Beard Of The Day – April 28th – Damon Albarn


Though he very rarely dons a full beard, given that today is the release date for the first Blur album in 12 years (and more importantly their first album with Graham Coxon since 1999), today’s selection is mercurial Blur lead singer Damon Albarn.

Since 2003’s Think Tank, the most recent proper release from the Britpop icons, Albarn himself has kept busy with Gorillaz, The Good, The Bad, and The Queen, and releasing material under his own name. But while all unique in its own right none of it has truly measured up to Blur’s mid-to-late 90s output.

While mostly famous in this country for being a hockey arena anthem, the original intent of “Song 2” was basically a middle finger at the Pixies’ “Tame” in true wry British fashion. That it took on a life of its own in sporting arenas across the continent really only proved the band’s point. But past that track, success as eluded the band in America where chief rival Oasis was able to produce multiple radio hits here in the states. Much of that might likely be attributed to the antics of the Gallagher brothers, which no one in Blur had neither the time nor the inclination to keep up with. Albarn and his occasional beard were far more concerned with putting out a wide variety of different music spanning the last three decades.

  • zamm

    Albarn has run laps around his Britpop colleagues and rivals alike. The guy is a genius. Blur is the last band I’ll ever love.

  • The Gatest Gamer

    Albarn’s last great work was with The Good, The Bad and The Queen. The Magic Whip is pretty disappointing to me especially due to the lack of good bass lines(although I’ve only heard the album on that live thing they did on youtube). Which brings me to the next point: the most under appreciated thing about Blur is Alex James. That guy plays great bass with fantastic sense of place and purpose, case in point: Entertain Me and He Thought of Cars, from, my favorite, The Great Escape.

    That said I didn’t realize the proper version of the album is out and I will now proceed to listen to it on repeat about 15 times.

  • The Gatest Gamer

    I’d also add that the only thought that was running through my head as I was watching that show was how pretentious Albarn looked, which was in stark contrast to their mid 90s shows. Both him and Coxon actually, the cheese guy(James) and the lawyer(Rowntree) still looked cool and down to earth. I guess too much attention corrupts everyone.

  • zamm

    yep it do.