Friday Foofaraw: Fear The Walking Dead

As promised, this week’s Friday Foofaraw is centered around “Fear the Walking Dead,” AMC’s prequel/spinoff of its curiously monster hit “The Walking Dead.” For those of you new around here or unfamiliar, I was on The Walking Dead train back in the days of when I had my own blog. [SKY POINT]

What started off as a mild psychotic obsession for me has waned into a lackadaisical shrug. I tune in on Sundays and still watch every episode but it’s more out of curiosity and hate-watching. It’s not very often that a television show can consist primarily of loathsome characters with zero redeeming qualities, a meandering plot with no clearly defined end game and be the most watched show in America by a landslide. (Friends is the only other one that jumps immediately to mind.)

Yet, here we are.

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