High On The Hog: Somebody’s Watching Me

The Rockford IceHogs will be hosting nine of their next 15 games at home through next month. That’s fine by me; the IceHogs are limping home after losing the last three games of their six-game road trip.

Some recent events around the AHL prompted me to take a look at the drawing power of the Blackhawks affiliate out here in Northwest Illinois. You might be surprised. Then again, you may not.

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Worse Than Homer’s Trampoline: Hawks at Jackets Preview/Pregame Thread/Electrical Rewiring

Hawk Wrestler vs. Chief_Blue_Meanie

FACEOFF: 6pm Central

TV/RADIO: WGN for both


If Captain Fred were here… BLUE JACKETS!

The Hawks make their one trip to Ohio this season to take on the Blue Jackets this evening. Or to put it better, what’s left of the Blue Jackets. Because no one is carrying the injury list that the Jackets are at the moment. It kind of looks like the scene in Gone With The Wind out there.

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nhl players drafted by team

NHL Roster Construction: Drafted, Undrafted & Acquired Players

After doing two posts on Draft Pick Value and NHL Team Drafting & Development, I decided to look at the rosters of every team in the league to see how they were constructed. Which teams rely heavily on their own drafted talent? Which teams have brought in the most players from other teams? Which teams have a large number of undrafted players? Let’s find out.

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Team drafted developed

NHL Team Drafting and Development: 2005-2014


Once a player is drafted by an NHL team, the future is full of hope for a career in the NHL. Unfortunately, that hope does not lead to reality for all of the players. There are many things that factor into whether a player ever appears in an NHL game. Some of those things are completely beyond his control, such as when a log jam of talent in the AHL system builds up behind a well rounded NHL lineup.  Of course, if the player has enough talent, he will get himself noticed enough to draw interest from other teams. Here, we will look at how teams have done turning draft picks into NHL players since the 2005 Entry Draft. This article is a follow up on a post regarding Draft Pick Value that you can find here.

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