The Ombudsman

At the risk of overstepping bounds both as working partners and as friends, with word rapidly circulating around the community, this needs to be addressed, though I’m sure Sam will do so on his own when he finds the strength and time.

Last night, Sam’s older brother Adam, better known as “The Ombudsman”, both in jest and in official title for this and the print publication for the way he kept Sam and the rest of us honest, passed away. Adam and Sam were best friends, and I considered Adam a friend of mine and fortunate to have known him. The Fels men are cut from a more unique, wry and witty cloth than most, and Adam was no different. Though that never precluded him from being kind and friendly, even as he and I would butt heads on hockey and music and I’d progressively and predictably get more red-assed within the conversation.

Anyone who met Adam will miss him greatly, and my heart currently aches for both the friend of mine still here along with he who has departed.


Friday Foofaraw: The Convention

Well, at least the temperature is down this weekend, so the sweaty quotient of those piling into The Hilton should be lower than it has been in previous years. John McDonough’s lovechild of self promotion kicks off tonight and runs through the weekend. I used to do this in the Convention Issue of the Indian, but seeing as how I’m not doing summer issues this year I’ll take you through all the sessions all this weekend and get to the truth to what’s really going on.

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