pair just came off the ice. Not sure, but when you combine the fact that when the game was on the line in back to back games, Q decided to put Leddy on the ice over his veteran players… the shoot out the night before and on the ice with :34 seconds left down a goal.

    Could be that that’s just the way it went down. Could be that Q is sending a message to his top pair. Could be Leddy’s getting shopped?

    Probably the first. I guess I’m still trying to figure out why Leddy was the third choice in the shoot out the other night.


    • Accipiter

      The CBC commentators mentioned that Leddy has been turning heads league wide with his play this year. Do not try to understand the ways of the Q stash.

    • Waylon

      Leddy is definitely not being shopped – he still stands as Stanbow’s greatest trade coup since he began his tenure here. He’s still cheap, and is only going to get better as the year goes on – he looks like a much – improved player from last season, and I don’t remember him ever jumping into a rush like he did on his game – winning goal vs. SCUM this year.

    • 10thMountainFire

      There is no way in Scumville that Nick Leddy is being shopped. Never.

    • Hash tags are useless at this point, people. It isn’t even necessary for searches on twitter anymore. (Which is where it was created, and used)

      • flavius

        #HockeyPorn is pretty funny

      • BeverlyBrewmaster


      • chichicagochi

        Ummm… hashtags were created decades before twitter.

    • MySpoonIsTooBig

      Agree with the other responses, Leddy is DEFINITELY not being shopped right now. He was out there at the end of regulation because he’s earned it, nothing more nothing less

    • flavius

      Don’t forget….Leddy’s RFA end of year. Stan has all the cards on this one. They like what they see in #8, no inclination to move him anyway, will probably be a bargain to re-sign, and if worst case an offer sheet happens, serious draft picks come in return if the money is so high Stan has to say no.

      • Joe Banks

        Doug Wilson wrings his hands and licks his chops…

    • Neo

      Top pair came off the ice with 1:30 left and had been on the ice for 1:18. Hammer and Oduya were on the ice at the 1:30 mark. Hammer managed to just get off the ice, replaced by Leddy and Oduya never got off, so a 1:30 shift for him at the end of the game.

      And Leddy was tried in the shootout because everybody else is awful. I’ve got recent numbers for Hossa, Stalberg, Frolik, Shaw and Bolland combined as 3 for their last 35. That is around 8%.

  • Paul the Fossil

    Kane is just kicking ass and taking names out there right now, if anything he ought to have several more assists so far based on the number of outstanding setup passes which teammates haven’t managed to convert.

    Let’s imagine we knew in advance that through 9 games, 7 of them on the road, Seabrook, Keith and Sharp would all be playing noticeably below what we’re used to seeing from them — what record would we have predicted for the team so far? (Anybody who says anything close to 7-0-2, finish that last one and hand over your car keys.) Says a lot that’s positive about this team top to bottom.

    Couldn’t help laughing out loud as Foley went on and on, again, about how the Hawks have been “out-hit” in “every single game!”…and then in the next breath he reminds us that the team still doesn’t have a regulation loss. Think the light bulb will ever turn on in there? Or has he just sacrificed too many brain cells to the drinking at this point?

    • girlphoenix

      Hawks outhit the Flames last night.

      • Paul the Fossil

        Really? So the game in which they were most obviously and thoroughly outplayed, saved only by “a goaltender win if ever there was one” to quote Foley, is the first game in which they record more “hits” than the opposition. Heh, beautiful…

  • Waylon

    BTW, can we discuss the refs now? Last night was just one more example
    of them being completely over the top – pissy about faceoffs not being
    conducted to their new and exactlng standards. When Fro got the penalty
    there at that moment in the game I almost threw my drink at the TV – you
    could see him just look at them with his hands outstretched saying
    “WTF?” Even the CBC guys mentioned that the refs have all the players
    now scared to death of going into the dot – fuck them and their new
    edicts, they have go to back to the drawing board and start making some
    sense on this issue. I understand their new rulings on interference and
    the covered puck, but their faceoff rulings are incomprehensible.

