Beard Of The Day – April 23rd – Allen Ginsberg

16AllenGinsbergPA100811Can you imagine being a freshman in college and suddenly being introduced to Jack Kerouac and William S. Burroughs (sadly, neither of whom had beards)? Imagine if then you would go one to become not only a contemporary but perhaps one of the greatest writers of that generation. Allen Ginsberg did just that.

Born in Newark, Ginsberg became a fixture on the burgeoning scene of “Beat” writers who saw promise in American youth and their future. His writing took on an incredibly raw form that would lead his best known poem “Howl” to be banned multiple times before being defended under the first amendment.

At one point in the late 40′s, Ginsberg had what he called an auditory hallucination where he first believed to have heard the voice of God before realizing it was simply the voice of poet William Blake (also beardless). The multi-day event lead him to realize the interconnectedness of the universe that would later shape his belief in Buddhism. I can’t really say if this belief in pursuing perfection lead to his realization that facial hair is the ultimate form of masculinity but they certainly didn’t hurt Ginsberg’s belief in a long unruly beard.



Tweaks Still Needed

The Hawks got their goalie win last night, and for a team that usually only requires its goalie to do just enough, that’s basically got to be considered a bonus. The Hawks certainly can’t count on Corey Crawford to win the series by himself, and whether we like it or not Ryan Miller probably has one virtuoso performance in him this series as well which the Hawks will have to win anyway unless they plan on being perfect in every other game. Which means there have to be some changes in their game and possibly lineup that they have to figure out. Not that they will, because “Quenneville” is becoming a synonym for “stubborn.” (becoming?)

-I guess it took 85 games, but the moment Michal Handzus was having his name chanted by the UC faithful I guess I finally came to the conclusion that he’s just a necessary evil of sorts. While I still think to a certain extent his fine work on the PK is something of a result of not being quick enough to get into a shooting lane to prevent a shot at all thus resulting in all his diving blocks, I can’t argue with the results on the PK (which is far more important than the power play). I’m sure that’s what Q’s pointing to, and the evidence is that he’s half double-shifting Ben Smith to get him between Hossa and Sharp at times to get more from them. I think we can safely conclude that Q thinks Zus’s PK work is vital, but his work at even-strength is basically something they have to overcome.

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NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-St. Louis Blues at Chicago Blackhawks

Blood on the Rocks: Blackhawks 2, Blues 0

Box Score

Event Summary

Extra Skater

You waited long enough and tonight, Blackhawk fans, you got that goalie win you’ve all patiently waited for. Sure, the Blackhawks have had their share of playoff shutouts in the past 6 years but since Game 1 of the 2010 Western Conference Finals, there hasn’t been a more dominant performance by a Hawks goalie.

Unfortunately, goalie wins are generally the result of being supremely outplayed and that was no different tonight. With the exception of the first five minutes of the game and the last five minutes of regulation, the Hawks were unable to establish any kind of zone time.

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