2015-2016 Committed Indian Digital Subscriptions Now Open!

And won’t it be a blast?

If you’re new to our little commune of drunkeness and wayward thoughts, we’re more than just a blog. And I don’t mean just spiritually. Every Blackhawks home game, we produce a game program that we sell outside the United Center. But hey, Hawks tickets are expensive and you probably can’t make a lot of games. We get it. So we provide them digitally as well! It arrives every afternoon of a home game in your inbox like a bag of earlobes in PDF form. It’s just $95 for the whole season. That’s 41 issues plus however many playoff games there are.

So jump on in! It starts with our training camp preview issue which you get when you sign up. Just hit this button right here! And this year, $5 from every subscription will go to the RVA Chicago.

  • fromheretoinfirmary

    Just a fantastic idea. It is within our power to make something good come of all this and nice to see you taking the lead. Kudos to you and the rest of your operation.

  • GoldenJet


  • MachineSlayer42

    Years ago, a group of women I know that were RVA volunteers decided to break away from them and formed an organization called Rape Recovery Project. At the time, there wasn’t a hotline in Chicago, this was the early 90’s, and that was their goal. They wanted men involved and I was honored to be asked to participate. We had fund raisers, attended their training sessions, and eventually started taking calls out of my house. Volunteers could come by my place, or have the calls forwarded to their homes. Within a year, we were offered space at a hospital so it moved there. In 1994 when the main force behind the group (Jane Zari) relocated to North Carolina, the organization sadly lost steam, and came to an end without her guidance, and drive. By then, a national hotline presence came to Chicago,so that was nice. I love the gesture. Cheers to all at the Committed Indian!

  • jordyhawk

    So Rozy is back. Yikes! As bad as he was during the regular season, he actually played pretty well in the playoffs until the pirouette that wasn’t. We’ll see.

    I was so looking forward to the youth movement/reload at the back this year and instead it turns out to be Runblad, Rozy, and Hejda. I know, we won the Cup (I remember that), I just have a thing for player development–that’s all.

    Here are the numbers (pretty friendly actually):


    • Jim

      I think with Rozy it’s an employee training issue. It’s easier to bring someone back who is already trained, than to start from scratch with something unproven. He can come in, sweep the puck out of the zone, push a guy around, and leave, 9 minutes max when he’s not in the press box.

      I’ve noticed that very few players are brought up through the ranks, and then make the NHL club. If they are good they walk away, you see what happened with Saad (a whole conversation in itself, we won’t know until the year is over how that worked out). Keith made a club friendly deal, but that was a different era, and he’s an exception in every way.

      So, what I’m trying to say is I don’t think it’s economically viable to bring a guy up through the ranks. These guys are trade sweeteners, and the ones that make it, fit the NHL club, and the economics work are rare. Guys like Tuevo and Panarin are not really development guys, they are blue chip locks that need experience.

  • Wadded Beef

    Might it be a good idea for the authors to stop joking about reckless drunkenness when Kane’s reckless drunkenness has made this summer so miserable for us all?

  • brettraz

    I’ll give you a topic

    DNA evidence in—-

    Discuss amongst yourselves

    • seabsrat

      Interesting. One of the very few objective pieces of evidence we have of what may have happened.

  • brettraz

    What’s good on the menu?

    I hear the crow is excellent.

  • Jim

    It almost ain’t fair….


    Looks like Panerin and Dano are good.

    Add Tuevo in his first full season….Hawks are going to be rolling 4 strong lines. 3rd and 4th lines are going to be doing some serious bum slaying…..

    • 60MinutesBaby60

      Kool-aid bro. Kool-aid. But what the hell I could use a drink right about now.

      • WookRN

        No one here drinks kool aid (seriously, buncha drunks around here….)

        • Sopel the catfish

          Sunny D mixes better with vodka than kool aid anyways.

  • gobears1987

    I’m dropping my subscription. You went down the Dan Bernstein foxhole of reporting. I had withheld judgement on the Kane case until facts came forth and now they have, I am firmly with him and the Hawks on their decision to bring him into camp.

    Too bad you cannot change your outlook in the face of physical facts.

    • fromheretoinfirmary

      So you’re dropping your subscription because part of the money is going to help victims of sexual crimes? This gesture has nothign to do with whether kane is innocent or guilty. Grow up.

      • gobears1987

        I’m dropping it due to the overall coverage of Kane and then Fels’ comments over Twitter where he is refusing to acknowledge the only pieces of real evidence that have come forward simply because they prove his previous beliefs to be wrong.

        • Sarcastic Mike

          He’s refusing to acknowledge that Kane’s DNA was found on the victim in two seperate places? That’s the only “real evidence” to be released so far. Well, beyond the other real evidence of witness testimony, but that of course is going to be disputed even if it is officially evidence.

          • gobears1987

            DNA is in spaces where it can appear through casual contact. The accusation is forcible rape. Clearly that didn’t happen so if her statement to police is forcible rape, her testimony would then fall to an argument from a student in L1 let alone a high priced lawyer.

          • Jeff Rancor

            Yawn. Another armchair CSI expert.

          • gobears1987

            The Buffalo News article said as much quoting law enforcement.

      • ItalianBeef

        From which part of his post did you deduce that he had a problem with $5 of his money going to the Chicago RVA??? Because I felt he made it pretty clear his issue was with the other $90 that would be going to TCI in the wake of what has been some incredibly cringe-worthy coverage of the Kane case. And when I saw cringe-worthy, I’m talking SportsMockery-esque.

  • Johnny_Chicago

    I used to love reading this site but the Kane commentary and cheap shots makes TCI sound like they’re covering a beer league.