Beds Are Burning – Hawks at Oilers Preview, Pregame Thread, 21+ Show

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Game Time: 9:00PM Central
TV/Radio: WGN, CBC, TVA2, WGN-AM 720
Rural Alberta Advantage: Copper & Blue, Oilers Nation

The Hawks’ Circus Trip makes its second stop tonight, this time a little bit further north in Alberta to take on the Oilers, who are currently in year 8 (thousand) of their rebuild. This will be the Hawks’ first of two to Edmonton this year, and the first chance to appreciate the odd lighting, backwards benches and penalty boxes, and the interminable prattle about how fast the ice is (it’s fast).

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NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Los Angeles Kings at Chicago Blackhawks

Friday Foofaraw, Hockey Edition: Oduya, Hossa, Whatever Else

Before an intense weekend of late-night road hockey (i.e. getting more gassed up than usual for those of us without familial or employment requirements), thought I’d go through some stuff today that’s been on my mind. It’s not an “Angry At Numbers” piece entirely but won’t be devoid of that either.

Last night I referred to Johnny Oduya’s up and down season as something that should genuinely concern the Hawks and their fans going forward. Right now, the entire structure of the defense is dependent on Ebenholts och Elfenben taking on the top assignments. It frees up Keith to be the possession monster that he’s been (even more so than last year) and also gets the third pairing even cozier minutes. And it keeps Seabrook from having to do anything too hard, which is good because he’s still fucking up the lighter assignments he’s getting.

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That’s One Way: Hawks 4 – Flames 3

Box Score

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War On Ice

I doubt you could find a better microcosm of the Hawks’ season so far than this one tonight, the beginning of what will define the early season outlook for the Hawks. Pretty much dominant at even-strength, but a lack of focus and dumb mistakes make it much harder than it needs to be and then eventually barely making it through. The Hawks do enough to look like one of the league’s best while also doing just enough to let an inferior team hang around and then nearly come away with a win (and sometimes they have). It’s not that easy to pull off. The Hawks have basically been Tin Cup this season, having to use the incredible shot they’re capable of when there are much easier options on the table that they simply refuse to take. Hopefully in the end they end up with Rene Russo, in a figurative sense. Maybe literal.

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