NHL: Edmonton Oilers at Chicago Blackhawks

I Hate Myself And Want To Die – C.I.’s ’15-’16 Season Preview: The Overview

Ok, the title’s over the top and we won’t be sticking with it, but I thought it encapsulated where a lot of Hawks fans are at the moment (although in clearly heavy handed¬†terms).

So over the next month or so, we’ll be going player by player to preview the upcoming season, which is just somehow 35 days away (and we’re sure they’ll go by in a smooth jiffy!).

There will be other posts to wrangle out what’s going on off the ice, but it’s impossible to discuss the Hawks right now on the ice without really considering two forms of them. While it’s hardly anywhere close to the most important part of the whole story, and no one should care all that much right now, the Hawks could look like just about anything depending on how things go.

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God, What A Mess, On The Ladder Of Success

So I was going to kick off our season preview today, but Mark Lazerus’s column today in the Sun-Times is deserving of focus. And a lot of it. There is so much to parse out from it. If you haven’t yet, read it and come back to this.

So let’s take it on in no particular order.

-In some ways, this situation is a lot simpler than it looks, and a lot more complicated in others.

For instance, if Kane is charged, it probably works out pretty easily. He’ll be suspended by the league or Hawks or both, whoever gets there first I would imagine. And he’ll almost have certainly played his last game for the Hawks, unless through the process of finding out what the evidence during hearings and a possible triel is it is glaringly clear he is not just “not guilty,” but innocent (and there is a difference, which it feels like some people don’t get).

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Friday Foofaraw: Fear The Walking Dead

As promised, this week’s Friday Foofaraw is centered around “Fear the Walking Dead,” AMC’s prequel/spinoff of its curiously monster hit “The Walking Dead.” For those of you new around here or unfamiliar, I was on The Walking Dead train back in the days of when I had my own blog. [SKY POINT]

What started off as a mild psychotic obsession for me has waned into a lackadaisical shrug. I tune in on Sundays and still watch every episode but it’s more out of curiosity and hate-watching. It’s not very often that a television show can consist primarily of loathsome characters with zero redeeming qualities, a meandering plot with no clearly defined end game and be the most watched show in America by a landslide. (Friends is the only other one that jumps immediately to mind.)

Yet, here we are.

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