• Jim

    Ovechkin vs. Kane

    We were discussing right wingers this weekend. I was wondering, what is the difference between a guy like Ovechkin (or Corey Perry) vs. Kane?

    Why has Kane been able to produce goals with < 2 minutes on the biggest stages? Why hasn't Ovechkin done this. Which, I think is why Kane is more valuable, not really replaceable.

    Is it the players sorrounding him? Or is it styles? For example, Ovechkin is more of a brute force player, and Perry uses his size.

  • GoldenJet
    • Jim

      The thing is, only 2 people know exactly what happened, unless there is a witness to the event. So anybody drawing a conclusion and making a judgement about it is doing so with their own bias, not the facts.

      • WookRN

        Still waiting on actual news… And waiting for the rest of Fel’s previews in the meantime.

    • jordyhawk

      “What it likely contained in my opinion is some sort of confidentiality
      clause that would discourage her from ever testifying and perhaps an
      agreement to call the prosecutors via her lawyer and tell them that she
      didn’t want to proceed any more.”

      That doesn’t sound legal to me, but I don’t really know.

    • Bob in EP

      Nothing but more speculation and contradictory gibberish. This is truly a shitshow where any parasite who declares themselves a “source” gets attention.

      • Jim

        Plus the guy posted a picture of “Joe Dirt” at the top, indicating his bias.

      • YoAdrienne

        Yep. If the grand jury is still going to convene, then there is no buy-out. What would be the point?