Beard Of The Day – April 26th – The Cockeyed Cooper


When the Hawks pull it out and set it on the table during a series clincher – you get to celebrate a bit. The Wild/Blues game just got started and there’s clearly plenty of reason to watch as it dictates who the Hawks play next. It’s Sunday afternoon so you hopefully don’t have anything to do other than sit back, have a beer and watch some hockey. Why not make it a 11% bourbon aged barley wine? It’ll at least make sure you get to sleep real early tonight…

  • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

    I feel so dirty rooting for St Louis, but I want a game 7. If the Blues lose, I shall be comforted by the knowledge that we have home Ice against the Wild, and the schadenfreude of watching Hitch lose his job.

  • Matt

    I own a big poster of this. It’s pretty heavy in the frame so I haven’t bothered finding studs in my apartment walls to hang it up but once I have a more stable place this poster is for damn sure going up on the wall. Great brewery.

  • Jane Doe

    Keep being you, Blues. See you next year………………

  • D_Smith

    Solving Dubnyk worries me, but I’ll take home ice and seeing the Blues go makes my day. Won’t be easy but 2nd round never is.

    • ZigZags82

      Hawks always break goalies. They have never been afraid of a goaltender in the Toews-Kane era. No reason too now. (And almost a week of rest on top of time for the “switch” to be elevated even more along with Q practices to fix or improve problems?) Although this will be ridiculously competitive…Yeah, Hawks in 6.

  • Jim

    Unscientific consensus of online Wild fans seems to be Wild in 6. And lots of people seem to think we have a goalie issue. The only issue we have is Crow had a couple of bad periods, but won the Jennings Trophy. And we have a lights out backup. Whatever.

    If the Hawks can play with the intensity of the last periods of the closer against Nashville, it might not be that easy for the Wild. For me, it’s a pick ’em , depends on which Blackhawks show up.