    • 10thMountainFire

      I do my best to live by the notion that it all evens out. We have had the benefit of some calls this year (notably in the game at Columbus). Our PK continues to look like it was sent by Thor. For that, I have no complaints.

      Plus, you know… Marian fucking Hossa and stuff.

      • flavius

        Marian fucking Hossa and stuff

        That belongs on the back of a t-shirt, Indianhead on the front.

        • mightymikeD

          wish we still has Sigs,, because I know what mine would be..

      • mightymikeD

        ageed, And that game, to Calgary fans, must have looked like so many Hawks games where we pissed all over the oposition’s chips yet met a goalie who, through whatever means, wasn’t gonna give it up. the Hawks lost this game, badly, last year.. this year.. four out of six on the road trip..

    • MySpoonIsTooBig

      Though it would have by no means been an excuse had the ‘Hawks lost considering how poorly they played, I thought that the terribleness of the refs extended well beyond how pissy they were about faceoffs. The Duncan Keith delay of game penalty was complete and utter horseshit – how anyone could look at that and say that the net was intentionally dislodged is beyond me. The Saad penalty in OT pissed me off, but I can’t really complain because they’ve been calling that all season – apparently it’s a slash if you can’t hang onto your own stick. It wouldn’t have pissed me off as much, though, if the refs had actually called obstruction/interference as tightly as they have been all season but it seemed like every time the ‘Hawks tried to forecheck they were getting held up on the way in and no calls. All in all the officiating was crap.

      • Z-man19

        Moonpie got tripped up by a stick about 15 seconds before the Saad penalty was called, that’s what pissed me off about that call

  • I feel like a bit of a dick saying this, but as well as Emery played I can’t really remember the last time I watched a game where a team missed so many open nets or “sure” goals. Nine times out of ten a game like that ends 5 or 6-2 for Calgary … weirdly, through no fault of the goalie.

    On another note: PP, giveaways, faceoffs. I think I bit through my tongue last night.

    • Zman19

      I have to agree Chico, Ray was great but CGY and namely Glencross helped by not being able to hit a bull in the butt with a bag of rice. CGY should have won that easily and Ray wouldn’t really be to blame.

      • Preacher

        “hit a bull in the butt with a bag of rice.”
        How do I miss out on all these new cool phrases?

        • Z-man19

          I stole that from a guy I coached with. I’m always happy when I can use that phrase

    • birdhead

      I can’t really remember the last time I watched a game where a team missed so many open nets or “sure” goals.

      dumb n00b question: do those count as shots? I seem to remember reading that posts don’t, for example. If not and CGY’s still getting 47 shots … blargh that kind of makes me want to throw up.

      • Accipiter

        Yes, posts do not count as a shot on goal. Similarly if a player blocks a shot with his stick it doesn’t count as a blocked shot, must hit the players body. Not sure what the total number of shots directed at the net are for Calgary, but I’m sure it is really high.

        • birdhead

          Thanks! And blech.

        • Z-man19

          It was in the 80’s I believe

  • JG in SC

    I was listening to Troy Murray talking about how the
    Hawks were just gassed at the end of regulation. Did they still have a timeout
    to use just before that last face-off in the final minute when they puked up
    the second Flames goal?

    • 10thMountainFire

      Yes but their timeout call was drowned out by the sound of jackhammers.

  • 10thMountainFire

    This football game does not have Marian Hossa in it. This game IS HORSESHIT.

    • Accipiter

      One time I wrestled a giraffe
      to the ground with my bare hands.

      • 10thMountainFire

        I’ve been called the songbird of my generation by people who have heard me sing.

        • Accipiter

          There should be no ranking system for toughness.

          • 10thMountainFire

            I don’t believe in belts.

          • Accipiter

            If there’s any foods that you like I suggest you put your name on them, or they will be thrown out.

            By me.

          • 10thMountainFire

            Also, I like a lot of fresh fruit around… and chocolate chips in my pancakes. Write it down so you don’t forget.

    • Joe Banks

      This describes the alleged super bowl exactly. I watched a recording of a hockey game played on June 9th 2010 instead.

      • DesertHawk

        I played Vidya games, your idea sounds just as good if not better.