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2014-2015 Committed Indian Digital Subscriptions Now Open

You all have been asking, and I can finally provide you an answer. The doors are open for digital subscriptions to The Committed Indian game program today! Huzzah! Peas and carrots peas and carrots!

For those who might be new to our little game here, The CI is not just this blog full of drunken dick jokes and references to Replacements-influenced bands. No sir, we do a publication full of them too! We write one for every Hawks home game, and sell it outside the UC.

“But Sam,” you say, “I don’t go to that many games and I would really like to regularly read you cram yet another outdated Skid Row reference in about hockey!” Well, you can do that mon ami! Because you can get it online, PDF style. That’s where these subscriptions come in! Every afternoon before a Hawks home game you’ll get a download code for that night’s Indian. It’s a beautiful thing, I’m told.

And now the apology. Due to the changing structure of the business, and how season ticket holders attendance actually varies due to selling their seats, I have had to raise the price of this year’s subscription. It’s not about wanting to drink Old Overholt instead of well whiskey, but about survival. So this season’s cost is a cool, even $100. Again, sorry. I didn’t want to do this.

But enough apologies. Dive in, the water’s… not all that fetid. We’ll clean it after Killion gets out of the pool. Promise. Hit this button!



Once More Unto The Breach – The Committed Indian’s Season Preview: Stephen Johns

Today’s question comes from ExOnMS.

How long until we see Stephen John’s in the lineup, and what should we expect from him straight away?

Johns has somewhat gotten lost in all the Teuvo hysteria, but we shouldn’t think the Hawks are any less excited about the Golden Domer. The Hawks tried to pry Johns out of South Bend for at least the past two years, disappointed when Johns chose to finish out his entire college career. But they have him now, and he’s clearly the best prospect the Hawks have on the blue line.

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NHL: Edmonton Oilers at Chicago Blackhawks

Once More Unto The Breach: The Committed Indian’s Season Preview: Biggest Weakness

Today’s line of discussion comes from SuperHawk27:

The Hawks addressed what many said was their biggest weakness by signing Brad Richards for the 2nd line center spot, so ….What is the Hawks biggest weakness now if Richards pans out? Which team(s) in the west is the best equipped to take advantage of this weakness?

This is a tough one, because looking over the roster there certainly aren’t any glaring holes. And while I’m heavily tempted to say the head coach is the biggest weakness because I’m a giant smartass, that almost certainly isn’t true and even if Q has faults (at times crippling ones) the things he does well help make this team the force that it is.

So, where should we look?

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Little Pigs

High On The Hog: IceHogs Season Preview

With the rookie tournament in the books, Blackhawks prospects will soon be gathering out West (of Chicago on I-90 anyway) for another season skating in the name of the pig.

I’ll be posting on all things Rockford this season for TCI (when I can tear myself away from the Olive Garden, that is). My name is Jon Fromi and I have been contributing to The Third Man In for the past few seasons. I spend a few dozen nights at the BMO watching tomorrow’s stars today and will try to keep you abreast on those players the Hawks have entrusted to the Forest City.

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