• Rouxster

    Paul was a college classmate of mine; looks about the same with a bit less hair, really good guy. Another fun fact; his dad was the President of the University when we got there, then he moved on to MLB… (yes, nobody really cares)

    • juniorgilb

      Good heavens Lovey…

    • Jim

      Did a quick Wikipedia check. Bart was only 51 when he died. Didn’t realize he was that young. He was 40 when he was president of Yale. (jeez, I am such a loser!) So you went to Yale? I always knew this was an intelligent Hawks chat board.

  • ballyb11

    Pete Rose deserved what he got.

    • Jim

      I’ve always thought Pete Rose should be in the HOF. Sure, he might be a dirtbag. But I watched him play since his Reds day, and the man could hit, run, and throw. I always found his banning to be sanctimonious. I would even throw Barry Bonds into this. Never before, and maybe never again will a guy hit like Bonds. He was juiced up, but you still need to hit the ball. And he was MVP and pounding out homers before the juice.

      So Rose gambled on baseball? Maybe he has a gambling problem. Mickey Mantle was an alcoholic. Bobby Hull beat his wife. Which is worse?

      • CurvedBlade

        They’re still juicing. It’s just different drugs and they’ve learned how to not get caught. All you have to do is dry out the 30 days before a test. So you use it to train and bulk up, but not during competition. They all know this. Probably every sport.