NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Chicago Blackhawks at Nashville Predators

No Time Left For You: Predators 6, Blackhawks 2; Series tied 1-1

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War on Ice

There were a couple times in the 80′s when the Hawks would make it to the Campbell Conference Finals; they’d split the first two games and their win would be a massive blowout. The Vancouver game where Roger Neilson infamously waved his towel on a stick that was later hilariously immortalized in a statue and against Calgary where the Hawks smoked the Flames in the Saddledome and took the series back to Chicago tied at 1.

Both series ended up in the opposition’s favor after 5 games. This really has nothing to do with anything other than to remind everyone that no matter how ugly a playoff loss gets, it ultimately has no bearing on how the rest of the series plays out.

Tonight’s game, whether the game ended 3-2, 6-2 or 1,432-2 still only means the series is tied at 1. I think people need to remember that more than ever. Things are getting weird around here.

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Smash and Grab – Game 2 – Hawks at Predators Preview, Pregame Thread, Surprise Party

oldschool at predator

Game Time: 8:30PM Central
TV/Radio: CSN, NBCSN (US), SN360 (Canada), WGN-AM 720
God, Country, and Apple Pie: On The Forecheck

After their fourth straight overtime game to open up a playoff year, the Hawks are once again back at it in Music City tonight with a late start that should in no way lead to booze fueled agitation in the stands that Predators management has not fomented at all. But more importantly, while the Hawks emerged from Game 1′s mini-marathon victorious, tonight presents an opportunity to put a vice grip on the series before it even gets back to the west side.

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Beard Of The Day – April 17th – Tunde Adebimpe


As the front man for the Brooklyn outfit TV On The Radio, there are few vocalists around who can croon quite like Tunde Adebimpe. A native of New York and a graduate of NYU’s film school, Adebimpe and guitarist Dave Sitek formed the band in 2001, fusing elements of post-punk, electronic, and barbershop. And while that might sound like the most pretentious, Brooklyn-centric hipster garbage ever, upon hearing the music itself there is no denying its excellence, and Adebimpe and TV on The Radio have released five full length albums since their formation fourteen years ago, all of them to critical acclaim.

But Adebimpe’s skillset isn’t limited to just singing. Being handsome as hell and impeccably bearded, Adebimpe starred opposite Anne Hathaway and Rosemarie DeWitt in 2008′s Rachel Getting Married, which found itself on several year-end Top 10 lists. He’s also directed several music videos, and is an accomplished visual artist and animator. And it’s that kind of multi-talented skill and versatility that remains necessary for prolonged success in spring hockey.


The Real Question

I am actually a bit surprised that Joel Quenneville came out so quickly and so definitively to reaffirm Corey Crawford’s status as the starter for Friday night. It’s the right decision of course, but it wouldn’t be out of Q’s methodology to goose Crow a bit by letting it dangle until the morning skate tomorrow. Once a year it seems like Q would throw the starting job up in the air for a week or two, and Crow would almost always take it back. Even in 2013, Ray Emery got a week’s worth of starts while Crow was healthy, as almost a tease. Of course, behind that team, any of you could have started and it probably would have worked out all right during the regular season.

The real question Q should be asking himself, and the rest of the team for that matter, is why they’re depending on their goalie so much.

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Beard of the Day – April 16th – Reggie Watts

reggie watts

If nothing else, last night’s game proved that it doesn’t take long for the Stanley Cup Playoffs to get weird. And performers don’t come a hell of a lot weirder than comedian and musician Reggie Watts.

Featuring a colossal afro/blowout and full beard to match, Watts performs his synth-based dadaist jams both to audiences of his own, and as the music director/sidekick on the the podcast and TV show Comedy Bang! Bang! (formerly Comedy Death Ray). In addition to those gigs, Watts now also serves as the first ever music director of The Late Late Show with its new host James Corden (sky point GP & The Fergs). But no matter what arena he finds himself in, Watts is consistently hilarious, even if it takes a little while for most to get the bit.