10/1 Morning Links

So yeah I’m the new links guy, I’ll try not to suck.  I was a life long Chicago guy, until six weeks ago when I moved to Minot, North Dakota to work for a junior team. I miss 5 a.m. bars… oh and my family.

I’m just shocked the kid’s parents aren’t trying to sue… (PD)

Zawzer takes a look at Barch’s drunken twitter poetry (RLD)

Because the lockout needs a Robin Hood figure? (PHT)

Daley and Fehr speak (NHL.com)

Oh yeah and something good for Hawks fans that has to do with hockey that is actually being played (BTN)

  • Accipiter

    Hello koda, thanks for the links.

  • Hell Yes, bbHawks!
    This is awesome! Love tha—meh I got nothing.

    Thanks for the links K-O-D-A, Koda.

  • Joe DeTolve

    5 am bars??? I always thought it would be Waynes Pizza

    • koda

      I would have thought that too, but then I went out a bar here. Bars close at 1, and with bar time and all, last call comes at about 12:30.

      • MySpoonIsTooBig

        Used to spend my summers in northern Minnesota, exact same law there. Only 1 solution – start drinking earlier

  • The Cup And Back Again

    nice to meet you koda, thanks for the links

  • The_FFF

    Thanks for the links, koda!

    And also for causing me to learn that the U.S. Census Bureau has a thing called a “Micropolitan Statistical Area”– apparently Minot is the principal city of the Minot Micropolitan Statistical Area!

  • Notafanofstan

    Why not Minot. Better go to Kroll’s for some Knoephla soup. and enjoy the weather.

  • AirTrafficAJ

    Welcome, KenOda. You should drive 90 minutes east and go to some UND hockey games. At least you have that going for you.

    • koda

      I get them on TV here which is good since I may not have Blackhawks games to keep me entertained.

  • ahnfire

    welcome new purveyor of links! 😀