Beard Of The Day – May 5th – Guillermo Del Toro


With today obviously being Cinco De Mayo, this space will be used to pay tribute once again to a fine Mexican export to the world of film, director/writer/auteur Guillermo Del Toro.

With a scraggly beard fitting enough for one of his fantastical characters, Del Toro was first introduced to American audiences with 1997’s Mimic, an ambitious if flawed horror/science fiction film that though it bombed at the box office, has since gained a cult following and was recut by Del Toro in 2011. His breakthrough came with his 2006 film Pan’s Labrynth, which won several Academy Awards for its elaborate set designs, production, and costumes, and was nominated for Best Foreign Language film.

Del Toro was even slated to take over the Hobbit/Tolkien franchise from Peter Jackson, but ultimately bowed out of the director’s chair due to the tremendous commitment those films would have required, but remained on as a producer. His most commercially successful film to date remains Pacific Rim, which Del Toro himself admitted is a big ridiculous spectacle, but undoubtedly fun as hell. There have been talks of a sequel that have yet to materialize, and his next project, Crimson Peak, is set to be released this coming October.

  • Sam

    Off topic… where’s a link to gameday CI print editions for purchase? No luck after poking around the site for 37.4 seconds – the nominal websearch time interval before our societal ADD makes us exasperated, or feel inconvenienced 😛

    • DJLalow

      Print edition is only available for home games

  • TitanTransistor

    Pacific Rim is probably my favorite movie of the last 5 years.

    It’s not the BEST movie in that time, just my favorite. It’s a love letter to all the kinds of shows and content I grew up with.

    • Sopel the catfish

      I saw it in IMAX expecting giant robot/monster fights. I was not disappointed.

      • That’s exactly how I explained it to my girlfriend – “Giants robots will fight giant monsters… oh and Idris Elba is in it”. Come to think of it.. maybe it was the second part that sold her.