NHL: Chicago Blackhawks at Winnipeg Jets

Every Time I Think I’m Out – Blackhawks 4, Jets 3

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War on Ice

I’m almost positive I’ve used this title before. If not, then there’s no lack of opportunity that we could have over the past 7 or 8 years. Just when things look as bleak as possible, the Hawks somehow find a way to get the job done. If we’ve learned anything from this Hawks’ core, it’s going to take a very special effort to drive the nail through their coffin.

Tonight, the Jets were not nearly good enough to do it even as the Hawks didn’t get one bounce through the first 30 minutes.

Let’s go.

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Wake Up Late And Honey Put On Your Clothes: Hawks at Jets Preview/Pregame Thread/Mimosa Brunch

Hawk Wrestler vs. acr057038035-jpg

FACEOFF: 6:30pm Central

TV/RADIO: WGN, City (whatever that is) Up There, WGN Radio 720


We’re all a little weary of the Hawks embarking on a new dawn, or in need of a wakeup call, or promising that this time they mean it. It’s all coming out again this morning, but this time it’s real, right? It had better be, because the Hawks schedule combined with the fact they now sit in 4th in the division requires all systems to be operational. We’ll pardon you if you choose to watch Wrestlemania instead.

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And Gettin’ Toasted. Nicely Toasted: Jackets 5 – Hawks 2

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War On Ice

Natural Stat Trick

I’ll give you the normal intro to a wrap here, but it won’t be the normal wrap. And before I go any farther, I know there are some who think I’m always negative for the sake of it. That’s fine, I like to think I’m just realistic. And what I’m about to write I’ve only done so once in the seven years we’ve been doing this. It was also after a late-season loss at home to a Jackets team the Hawks had no business losing to. And they laughed that off and the prospect that they could miss the playoffs, except for Brian Campbell, until they did actually miss the playoffs in 2011 and had a Minnesota Wild team save them at the last possible moment. So don’t think I take it lightly.

The 2014-2015 Chicago Blackhawks are finished.

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Gear Shift – Jackets vs Hawks Preview, Pregame Thread, Eye Flushing

Chief_Blue_Meanie vs oldschool

Game Time: 7:30 Central
TV/Radio: CSN, WGN-AM 720
At Least It Isn’t Indiana: The Cannon

Despite the fact that the Hawks have pissed their pants a little bit over the last week and a half blowing games to non-playoff teams in Dallas and Philadelphia, there is still an outside shot at home ice in the first round given their games in hand. But with Nashville once again beating top teams and the Blues getting Kevin Shattenkirk back, the schedule makes the ascent steeper starting tonight with the Blue Jackets, who while well out of the playoff picture have won four straight and eight of 10.

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