• jordyhawk

    When you are so heavily emotionally invested in a team as I think we all are, it’s interesting how you react to the highs and lows. I am quietly satisfied right now. I felt that we were the better team and if we played at or near our potential we would prevail. In games 6 and 7 we essentially did that and got the job done and so I am satisfied. That’s all.

    Looking back there was a play with about 5 minutes left where Maroon jabbed Seabook’s in the foot after the whistle. It was a stupid thing to do and it pissed off Seabs and he had a few words for Maroon. I bring it up because to me it was a metaphor for what many teams try to do us. They out hit us, they agitate against us, they do just about anything but out hockey us. I love how we took all their crap and pretty much schooled them in the last 2 games.

    Looking ahead, I have watched a bit of the Bolts. Their speed and ability to score fast reminds me of us circa 2009. They will try and out hockey us. They are good. We have the advantage of knowing how to close the deal (including the big silver one) which is no small thing at this point. When you have that you can get outplayed and still win at times. It should be a fun final.

    No matter where you are in our nation the sun is shining today. Have a great day everyone.

    • D_Smith

      I agree, and it’s always difficult to predict the Hawks on paper in a matchup because they have the special ability to elevate their game in big moments like last night. The Hawks usually don’t make things easy on themselves though, so I’m expecting a long series and at least a few OT games.

  • I must have listened to this song half a dozen times last night starting with about five minutes left in the third, absolutely flawless choice.

  • JKM13

    If only they’d have played this song at the UC last year’s game 7 to start the OT. Different outcome myfrients.