Angry At Numbers

Been a while since I’ve taken a hack at one of these, so let’s get to it. These should obviously come with something of a caveat, as five games isn’t much of a sample size. However, seeing as how my time machine is on the fritz and I can’t zoom into the future a couple months and then come back with numbers with a bigger sample size, this will have to do. Blame the dog. She chased her ball in there and knocked something loose. Engineering isn’t really her thing.

65.5%, 64%

That’s Duncan Keith’s Corsi-percentage, which is tops in the league among defensemen, and in fact tops the every single player. Better yet, Niklas Hjalmarsson’s 64% is second in the league. Again, these numbers were piled up against some awful teams, other than Dallas. So you’d expect these numbers to be pretty high. But for comparison’s sake, Keith’s season long Corsi% last year when he won the Norris is 57%. Hammer’s number is impressive because A)he’s not really required to push the play as much as defend, B) he spent three games playing with both van Riemsdyk and Oduya and flipping from the left to the right and back again. While I still worry about Keith being now over 30 and maintaining this form, the opening signs are very positive indeed. We’ll find out more this week on the road, of course.

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Putting The “Ill” In “Ila-Delph”: Flyers 0 – Hawks 4

Box Score

Event Summary


For the second straight year, the Philadelphia Flyers rolled into the United Center, laid down on their back for a belly rub, urinated a little on the floor, and quickly beat it back to the bus. This was a slight improvement, they didn’t give up seven this time.

It was no surprise that the Hawks, wanting to avoid the prolonged whiskey dick (redundant?) that the previous two games turned into, came out flying even faster and more frantically in this one hoping to put it away early. That’s exactly what they did. All it took was a brilliant rush from the third line, a power play, and then another rush from the third line, and this one was half in the bag. In a good way, not in the way we usually use that phrase. Or like Killion is now.

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I Can’t Put My Finger On It – Flyers vs Hawks Preview, Pregame Thread, Tire Rotation

AF-Bfx-T_400x400 vs oldschool

Game Time: 7:30PM Central
TV/Radio: NBCSN, CSN, WGN-AM 720
Kings Of Prussia: Broad St. Hockey

Pennsylvania is a an underratedly terrible place, in the team photo with the worst that the contiguous 48 has to offer. The roads are stupid, the accents are all nauseating, its institutional support of a Child Abuse Colony in State College reaches all the way to the highest offices in the state, the food is terrible, and the crown jewel of the state, Philadelphia, boasts some of the most intentionally asinine people on the sporting fandom spectrum, as would any place where college football, province of losers and toothless townies, is king. These are people who proudly throw batteries at athletes, boo Santa, beat up opposing fans after a Winter Classic, and need their T&A fix so badly at a hockey game that they boo a male ice crew. Or if you’re Travis Hughes, SB Nation’s hockey editor and one-time chief of Broad Street hockey, go four and a half years without making good on a bet, even if cheesesteaks are far inferior to italian beefs. Seriously, fucking cheese whiz?

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