Beard Of The Day – June 10th – Bryan Cranston


While known primarily early in his career for comedic roles such as Dr. Tim Watley on Seinfeld (who converted to Judaism just for the jokes), or patriarch to the mayhem on Malcolm In The Middle as the simpleton Hal, the off-screen bearded Bryan Cranston will forever be remembered as Breaking Bad‘s Walter White. With four straight Emmy victories portraying the high school teacher-turned-drug kingpin, Cranston transformed himself both within the role from desperate family man to irredeemable sociopath, but also from an affable “oh, THAT guy” character actor to one of the most dynamic actors on either the small or the big screen. And if there is any kind of lesson to be learned from Cranston’s portrayal of Walter White, it’s that decisive and ruthless action must be taken to both preserve and claim what is rightfully yours.

  • OMFS88

    Can’t find it anywhere but the scene from Malcolm in the Middle where Hal and Lois are dancing in the kitchen, knocking everything over in real life while dancing gracefully in their heads is TV at its finest.

  • Harry Longwood

    I saw a show in my Netflix queue last night called Metastatis. It was, literally, an exact replica of Breaking Bad, only in Spanish.

    It somehow still managed to get 1 star.

  • Jane Doe

    Say my name.

  • HawkIPA

    No half measures tonight

    • jordyhawk

      Q should have the team watch Mike tell that story before they hit the ice tonight.

  • HawkIPA

    I like this beard too

    • Technically that’s a “Van Dyke”.

      This works, however.

  • BigCSouthside

    Walter White:

    Was an unassuming Chemistry Teacher barely making it (early 2000s Hawks)

    Decides to become the best drug producer around but fumbles a bit(2007-2009 Hawks

    Becomes fucking Heisenberg (2010-2013)

    Gets put on the ropes, but ends up winning in the end in that he accomplishes his goal of providing for his family through spectacular badassery and ingenuity (hopefully 2015 Hawks)

    • DJ

      And (Spoiler) dies in the end? No thank you. One of the purposes of winning is to set yourself up for the next win. I’d like us to win this series, then position ourselves to challenge next year, capocalypse be damned.

      • BigCSouthside

        hey, its not a perfect corollary. Im honesty not worried about the impending Capocalypse, been there done that, I trust the front officee.