Back To The Scene Of The Crime: Hawks at Ducks Preview/Bears Celebration Continued

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PUCK DROP: 4pm Central


DUCK TALES (Woohoo): Anaheim Calling

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Ducks War On Ice

Some games you know that the opponent has had circled on the schedule, even if the Hawks know better than to make too much of a regular season game. Then again, the Ducks are so practiced at seeing teams that had beaten them in a Game 7 the previous year maybe they don’t make that much of a deal out of it anymore. Either way, the Hawks return to Anaheim for the first time since they got to partake in the annual giveaway of a playoff series in Orange County last spring.

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Nov 25, 2015; San Jose, CA, USA; Chicago Blackhawks center Marko Dano (56) and San Jose Sharks defenseman Brent Burns (88) collide  trying to get the puck  at SAP Center at San Jose. Mandatory Credit: John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports. The Chicago Blackhawks won 5-2

You’ve Got to Let the Wine Breathe: Blackhawks 5, Sharks 2

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War on Ice

Natural Stat Trick

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving game against the Sharks always holds a special place in my heart, if only because of the game in 2009-2010 when Marian Hossa made his Blackhawks debut and the Hawks kicked the Sharks all over the ice to the tune of a 7-2 win. That was truly a beating.

This one looked like it may go down the same path. Unfortunately, Marian Hossa wasn’t as accurate in his shoosting and the Hawks were giving the Sharks plenty of opportunities to hang around by taking bad penalties.

Instead, the Hawks merely beat the Sharks all over the ice 5-on-5 with pretty much everyone on the roster contributing in some way. The perfect kind of win to wash out any lingering bitterness of the trip to Western Canada.

How did it happen?

Let’s go.

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Turn It Up: Hawks at Sharks Preview/Avoiding Your Family

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CAGE IN THE WATER: You know what… just follow @stace_ofbase on Twitter. I have no idea who’s writing Fear The Fin these days. 

The 2nd leg of the annual Circus Trip begins tonight, and the degree of difficulty goes up a bit for the Men of Four Feathers as they will face the hottest team in the league in San Jose, before doubling up in SoCal on the weekend with what might be the only legitimate teams in the Pacific (whatever the Ducks record might be). Considering the Hawks have only started this trip 1-1-1, it might look a little daunting.

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Fireside Chat

And here we go again.

It’s no secret that hockey culture is weird, bad and stupid. Amazingly, though, it’s actually improved by leaps and bounds since we took to the internet to air our grievances. (2008 if you’re keeping score at home) Have you realized we are living in a world where fighting all but seems to have disappeared and the rats aren’t taking over? So bizarre that Joel Quenneville is quoted in a story like that, right?

There haven’t been any #hottakes decrying the lack of tradition or fear mongering over all the dirty hits that “may” occur. Nope. The fact that we’ve nary heard a peep is what makes it all so refreshing.

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Live From The Five Hole – Station (Of Base)

While the Hawks are presumably getting their fun in now in Vegas before the league begins its newly announced cocaine testing program, we we were actually productive in assessing the first half of this trip, but also turning an eye to California. To assist us in that, Sharks contributor @stace_ofbase took time to join us. Enjoy.


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High On The Hog: Bunched Up In The Central Division

The Rockford IceHogs, the Blackhawks AHL affiliate in Winnebago County, have found themselves in a pretty competitive Central Division so far in 2015-16. If the first two months of the season are any indication, finishing at the top of the eight-team division may be a tall order.

Rockford’s 10-4-1-2 record and .676 points percentage would be good enough for second or third in any of the AHL’s other three divisions. In the Central, however, the IceHogs mark is only good enough for fourth.

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