Beard Of The Day – May 13th – Jon Daly

Jon Daly

No, not that one. Or that one. This one is a chameleon-like sketch comic most notably featured in the phenomenal Kroll Show (sky point) as any number of dimly lit, arrogant, terrible people with varying facial hair configurations. But the one that is of concern today is his beard, worn most frequently away from the screen. Though the chinstrap below is quite impressive as well.



  • wanker751

    Kroll show was amaaaazng (liz voice)

  • Stockroom Snail

    Dude’s great on Kroll Show, I hadn’t seen him before that.

  • UpperlowerClassTwitofTheYear

    given recent (well, recently public) developments, I fear that we may never again hear from the jelloet laureate himself.